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Best IKEA Mattress Review 2024

Discover the ultimate comparison in our best IKEA mattress review guide. Dive deep into detailed analyses and uncover the top alternatives. Whether you’re in search of comfort, support, or value, our comprehensive guide offers insights to help you make an informed decision. Read more to find the best alternative that meets your needs.

Are IKEA mattresses any good?

IKEA, renowned for its extensive range of home furnishing solutions, also offers a selection of entry-level and budget-friendly mattresses. These IKEA mattresses are best suited for those seeking practical, cost-effective options, particularly ideal for guest rooms or temporary sleeping arrangements. While IKEA’s commitment to affordability and sustainability remains a cornerstone of their brand, it’s important to note that these mattresses may prioritise value over luxury comfort and long-term durability.

Designed to meet the basic needs of sleep comfort, IKEA mattresses provide a viable solution for occasional use, making them a perfect fit for spare rooms. The range includes various types, such as foam and spring mattresses, catering to diverse preferences and requirements. However, customers seeking mattresses for daily, long-term use might consider exploring additional options alongside IKEA’s offerings to ensure optimal comfort and durability.

IKEA’s approach to home furnishing emphasises practicality and sustainability, with mattresses that reflect this ethos. They offer an accessible entry point into the market for those needing temporary or supplementary sleeping solutions. While these mattresses may not boast the highest levels of comfort or longevity, they represent IKEA’s commitment to affordability and environmental consciousness.

Choosing the right mattress involves balancing cost against features that meet your specific needs, ensuring a good night’s sleep without compromising on quality or comfort.

However, If you’re in the market for a luxury mattress, choose one that offers breathability, supports your body weight, or aids in sleep despite back or joint issues, you may need to consider other options.

How much to spend on a double mattress? What features to expect for your money
Under £500 Basic mattress, possibly a 13.5 gauge open coil with a thin polyester layer or a basic foam mattress.
£600 Entry-level mattress with spunbond springs and synthetic upholstery. Double-sided for extended use.
£900 Mattress with 1500 count pocket spring unit, 3000gsm of 100% natural fibres. Double-sided design for durability.
£1200 Features 1500 pocket springs, 100% natural fibres, and two rows of hand side-stitched borders. Double-sided usability.
£1900 Calico pocket sprung mattress with a minimum of 4000gsm 100% natural fibres and two rows of hand side stitching. Double-sided.
£2500 Calico pocket sprung mattress with at least 5000gsm of 100% natural fibres and three rows of hand side stitching. Double-sided design for longevity.
£5000+ Over 3000 calico pocket springs, a minimum of 5000gsm 100% natural fibres, and five rows of hand side stitching. Luxury and durability with a double-sided design.

Pros and Cons of IKEA mattresses

Benefits of IKEA Mattresses

  • Competitive Pricing: IKEA’s vast scale and purchasing power enable them to offer affordable entry-level and mid-range mattresses
  • Cost-Effective Shipping: Many models can be rolled up, allowing for cheaper shipping options
  • Transparency: IKEA provides clear information about the materials used in their mattresses, unlike many other retailers

Drawbacks of IKEA Mattresses

  • Limited Firmness Options: IKEA mainly offers medium to firm mattresses, with no softer comfort layers available
  • Basic Construction: The mattresses have a straightforward design, lacking in complexity
  • Single-Sided Use: Most mattresses are single-sided, which can lead to quicker deterioration
  • Shorter Lifespan: The durability of IKEA mattresses is relatively low, necessitating sooner replacements
  • 10-Year Guarantee Concerns: Many customers find the need to use the 10-year guarantee within just a few years due to issues
  • Lower Quality Springs: The use of synthetic pocket springs with lower spring counts affects the mattress quality
  • No Customisation: IKEA does not offer tailoring for different body weights or comfort preferences, adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Who are IKEA beds most suitable for?

IKEA beds cater to a wide array of needs, making them a versatile choice for various consumers. Here’s a detailed breakdown of who might find IKEA beds most suitable.

  • Budget-Friendly Options: For those looking to furnish a bedroom without breaking the bank, IKEA offers mattresses that blend comfort with affordability. Ideal for individuals prioritising cost-effectiveness.
  • No Specific Health Needs: If you’re free from health-related sleep issues, IKEA’s range can provide the basic comfort required for a good night’s sleep. Their mattresses are well-suited for those without particular medical conditions affecting sleep.
  • Adaptable Sleepers: For people who can sleep comfortably on various surfaces without difficulty, IKEA mattresses offer a straightforward solution. Their versatility meets the needs of those not requiring specialised sleeping support..
  • Investment Properties: Landlords seeking durable, cost-effective bedding solutions for buy-to-let properties will find IKEA’s offerings particularly appealing. Their beds are designed to withstand the demands of different tenants over time.
  • Student Living: With options that are both affordable and durable, IKEA beds are well-suited for student accommodation, offering practicality and comfort within a student’s budget.
  • King Size Beds Under £650: For those in the market for a king-size bed without a hefty price tag, IKEA presents options under £650. This price range makes larger beds accessible to a broader audience, ensuring comfort doesn’t have to come at a premium.

