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Buy Winstons Beds hand-stitched pocket spring mattress, Double, Kingsize, Super king at
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Why Our Springs Are Better

Discover our ingenious innovation. Our ground-breaking 3d patented 7-zoned micro springs guarantee revolutionary comfort. Winstons Beds will deliver truly inspirational support technology.

Why Our Springs Are Better

We’re here to give the mattress industry a shakeup!

Unlike traditional pocket springs, we have added layers of 3D patented 7 zoned pocket springs.

With advanced comfort technology and unique airflow, designed to give maximum comfort and superior cushioning. Our high-density 3d patented 7 zoned springs effectively map the contours of your body and allow air to pass through more freely for enhanced breathability, whilst also providing a superior central support system. thus relieving pressure for a supremely comfortable sleeping experience.

7-Zoned 3D Patented Micro Springs

There are no shortcuts to better sleep

Our 3D patented micro springs offer revolutionary comfort and next level cushioning with targeted 7-zoned support.

Winstons Beds mattresses are designed with 7 comfort zones for comfort and full body support. Each zone will conform individually to the different sections of your body. The shoulder zone is softer as the shoulders stick out more. The lumbar and pelvic zone is firmer as they are the heaviest parts of our body and need more support to keep our spine in its natural position. Your knees, legs and feet will recover on softer zones. A firmer middle zone will also prevent the mattress from sagging and will guarantee a longer lifespan for your mattress. The 7 zones also facilitate pressure distribution, which will promote a good blood circulation.

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British Heritage

Mattresses made by artisans with over 95 years of britsh handcrafting heritage.