King Size Mattress | The Ultimate Guide

To get a comprehensive overview of king size mattresses, have a read of the following guide which contains everything you would need to know when finding the best king size mattress for you. 

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What are the best king size mattresses?

When considering what is the best king size mattress in the UK, thinking about what factors you look for in a mattress will affect which one is best for you.

The best king size mattress will be one that has more surface area whilst not compromising comfort or support. At Winston’s Beds, we have spent a decade designing the best 6 king size mattresses to choose from in a range of styles, materials, and designs. When thinking about your height, sleeping position and whether or not you sleep with a partner, you can choose from latex, pocket spring, and zip & link mattresses to make picking the ultimate mattress easier and guaranteeing a good night’s sleep every night.

What is a good price for a king size mattress?

These days mattresses can cost anywhere between £150 and £5000!

An Emma king size mattress and Simba king size mattress are on the lower end of the price range, but in our opinion, they don’t deliver the same lasting comforts a more expensive mattress would. Mattress price also depends on what type of mattress you go for. A natural handmade king size hybrid mattress will cost more and last for longer. You shouldn’t be going for the cheapest mattress, but you should be looking within your price range and adjust according to what materials and size fit your requirements. Winston’s Beds uses luxurious materials mixed with patented 3D spring technology to deliver high-quality products that support and cushions for years. Our prices for a king mattress range from £1399.99 to £3199.99 and come with a 200 Night Trial and a 30-year guarantee.

What are king size mattress dimensions?

The king size mattress size in the UK is 150cm wide and 200cm long (or if you’re talking imperial measurements, it’s 5 feet wide by 6 feet 6 inches long).

If you find yourself searching for a longer mattress because you are taller, then a king size is longer than a standard double, so that a king size mattress will give you that extra legroom. At Winston’s Beds, we recommend a king size mattress for two people who are taller than 190cm.

What mattress does Premier Inn use?

Premier Inn chains use Hypnos king size mattresses in their rooms.

A Hypnos bed has a pocket spring base, wrapped in fabric and finished with a wool topper. Hotel beds commonly use a king size pillow top mattress to provide you with extra comfort while not compromising on that crucial support from the springs, which is what makes up a Hypnos mattress. At Winston’s Beds, we offer pillow top mattresses with an extra layer of padding to help evenly distribute your weight. It’s our version of that super-comfortable hotel style that feels and looks luxurious.

Are Hypnos king size bed and mattresses worth the money?

Hypnos medium firm king size mattress and soft king size mattress prices range between £719 -£2599.

The styles range from thin to thicker mattresses with natural fillings such as cotton, wool and other fabrics. While Hypnos is a popular British mattress brand, there are some concerns about wear over time. People have seen dips and bumps develop in their Hypnos mattress over a shorter duration than what they would expect for the price. They also don’t offer a trial period to see if the mattress is right for you. At Winston’s Beds, we know that your mattress is an essential buy, so we offer you a 200 Night Trial giving you the option to change if the firmness rating isn’t working for you, completely free of charge.

What is the best mattress to buy in the UK?

When looking at all the reviews of the best mattresses in the UK, the reviews focus on pocket sprung, hybrid and king size memory foam mattresses.

When looking at reviews of pocket sprung mattresses, they discuss how this style allows for comfort when moving in your sleep and provides full support to the sensitive joints. We focus on the springs of your mattress because we know it’s the key to a superior feel and a better night’s sleep. Our 7 zoned micro springs provide innovative comfort and are built to last.

The highest spec and most luxurious mattress in the UK is hands downs our Winstons No1 mattress!

What is the best mattress to buy in 2021?

Names that spring up a lot when searching for the best mattress to buy include the Silentnight king size mattress, Dormeo king size mattress, Tempur king size mattress & a John Lewis king size mattress and other brands such as Hypnos and Emma.

If you want the best hybrid mattress by spec in the world, then look no further than our Ultimate Hybrid 3000 pocket sprung mattress king size.

A mix of king size foam mattress, which is a popular alternative to pocket sprung mattresses, and medium firmness is shown in the best of 2020, and this will continue into 2021 and beyond. What these mattresses have in common is the use of multiple layers of support and springs that last and don’t sink over time. Winston’s Beds do the research for you when considering what people are looking for out of a quality mattress. We give a wide variety of choices under each firmness rating, and we give you all the information you need to buy the right mattress type for you with our comprehensive firmness rating guides.

What is the number one rated mattress?

Bed in a Box brands have cornered the market when looking at the number one rated mattress online; it’s the king size Emma mattress, Eve king size mattress, Sealy king size mattress and the newcomer Brook Wilde that ticks all the right boxes.