In summary, IKEA’s bed range offers practical, affordable solutions for a variety of settings and needs, from personal use in your first home to functional options for rental properties and student accommodation.

IKEA mattress reviews UK

Primary concerns identified in IKEA mattress reviews from Trustpilot customer feedback:

  • Sagging and Dipping: Customers reported that mattresses began to sag or develop dips within a short period of use, sometimes in less than a year, despite the mattresses being marketed with a 10-year guarantee.
  • Lack of Edge Support: Some reviews highlighted problems with the edge support of the mattresses, leading to uncomfortable sleep experiences or difficulties in using the mattress effectively.
  • Uncomfortable Sleep and Pains: There were complaints about the mattresses becoming uncomfortable, very soft and uneven, resulting in poor sleep quality and physical discomfort, including back pain.
  • Faulty Mattress Issues Not Acknowledged by IKEA: Customers expressed frustration that when they contacted IKEA regarding these issues, their concerns were often dismissed as “normal wear and tear” or they were told that the issues did not qualify for the guarantee, leaving them without a resolution.
  • Discrepancy Between Store Mattresses and Delivered Product: Some customers noted that the firmness and comfort level of the mattress toppers or mattresses tried in-store did not match the product delivered to them, leading to dissatisfaction with the product’s performance.
  • False Advertising on Mattress Guarantee: Customers reported that IKEA’s 10-year mattress guarantee appears to be misleading, as the company often cites “normal wear and tear” as a reason not to honor it, despite claims that the guarantee covers issues like sagging.
  • Inconsistent and Unhelpful Customer Service: Customers frequently mentioned unhelpful, rude, or unresponsive customer service, including long wait times on calls, lack of follow-up and conflicting information from different representatives.
  • Refund and Exchange Issues: There were numerous complaints about difficulties in obtaining refunds or exchanges for defective or unsatisfactory products, including mattresses and accessories. Some customers reported being asked to jump through hoops, such as sending multiple photos, only to be denied due to supposed “normal wear.”
  • Misleading Product Information: Some reviews highlighted discrepancies between the product experienced in-store (e.g., mattress firmness) and the product received, with no recourse for returns or exchanges even when the product clearly did not meet expectations.

An examination of 278 IKEA mattress reviews on Trustpilot has highlighted a prevalent trend of customer dissatisfaction. Here’s how the reviews distribute:

  • 5-star: 14
  • 4-star: 6
  • 3-star: 2
  • 2-star: 7
  • 1-star: 249

From the 278 mattress reviews for IKEA on Trustpilot, 256 reflected significant discontent, illustrating that about 92% of reviewers were displeased with their purchases, marking an unprecedented level of negative feedback.

It’s important to recognise that these reviews stem from just 278 mattress assessments, a minor fraction of IKEA’s overall mattress sales. Therefore, this feedback might not fully encapsulate the total performance quality of IKEA mattresses.

At Winstons, we’re committed to guiding our customers through their purchasing journey by offering high-quality mattresses that deliver substantial value. We understand the importance of individual needs and preferences in choosing a mattress. Thus, we advocate for comprehensive research and comparison across different brands and models to find the ideal mattress that caters to your specific requirements.

IKEA mattress comparison & alternatives

Vatnestrom IKEA mattress review

What Is the Vatnestrom?

  • The Vatnestrom is a hybrid mattress model. Its rolled-up delivery ensures easy transportation to any desired room. The design features a core of 20cm pocket springs, topped with a 4cm foam layer. Emphasising sustainability, it incorporates natural elements like coconut coir fibre and wool, with a 100% cotton sleeping surface. While it’s advertised as medium firm, our evaluations place it at an 8 on a firmness scale ranging from 1 (very firm) to 10 (very soft), suggesting it leans more towards the firmer side. A 10-year guarantee accompanies this product, offering long-term assurance.

