How to Choose a Firm Mattress

Choosing what type of mattress is best for you can seem like a daunting task. With the overload of information out there, at Winston’s Beds, we’re committed to making choosing a firm mattress in the UK much easier with our handy firmness table and guides to help you find out which mattress is best suited to your needs.

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Are firm mattresses good for your back?

For a long time having a firm mattress was seen as the best way to prevent back issues.

It appeared that the firmer the mattress the more it would ‘hold you up’ and alleviate any issues you had. However, there are a few important factors to consider when deciding if a firm mattress is right for you. The position you sleep in plays a huge role when thinking about what firmness to get.

If you sleep primarily on your front or your back, a firm mattress is a great choice. The high level of support in a firm mattress allows your body weight to be distributed more evenly and therefore takes away any uncomfortable pressure on your spine and joints, especially the hips and shoulders. Winston’s Beds handy guide gives you a better insight into what firmness rating is best for you and then allows you to choose from a huge selection of firm options.

What is the best firm mattress?

The best firm mattress in the UK is the one that’s perfectly suited to your particular sleeping position and needs.

When choosing a mattress, your decision should be based on more than just whether a mattress is rated as soft, medium, firm or extra firm. At Winston’s Beds, we give you more options than just the basic levels of firmness. We take into account sensitive pressure points such as hips, ankles, necks and shoulders, and give you a wide choice of materials, designs and construction formats for your firm mattress. With a choice of latex, combination and pocket sprung mattresses, you’ll be able to find the best firm mattress that is tailored perfectly to your weight and sleeping position to minimise back pain no matter what position you like to sleep in at night.

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Who needs an extra firm mattress?

An extra firm mattress can come with a wide variety of benefits.

The extra support given by a very firm mattress helps keep your whole-body level while you sleep, preventing your spine from curving and aiding with general good posture.Orthopaedic mattresses are generally rated as very firm to give you maximum support as you sleep. Winston’s Beds firmness table will show you that an extra firm mattress can be beneficial to heavier or larger people ensuring they don’t sink too deeply into their mattress at night, which can impact on a good night’s sleep. Our table shows that a mattress with firm or extra firm tension is ideally suited for those who are 16 stone and over.

Is it better to sleep on a hard or soft mattress?

Deciding whether you need a soft or hard mattress depends on what you want to target when you sleep.

Both a soft and a hard mattress can soothe joint and muscle pain and choosing which firmness rating works best for your needs comes down to a few key factors.

Weight is a good starting point when looking at what firmness is best for you. Lighter people can benefit from a softer mattress whereas heavier people can find the support they need from a firm mattress. Something to consider when choosing is whether you share a bed. A firm mattress can give increased stability ensuring you don’t roll into the centre of the bed while you and your partner are sleeping (commonly referred to as roll-together). Our Winston’s Beds pocket sprung mattresses are constructed to provide support from every part of the mattress, meaning each spring will respond to your specific weight and how you move at night.

Will firm mattress get softer?

Something you’ll often find when searching for the perfect mattress is companies claiming that over time their firm mattresses will soften and this is just part of normal wear and tear.

Equally common searches of ‘how to soften a firm mattress’ and tips to reduce the rigidity of a very firm mattress are often seen. At Winston’s Beds, we don’t think you should be the ones to have to put the extra effort into making your mattress perfect. If you decide on a firm mattress, the mattress should hold its shape for as long as you need it to be firm. We’ve worked hard to make sure your mattress tension lasts by filling our mattresses with the best possible materials for a good sleep every night. Our unique patented spring technology ensure that you are comfortable and feel cushioned and supported all night long.

Which mattress is best for back pain?

Back pain can be targeted a few different ways by selecting the right mattress.

The position you sleep in makes a big difference in choosing what tension is best. Soft mattresses can help side sleepers or lighter people who need less support. However, if you are heavier or sleep on your back or front, a firm mattress will help soothe aches and pains and support the spine in a neutral position.

An orthopaedic mattress will usually be extra firm and is a good choice if you suffer from lumbar pain or simply have trouble sleeping due to back pain. At Winston’s Beds, we offer the UK’s most luxurious latex mattress that will help with back pain. Latex offers the perfect mix of support and cushioning to work with your natural contours. We have created beneficial layers in our latex mattress that will spring back into shape once you move and ensure a relaxing night’s sleep.


When deciding on mattress ratings you should look at factors such as the position you sleep in and your weight when deciding whether or not to go for a firm mattress.

If you decide on a firm mattress, we don’t think you should have to compromise any level of comfort to get the support you need. So, we give you a choice when deciding whether you want an extra firm mattress or a firm mattress that supports and cushions even the most minor back or joint pains. By scrolling through our range of firm mattresses you will be able to find the ideal material and tension that gives you a good night’s sleep every night. Use our firmness rating table to work out which mattress is best for you.

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Published: 3rd April 2021 (Updated: 12th August 2022) | Isaah