Coming in various sizes and using cutting-edge foam technology, the Emma mattress is widely regarded as durable and comfortable. Memory foam is an excellent choice for a comfortable night’s sleep, but some customers report lasting odours and state they feel more like a king size orthopedic mattress rather than medium firm. At Winston’s Beds, we use our customers’ love for the comfort of foam and have created a luxurious king size pocket sprung mattress with 100% natural latex that provides that cushiony feel and lasting support with a variety of different materials to minimise those odour issues. The result is a better, more comfortable latex foam mattress with no objectionable odours and positive reviews from all types of sleepers, especially side sleepers.

What mattress do consumer reports recommend?

The Consumer Reports test simulate the conditions of sleeping on a mattress for 10 years.

They look at different factors when considering which mattress is best. They begin by analysing the use of foam and latex, noting that some foam mattress, such as emma original king size mattress or the nectar king size mattress, can require some effort when moving positions in your sleep. They point out that a good mattress website will allow you to return or change and adapt the mattress after an initial trial point. Customers require reliable, detailed information on firmness ratings and regard price as secondary over performance and comfort. At Winston’s Beds, we know that buying a king size mattress is a big decision, so we give you all the information you need and are always here to provide you with honest, no-nonsense advice.

Is a Silentnight mattress or Tempur mattress better?

When comparing Silentnight and Tempur mattresses, they have a few similarities that make them popular.

Silentnight is seen as a good option if you are on a budget but are looking for an orthopaedic mattress that offers plenty of support. Tempur gives you a large selection of mattresses to choose from. What separates Silentnight from other mattress brands is the “Spring Technology,” which boasts orthopaedic input in each of their mattresses.

What mattress do chiropractors recommend?

Most chiropractors believe that a mattress that supports and aligns your spine in a neutral position is best, so to simply buy a king size mattress firm or an extra firm king size mattress just because you have a bad back may not be the best option as your sleeping position, and weight should choose firmness level. For example, extra firm mattresses are best suited to those who weigh over 18 stones and sleep on their back or front.

A king size orthopaedic mattress is firm and provides plenty of support without compromising cushioning or comfort. If you sleep on your back, you can choose a firmer mattress to keep your spine in a natural healthy position. Relieving pressure on the hips and the shoulders is also something that chiropractors look into. Our handy firmness chart shows you what rating is best for your weight and then allows you to pick the perfect bed from various options.

Compare Luxury Mattresses

Vi spring mattress

Mattress Name: Vi Spring Elite Mattress
Mattress Composition: 1,350gsm Cotton and Bonded British fleece wool, 900gsm Blended British fleece wool and cotton
Total GSM: 2250gsm
Spring Count: 1254 pocket springs
Depth: 21cm deep
Guarantee: 30 Years
Trial: 90 Days
Bed Care Plan: N/A
Price King Size Mattress: £1270

John Ryan By Design

Mattress Name: Artisan Naturals
Mattress Composition: 1200gsm Blended British Fleece Wool & Cotton, 1250gsm Rebound Poly Cotton, 1500gsm Mohair
Total GSM: 3950gsm
Spring Count: 1600 Calico Pocket Springs
Depth: 27cm – 30cm deep
Guarantee: 10 Years
Trial: 60 Days
Bed Care Plan: N/A
Price King Size Mattress: £1450

Winstons Beds

Mattress Name: Premier British Wool 1500 Pocket Spring Mattress
Mattress Composition: Premium Wool 300gsm, Pure New Woven British Wool 2500gsm, Bonded British Wool 1000gsm, Natural Hessian Insulator 750gsm
Total GSM: 4550gsm
Spring Count: 1500 Pocket Springs
Depth: 33cm deep
Guarantee: 30 Years
Trial: 200 Night Trial
Bed Care Plan: Free 5 Years
Price King Size Mattress: £1699.99

By comparing these mattresses, you will see that we offer much more for your money even though we are slightly more expensive than John Ryan by Design and £429 more costly than a Vi Spring Mattress. Our mattress has much more fillings meaning it will be significantly more comfortable and durable. In addition, we offer a more extended trial period giving you more time to be 100% certain you like the mattress from Winstons and a lengthy guarantee of 30 years, which only Vi-Spring and we offer in the UK. At Winston’s, we also throw in a free 5-year bed care plan with Staingard, so you have peace of mind that if a spill, stain or accidental damage occurs, you are fully covered.



Whether you are looking for the king size gel mattress, king size pocket sprung memory foam mattress, Dreams king size mattress or a Winstons Beds mattress because you are too tall for your current mattress, or simply because you want more space for yourself or your partner, Winston’s Beds provides you with the best options over a range of different ratings and styles. We’ve assessed what mattresses are popular and researched what the consumer reports say so you can come to our site and find all the information and tips for buying a mattress that will work best for you.

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