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Here’s why Winstons Beds is a company you can trust.

Winstons Beds, a Company you can Trust!

What does it mean for our customer that we are FCA regulated?

The FCA regularly review how we engage with our customers to check that you are being treated fairly and honestly during your relationship with us’.

The process from not being regulated to getting FCA regulation is extremely thorough so you can be sure that any business granted regulation by the FCA are legitimate, honest and trustworthy. This means you know that when you use Winstons Beds to buy your mattress or bed, you’re dealing with an honest and accountable business – and crucially that whenever you make a payment to us, your money is always safeguarded.

Our Core Values

Our main, key value is that we like to keep everything transparent, so you can rest assured that your night’s sleep is in the best hands.


The FCA regulates financial companies in the UK to make sure they are behaving themselves.


It can take up to one year with many regulations for businesses to apply and get FCA authorisation.

100% Legitimate & Trustworthy

A business that is FCA authorised and or regulated, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your money is safe with them.

Who are the Furniture & Home Improvement Ombudsman

The FHIO is an independent body that investigates customer complaints in a fair and open way to try and reach a resolution without going to court.

The FHIO are a government-approved, approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute and are full members of the Ombudsman Association.

Why may you need the help of the FHIO?

Even when we try our best, sometimes things can go wrong, and you are unhappy with the service you receive. If this is ever the case, you should always come to us first so we have a chance to reply and put things right.

However, you may wish to complain to the FHIO if:

You’re not happy with our reply or you’re not happy with the way we have treated your complaint.

How can the FHIO help you?

If the FHIO agree that your complaint is something they can look into, it will be investigated fairly and impartially. The FHIO does not take sides – they simply just look at the evidence given. They will listen to both sides to see if a solution can be reached that both agree to. The FHIO will try to encourage us and you to reach an agreement, but if this does not happen, then they will make a decision based on the evidence received.

What will the Ombudsman do?

When the FHIO receive your application form, evidence and our response, they will pass your file to one of the Ombudsmen who will undertake an initial case review.

The Ombudsmen will look at the history of the problem and all evidence presented. They will contact you and us to enable the complaint to be resolved quickly and informally.

Once the Ombudsman has made a decision, they will send a written copy of this to you and the us. This includes their view on the validity of the complaint and any action that should be taken to resolve it.

Any award that the FHIO may make in your favour is to compensate you for any loss you may have suffered and which they feel is appropriate in your particular case.

The decisions that the FHIO make are in relation to the dispute between you and us and they do not intervene where finance or credit agreements are concerned.

This decision is binding on Full Members of the Ombudsman Scheme and legally enforceable against them

Is the Ombudsman approved by the government to provide Alternative Dispute Resolution services?

Yes. The FHIO are approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute to provide services under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes Regulations 2015.

NBF Premier Retail Champion 

We’re part of the National Bed Federation’s Retail Champion Scheme, meaning that NBF-approved members make 100% of our mattresses as Premier Retail Champions.

What does that mean for you?

The mattresses and beds we are selling to our customers have undergone rigorous independent auditing to authenticate that they comply with strict regulations on the cleanliness of fillings, flammability and trade descriptions, as well as meeting other fundamental legal obligations relating to the manufacture of their products.

So, when choosing your new mattress or bed, look for the trusted ‘Made by an Approved NBF Member’ icon and buy with confidence, knowing that what you’re getting is safe, clean and honest. Now that’s comforting!

Watch the short video below clarifying more about what the NBF does:

Member of the FHIO

Government-approved dispute resolution service for consumers to help reach a fair outcome.

Made By Approved NBF Member

Have peace of mind that the mattress you are buying is safe, clean and exactly what it says it is.

British Heritage

Mattresses made by artisans with over 95 years of britsh handcrafting heritage.