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Buy Winstons Beds hand-stitched pocket spring mattress, Double, Kingsize, Super king at
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Why Choose Winstons?

Beyond a Company: A Family-Run Institution

At Winstons, we operate not as just a business, but as a family. Rooted in our personal experiences and driven by a deep sense of empathy, we’re dedicated to ensuring a good night’s sleep is within everyone’s reach. When you choose Winstons, you’re joining a family committed to offering unmatched comfort and care.

Our Story

Welcome to Winstons, where we are committed to providing the pinnacle of luxury in sleep comfort at fair and justified prices. Born from a passion to redefine the luxury bedding industry, Winstons is a woman-owned enterprise founded by a resilient mother-daughter duo. But the genesis of our business is far more personal than merely filling a gap in the market.

Our journey into the bed industry began on a note of adversity when family members were diagnosed with life-altering conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Sciatica. During this challenging time, we discovered that the luxury natural mattresses most suited to their medical needs were often priced beyond reach due to the extortionate mark-ups imposed by retailers. This revelation was not just shocking, but it stirred a deep sense of empathy within us. We questioned how many others were unable to afford the comfort they desperately needed due to this unfair pricing.

Fuelled by a burning desire to rectify this inequality, we took a leap of faith. We sold our home, invested our life savings, and embarked on an audacious journey to establish Winstons. Our goal was crystal clear – to provide the world’s most luxurious mattresses at prices that were fair, transparent, and affordable.

Partnering with industry experts steeped in British heritage of creating luxury handmade mattresses, we spent years researching and developing a product line that stood unparalleled in quality at each price point. We insist, don’t merely take our word for it – we encourage you to make the comparison yourself. At every price level, Winstons’ mattresses are beyond comparison, a fact echoed by our clientele across the globe. This is why we are a trusted name worldwide, proudly offering the best mattresses at the fairest prices.

So, when you choose Winstons, you’re not merely investing in a mattress, but in a vision, a commitment, and a belief. Winstons is more than a company; it’s a family-run institution dedicated to ensuring a good night’s sleep is within everyone’s reach. We understand the value of your trust and reciprocate with our unwavering commitment to deliver only the best. After all, we’re not just selling mattresses; we’re sharing the comfort we once sought for our own family.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As a testament to our unwavering confidence in our mattresses and beds, each product is accompanied by a 5, 10, or 30-year guarantee. Should you encounter any imperfections arising from faulty materials or workmanship, we are committed to rectifying the situation. This may involve cost-free repairs or the replacement of the entire item.

Our standard guarantee covers potential issues such as casing stitching coming undone, fabric flaws, filling spillage, protruding springs, sagging below two inches, and clumping or displacement of the filling. We are so certain that these occurrences will not transpire that we offer you up to three decades of reassurance and peace of mind.

Our Hand-Nested Calico Springs

While it may seem inconsequential, we find great pride in the springs we utilise, and for good reason.

In our mattresses, we employ meticulously hand-tied and nested calico springs that redefine the standards of comfort and support. These springs adapt individually to different parts of your body, ensuring proper alignment of your spine and the gentle cushioning of pressure points. Additionally, the strategic distribution of these springs helps prevent mattress settlement or sagging, guaranteeing the utmost durability for your purchase.

Made in the United Kingdom

As a homegrown, UK-based company, we take immense pride in employing our nation’s most talented artisans, who carry a remarkable legacy of British craftsmanship spanning over 95 years. Consequently, our mattresses and divans are painstakingly manufactured right here in the UK. This not only allows us to uphold our stringent standards, but also minimises our carbon footprint, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

0% Interest-Free Finance

Recognising that investing in a new mattress represents a substantial financial commitment, we strive to keep our prices affordable. However, we understand that they may still exceed certain budgets. Our dedication to making comfort accessible to everyone is why we offer 0% interest-free finance options. This ensures that individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford their desired mattress or bed can still enjoy the indulgence of a superior sleep experience.

Our Services

At Winston’s, we go the extra mile to provide exemplary service. Our two-person room-of-choice service ensures a hassle-free delivery of your new mattress to your bedroom, eliminating any concerns about manoeuvring it yourself. Furthermore, our cordial and knowledgeable staff are always at your disposal, providing expert advice free of charge, and with no obligation to make a purchase.

From our factory floor to the sanctity of your chosen space, we are dedicated to facilitating the most exceptional shopping experience possible, surpassed only by the unparalleled quality of sleep you will experience on your new acquisition.

In the unlikely event that you find the spring tension of your mattress unsatisfactory, you have the liberty of 100 nights to notify us. Subsequently, we will exchange and deliver a new mattress, while simultaneously removing the old one, all without incurring any additional cost.


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