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How Wide is an Emperor Mattress

Delving into the world of mattresses can be overwhelming, with a myriad of sizes and variations on offer. One of the most luxurious and spacious options is the emperor mattress. This article serves as an in-depth guide to help those considering the emperor mattress make the best decision.1. How wide is an emperor mattress?

How wide is an emperor mattress?

The emperor mattress boasts a lavish width that is synonymous with comfort and space. In the UK, a standard emperor mattress measures 200cm in width (and length), which translates to approximately 6 feet 6 inches. This width offers sleepers ample space, ensuring that rest isn’t just about closing one’s eyes but about experiencing a nightly retreat.

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Choosing the right emperor mattress for you: A checklist

When considering the emperor size mattress, understanding its width is just the beginning. Here’s a checklist to help guide your decision:

Who the bed or mattress is for

  • A single sleeper might find an emperor mattress overwhelming, while couples might find it just right, especially if they value personal space while sleeping.

How tall you are

  • Those who are taller may appreciate the additional foot space provided by the emperor mattress uk dimensions.

Your available space

  • Before diving into this purchase, ensure your room can comfortably accommodate the emperor bed mattress with ample space for other furnishings and movement.

Whether you’re sharing

  • If sharing, consider both parties’ sleeping habits. The width of an emperor ensures minimal disturbances, even if one person is restless.

Preferred feel

  • From firm to soft, mattresses vary in feel. The best emperor mattress uk will suit your preference, be it a plush top or a firm base.

Spring tension

  • Your weight and preferred sleeping position will dictate the ideal spring tension. It ensures the mattress contours to your body, offering optimal support.

Medical considerations

  • Specific ailments, like back issues, might benefit from certain mattress structures or firmness levels.

Are all emperor mattresses the same size?

While the standard emperor mattress size uk is 200cm x 200cm, a slight tolerance of up to 2cm can be expected, especially when considering the handmade nature of some brands. This variance can particularly affect the width, so always check exact dimensions when purchasing.

Deciphering mattress sizes

To help you contextualise, here’s a breakdown of some popular sizes:

  • Single mattress: Typically 90cm x 190cm.
  • Small double mattress: Roughly 120cm x 190cm.
  • Double mattress: Usually 135cm x 190cm.
  • King size mattress: Often 150cm x 200cm.
  • Super king mattress: Approximately 180cm x 200cm.
  • Emperor mattress: Generally 200cm x 200cm.
  • Large emperor mattress: Around 213cm x 213cm.
  • Queen mattress: As noted, 120cm x 190cm in the UK.

Each size caters to different needs. For instance, single mattresses are perfect for children or solo adult sleepers with limited space, while a large emperor mattress could be ideal for spacious master bedrooms.

Which emperor mattress is best for you?

Selecting the perfect emperor mattress involves assessing your unique needs:

Sleeping Partner(s)

  • A wider mattress like the emperor ensures that both individuals have their own spacious sleeping zone.

Physical factors

  • Taller individuals might favour the emperor’s width and length, ensuring feet aren’t hanging off the edge.


  • The emperor mattresses come at varying price points. Consider the longevity, materials and craftsmanship when setting a budget.

Bedroom size

  • Ensure your room can comfortably fit your chosen mattress size, leaving at least 24 inches of space on all sides.

Navigating tight spaces

While the emperor mattress offers unrivalled space, its size can be challenging when manoeuvring tight stairwells. It’s essential to measure hallways and staircases before delivery.

Weight considerations

The weight of an emperor mattress from Winstons can range from 60kg to over 150kg. This can impact setup and repositioning, so consider this when making a purchase.

Cost of comfort

At Winstons, emperor mattresses range from £2699.99 to £9799.99. While this might seem steep, remember you’re investing in sleep quality and mattress longevity.

In summary

The emperor mattress is a symbol of luxury and comfort. While its width is its standout feature, various factors should influence your purchase decision. Prioritise size, quality and personal preferences to guarantee nights of rejuvenating sleep.

Still in quandary about choosing an emperor size mattress? We’re here to help! Don’t hesitate to reach out – email us at [email protected] or give us a ring on 0161 250 9200. Our team of experts is on standby, eager to assist you in making the perfect choice for unrivalled comfort and luxury. Take the step towards serene sleep – contact us now!

Published: 25th September 2023 (Updated: 25th September 2023) | Isaah

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