Vatnestrom IKEA Mattress Sleeping Experience

  • Upon testing, we noted that the Vatnestrom provides satisfactory spine support for various body shapes and sleep positions. However, our durability assessments indicated a compression of fillings over time, leading to a reduction in mattress height and potential sagging. The mattress exhibits significant motion transfer, meaning it may not effectively isolate movement, which could be disruptive for those sharing the bed. On the upside, its exceptional breathability makes it ideal for those preferring a cooler sleeping environment, complemented by a highly breathable cover that prevents moisture buildup during warmer nights.

Comfort Level

  • Considering its price point, the comfort level of the Vatnestrom is deemed justifiable for products under £300. However, for a mattress in this price range, the comfort provided may not meet expectations.

Additional Considerations

  • It’s important to note that the Vatnestrom is a single-sided mattress, meaning it cannot be flipped to even out wear. This aspect is particularly relevant for buyers expecting longevity and consistent performance, as the inability to flip it may affect its durability and comfort over time.

Winstons Elite Mattress Vs IKEA Vatnestrom Mattress

Price£849.99 (King Size)£799.99 (King Size)
Filling CompositionBritish Wool, Hypoallergenic White Fibre, Cool Blue Foam & Hypoallergenic White FibreLatex Foam (85% natural & 15% synthetic)
Filling Total GSM2000 Not Disclosed
Spring Count1500 Pocket Springs654 Pocket Springs
Layers of Foam21

Why buy the Winstons Elite Over the IKEA Vatnestrom mattress?

Click here to buy the Elite mattress

When choosing between the Winstons Elite and the IKEA Vatnestrom mattress, several factors stand out, showcasing the superior specifications of the Winstons Elite. Firstly, the Winstons Elite mattress boasts a double-sided design, offering versatility and extended durability, in contrast to the Vatnestrom’s single-sided configuration. This feature alone makes the Elite a more sustainable choice over time.

The construction of the Winstons Elite is notably more complex, comprising eight layers of diverse fibres, including both foam and natural elements. This multi-layered approach ensures a balanced and comfortable sleeping surface. In comparison, the Vatnestrom mattress includes only two primary layers, with the bottom layer dedicated to supporting the springs rather than enhancing comfort.

One of the standout features of the Winstons Elite is its use of Tencel Viscose fabric, which surpasses the cotton fabric of the Vatnestrom in terms of luxury and softness. Tencel Viscose is known for its sustainable properties and exceptional moisture management, contributing to a cooler and more comfortable sleep.

Moreover, the Winstons Elite mattress contains 1500 pocket springs, offering superior support and minimising motion transfer. This is an improvement over the Vatnestrom, which has fewer than 1500 springs. The depth of the Elite mattress is also greater at 35cm, compared to the Vatnestrom’s 26cm, providing a more plush and supportive sleeping experience.

Both mattresses are designed with breathability in mind, ensuring a cool sleeping environment. However, despite both offering a 10-year guarantee, the robust construction and higher quality materials of the Winstons Elite suggest it will indeed last the full duration of its guarantee, unlike the IKEA option, where longevity concerns have been raised.

Considering these factors and with just a £50 difference in price, the Winstons Elite emerges as the better investment. It not only offers a higher specification and enhanced comfort but also promises greater durability and satisfaction over time.

Click here to buy the Elite mattress

IKEA Anneland mattress review

What is it?

  • The Ånneland is classed by IKEA as a firm hybrid mattress, designed for easy transport and setup, arriving in a rolled format to facilitate moving it to your preferred room effortlessly. It features an 11cm core of pocket springs, encased in polyurethane foam layers and is crowned with a 3cm memory foam layer. Contrary to IKEA’s firm classification, our independent evaluation places it at a 6 on a firmness scale ranging from 1 (very firm) to 10 (very soft), positioning it squarely within the medium firm category.

What’s it like to lie on?

  • Test results indicate the Ånneland mattress provides adequate spinal support across various body types and sleep positions, maintaining its shape and support over time without significant height loss or sagging. The memory foam layer allows for easy movement and comfortable repositioning, enhancing the overall sleep experience. Stability is adequate but could be better, reducing the likelihood of disturbances from partner movement during the night. This mattress offers a medium warmth level, making it suitable for most users, though those seeking a cooler sleep experience might consider other options. The breathable cover further aids in moisture management, keeping the sleeping environment comfortable.

How comfortable is the Ånneland mattress?

  • If a firmer mattress aligns with your preferences, the Ånneland’s comfort level may appeal to you. However, given its price, one might anticipate a higher degree of luxury or additional features.

Is there anything else I should know?

  • The Ånneland is a single-sided mattress, this aspect, particularly at its price point, may raise questions about long-term resilience and value, as double-sided mattresses often offer extended durability through periodic rotation. When deciding between the Winstons Essentials Orthopaedic mattress and the IKEA Anneland, several key differences highlight the superior specification of the Winstons Essentials. One of the most significant advantages is its double-sided design, offering the flexibility to flip the mattress for even wear and extended life, unlike the Anneland’s single-sided structure.

