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Who Makes the Best Luxury Mattress? We do!

A luxury mattress is an essential element to a great night’s sleep, and we have the UK’s six best mattresses, tried, tested and with 100% customer satisfaction to explore, from pillow-tops through to zip & link.

So, search our selection of luxury mattresses and sleep soundly on one of our blissfully plush, intelligently supportive, and highly durable mattresses.

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Before you buy

Before buying a new mattress, you must ensure it will fit the proportions of your bedroom and most importantly, be able to get into your house in the first place.

  • Check the length, width and depth of your mattress
  • Check the dimensions of your doorways
  • Check the clearance area above your stairs
  • Check the turns and obstructions

If you are looking for a soft feel mattress, choosing a soft spring tension will not mean the mattress will be soft. The fillings inside a mattress provide the overall feel you will experience, whereas the spring tension is specific to body weight and sleeping position, which will dictate the level of support you will receive. However, this is where most retailers make mistakes. They focus on the spring tension alone to give them the soft, medium, firm or extra firm feel, which is incorrect. For example, a mattress can have a soft spring and a firm feel.

We will display the mattress’s feel on every product page in the “how will it feel” section. Please note regardless of what spring tension you choose, the mattress feel will not change.

At Winstons Beds, we make the most luxurious mattresses in the world, packed with large volumes of natural fillings, making them heavier than cheaper mattresses. But, that’s what gives them their comfort, unrivalled support and durability. Our mattresses with 100% natural fillings range from approximately 36kg in a single size to 115kg in a super kingsize.

Our mattresses should be flipped and rotated once every two weeks for the first month and then once every month to help even settlement.

If you believe you may find a mattress too heavy to flip and rotate, you can try the following.

1. Rotate the mattress every four weeks and flip it over every 10-12 weeks to help reduce the number of times you have to lift it. Please know this may affect the lifespan of the mattress when compared to flipping and rotating every four weeks.

2. Choose a zip & link mattress as they are considerably more effortless to flip and rotate.

It is perfectly ok to place a pocket sprung mattress on a slatted bed frame. However, we always recommend placing some barrier, usually cardboard, over the slats. Unlike many other retailers, we don’t advise MDF, no matter how thin, as it will make the mattress firmer. In addition, the barrier will prevent ridging, bulging and dipping from occurring due to the mattress dipping into the gaps between the slats.

Sleeping hot is a common issue, so we made our mattresses with temperature-regulating fibres so you can sleep cool all night.

Choose Your Luxury Mattress

Your mattress should be as unique as you are

Find the right luxury mattress type for a perfect night's sleep


A Luxury Mattress From Winstons Beds

We spend a third of our lives asleep, so the right mattress with the correct level of comfort and support will help you get a great night’s sleep which is vital for our health and well being – remarkably, so many people will settle with an old mattress that’s creaky, lumpy or sagging in the middle instead of purchasing a new mattress that will give them a restful sleep.

Sleep forms the ground upon which the foundation of our health is built, which is not surprising when a mattress is what you probably spend most of your time with.

Whilst we are sleeping, our body heals – both physically and mentally. Sleep is where we process the memories of our day. If we have a better night’s sleep, we are more mentally resilient, and we find it easier to be more motivated to exercise, socialise and eat healthier.

We’re proud to offer the ultimate range of luxury mattresses to suit all types of sleepers, whether you are a back, front, mixed or side sleepers.

Winstons Beds’ higher end mattresses are intricately created, filled with high quality materials, dust mite resistant, breathable cover that does not trap heat, perfect for hot sleepers.

Furthermore, you can choose your tension and level of support. In addition, a Winstons Beds premium mattress provides superior cushioned comfort are lavishly filled and supported by revolutionary reactive pocket springs.

wool upholstery for luxury mattress

What Is a Luxury Mattress?

A high end luxury mattress must make you feel grand by improving your sleep quality above and beyond a standard mattress. Our high end mattresses are made from the finest natural fibres and are considered the best luxury mattresses in the UK.

While a standard mattress will provide you with your desired level of support and comfort layer consisting of polyester, a premium mattress has added features like specially formulated hand-teased materials and designs to improve your sleep. Of course, these features push the price up, but they are worth the extra pounds have, given their benefits.

1500 pocket spring unit

What Makes a Luxury Mattress?

Mattress Depth

It should be at least 30cm. This has 30% more depth than a standard mattress.

Hand-Teased Fillings

This age-old craft is labour intensive and only attempted by expert craftspeople, which involves separating the fibres of the natural fillings such as wool, horsehair, horsetail, alpaca and cotton used in the layers of the mattress. The fillings are then hand teased carefully to achieve an even layer of plush upholstery.

Hand teased fillings provide a luxurious loft and have excellent resilience. They also help regulate body temperature, helping create a more comfortable and supportive sleeping environment. So any retailer attempting to convince you that a mattress with only pad fillings is as good as a mattress with hand teased fillings is wrong. If they were correct, Vispring, Hastens, Savoir, and Winstons would not spend hours of extra intensive labour to complete a single mattress.


