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Fly Tipping Friday: A Warning

As we approach the busiest day of the year for fly tipping the team here at Winstons are reminding all customers to dispose of their unwanted mattresses responsibly. It is never acceptable to dump an old mattress without serious consideration to what will become of it.

Sadly, fly tipping has become a serious problem blighting the UK and January is one of the busiest months when it comes to people dumping their unwanted items at the roadside or in some other public space with no thought to what will happen to it.

In fact, in recent years the media have dubbed the first Friday of each year as ‘fly tipping Friday’ as it is a day which often sees huge levels of fly tipping. In 2024 fly tipping Friday falls on 5th January.

Christmas gifting alongside the interrupted service of refuge collection in many areas leads to a situation where many domestic bins are overflowing in the early days of January which seems to act as a trigger for some thoughtless people to choose to dump their unwanted items in a public place.

Sadly, mattresses are often amongst the items which get dumped. Many people treat themselves to a new bed or mattress in December and some aren’t sure what should be done with their old mattress. As it is a busy time of the year all too often people just prop it up against a wall and then decide to dump it.

However, it’s never acceptable to dispose of a mattress in this way. Discarded mattresses will take many years to break down and will be an eyesore wherever they are dumped.

In addition to looking unsightly they can cause environmental issues and become a hazard to wildlife.

So how do you discard a mattress safely?

If you’re looking to get rid of your mattress responsibly here’s what you can do:

Look for a mattress recycling programme

Some local areas will have mattress recycling programmes where they collect your mattress and break down and recycle the different components such as the springs and fabric.


If your mattress is still in good condition, then consider donating it to local charities or shelters. There are even specific charities set up that accept used mattresses.

Resell it

Consider selling your mattress on an online marketplace. Look at the prices of similar mattresses, upload some images and write an accurate and truthful description to give it the best chance of being sold.

Local furniture banks

Local furniture banks will happily take a mattress that’s still in good condition. Call them up to see what sizes they’ll take beforehand.

Contact your local council

If you’re looking for a complete hassle-free way to dispose of the mattress then your local council is your best bet. Call up and see if they offer a free collection service as some often have a fee.

Published: 19th December 2023 (Updated: 5th January 2024) | Isaah

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