Winstons Essentials Orthopaedic Mattress Vs IKEA Anneland Mattress

Winstons Essentials Orthopaedic (Double Sided Mattress)IKEA Anneland (One Sided Mattress)
Price£669.99 (King Size)£659 (King Size)
Filling CompositionBritish Wool, Cashmere & Silk, Hypoallergenic White Fibre & Cool Blue FoamPolyurethane Memory Foam & Polyurethane Foam
Filling Total GSM2600Not Disclosed
Spring Count12.5 Gauge Orthopaedic Spring 650 Pocket Springs

Why buy the Winstons Essentials Orthopaedic Over the IKEA Anneland mattress?

Click here to buy the Essentials Orthopaedic

The Winstons Essentials Orthopaedic mattress boasts six layers of fibres, incorporating both foam and natural fibres for a balanced and supportive sleep experience. In contrast, the Anneland mattress is composed of just three layers, limiting its comfort and support levels.

A standout feature of the Winstons Essentials is its 12.5 gauge orthopaedic spring system. This specification indicates a robust spring with medium firm support, ideal for those seeking a mattress that supports spinal alignment and reduces pressure points. Meanwhile, the Anneland utilises a lower count pocket spring system with under 650 springs, offering less targeted support.
Further elevating the Winstons Essentials is its Tencel Viscose fabric, a material superior to the cotton fabric of the Anneland. Tencel Viscose is renowned for its softness, durability and moisture-wicking properties, contributing to a more luxurious and comfortable sleep environment.

The depth of the Winstons Essentials Orthopaedic mattress at 30cm exceeds the Anneland’s 24cm, providing a deeper, more supportive base for sleepers. Additionally, the Essentials Orthopaedic mattress boasts enhanced breathability, ensuring a cooler and more pleasant sleeping experience, especially for those who tend to overheat at night.

Considering all these factors, plus the fact that the Winstons Essentials Orthopaedic mattress is £90 less expensive, it clearly stands out as the better choice. Its superior construction, materials and design not only promise a more supportive and comfortable night’s sleep but also represent better value for money.

Click here to buy the Essentials Orthopaedic

What type of springs do IKEA mattresses use?

IKEA incorporates three varieties of springs in their mattress lineup, each serving distinct functions within their designs.

1. Spunbond Pocket Springs

  • Spunbond pocket springs, characterised by individually encased coils in fabric pockets, offer targeted support by adjusting to body movements. A pivotal aspect of their efficacy lies in the spring count; anything below 1500 is generally considered ineffective for providing adequate support. For mattresses priced over £500, a minimum of 1500 pocket springs is advisable to ensure optimal comfort and support. However, IKEA does not specify the gauge of spring wire used, leading to uncertainty about the exact tension of the springs. Our assessments suggest a firmer gauge, likely between 1.4 and 1.6, but without official confirmation, this remains an educated guess.

2. Micro Springs

3. Bonnell Springs

  • The third type, Bonnell springs, typically measure 13.5 gauge and are known for their interconnected coil system. This design, while traditional, is often criticised for lacking individual support and leading to motion transfer across the mattress. Their firmer feel and less sophisticated support mechanism make them less desirable compared to more advanced spring systems, particularly for those seeking targeted support and minimal disturbance from partner movement.

IKEA mattress return policy and guarantee

If you find your IKEA mattress uncomfortable, unsuitable, or if it develops a fault, IKEA offers several options to address these issues. Here’s what you need to know:

  • 90-Day Exchange: You can exchange IKEA mattresses within 90 days of purchase
  • Condition Requirements: The mattress must be in clean condition and free from damage to qualify for an exchange
  • Return Process: Customers need to bring the mattress back to the store themselves.
  • Proof of Purchase: Presenting the original receipt is mandatory for any exchange or guarantee claim
  • Transport Considerations: Depending on your mattress size, you may need to arrange for a van to transport it to the store
  • No Folding: Do not fold the mattress. Folding voids the exchange option
  • Guarantee Claims: For faults covered under guarantee, contact the store first
  • Inspection: IKEA will conduct an inspection of the mattress to determine if it’s faulty
  • Resolution: If the mattress is found to be faulty, IKEA will offer a replacement or an alternative solution

Remember, IKEA handles inspections in-house and does not use independent third-party inspectors for assessing mattress faults

Published: 24th February 2024 (Updated: 24th February 2024) | Isaah

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