It should be 100% natural and chemical-free. Look for natural fibres such as wool, considered the best mattress ticking. Wool is incredibly soft to touch, highly breathable, moisture-wicking and naturally fire retardent.

Fillings GSM

To be considered a luxury mattress, the mattress should have a minimum of 4000gsm of fillings, but it should also be premium quality.

Trial Period

At least 200 nights will take your body up to 150 nights to adjust to the mattress.


30 years should be the minimum guarantee offered on any mattress that costs you more than £1200. Any retailer who states a 30-year guarantee is not needed or is a gimmick or scam must have something to hide.

Firmness Options

When you choose a mattress, you want to have as much choice for your money as possible. Therefore, a luxury retailer will offer you soft, medium, firm, and extra firmness options rather than choosing a “one size fit all” mattress.

7 zoned support micro coils

What are the Benefits of a Luxury Mattress?

A Winstons Beds mattress will have innovative technology, greater support and cushioning, high-end materials creating a cool, comfortable sleeping experience.

No More Aches and Pains

Your back will praise you. Well constructed mattresses will give optimum support where it’s required. In addition, a mattress from Winstons Beds will zero in on pressure points in the body, soothing aches and pains effectively.

Better Quality Sleep

You could buy a cheaper mattress, but you won’t sleep better. A more expensive mattress will disperse your weight evenly and stop you from tossing and turning. In addition, our mattresses aren’t as expensive compared to other retailers and suit most budgets.

Optimum Cushioning

The best mattress will offer deep cushioning and have air vents that keep them feeling fresh. Our mattresses are hand-stitched, comfortable, thick and filled with thousands of grams per square metre of the highest quality natural fibres and revolutionary reactive pocket springs to get you properly settled.

7-Zoned Patented Micro Springs

There are patented micro springs to give targeted pressure relief, spinal alignment and 7-zoned support. In addition, it makes the mattress more supportive around the regions where it needs the most support and cushion, like your shoulders, back, hips, knees and feet.

Cooling Technologies

Some luxury mattress retailers use cooling memory foam, graphite or charcoal with chemicals to absorb excess heat retained by your body.

At Winstons Beds, we use materials like horsetail, cotton, wool, and silk known for their cooling properties and are used in all of our mattresses to intensify their comfort; remember, natural fibres will always be better for keeping you cool than a layer of breathable foam.

Additional Layers

The best mattresses add additional layers of natural fibres, enhancing responsiveness and making the mattress plusher.

At Winstons Beds, we use more natural fibres by grams per square metre than any other luxury mattress brands hence why our mattresses are the best in the UK.

Adjustable Technology

We use innovative patented technology that harmlessly turns your excess body heat into infrared energy, which increases local blood flow, promoting a night of deeper sleep. In addition, our reactive pocket springs adjust to your shifting sleep position to maintain a healthy balance of support and comfort.


Most customers are oblivious of what goes into a mattress and what durable materials are.

At Winstons Beds, we list what goes into your mattress and the gsm. As a result, we make the most durable mattresses in the UK that will last for many years without any sags and dips whilst offering consistent pressure relief and superior support and comfort. We give you a 30-year guarantee to show you how confident we are.

handmade winstons no1 pocket spring mattress

How Should a Luxury Mattress Feel?

When you buy a luxury mattress, you will have more choices to get exactly what you want. Rather than offering just medium and firm options, we give you the choice of soft, medium, firm or extra firm. Medium firmness is the best selling because it suits a broader range of people.

A luxury mattress will feel supportive for your whole body, especially your back and hips, yet plush, comfortable and soft to the touch, thanks to the high-quality cover and fibres. Our pocket sprung mattresses have been mindfully designed to maximise support where your body needs it the most without compromising on comfort. In addition, thanks to the naturally cooling fillings used in every layer, you shouldn’t ever feel hot sleeping.

handmade pocket spring pillow top luxury mattress,

What is the Difference Between Mattress Feel and Spring Tension?

The mattress filling layers will give the overall firmness you require from your mattress, whereas the spring tension will provide the level of support your body needs. Unfortunately, this is where many customers make mistakes as they only concentrate on the spring tension alone.

For example, you can have two mattresses with medium tension springs, suitable for a 14 stone side sleeper. Each mattress has different upholstery layers that give one a soft feel and the other a firmer feel.

Spring tension is specific to body weight and sleeping position and is only for support; you will never feel the spring unless you choose the incorrect spring tension.

The feel of the mattress will come from the upholstery layers, which will be the deciding factor in whether you have a soft, medium or firm feeling mattress.

curled horsehair to go into a horsehair mattress

Does More gsm Mean the Mattress will be More comfortable?

The short answer is yes, but it will also depend on what type of upholstery layers are used and how they have been layered.

For example, horsehair and flax are firm feel fibres, and wool is a medium feel fibre; if a mattress has 5000gsm and is a mix between those fibres, the mattress will be too firm and uncomfortable. The same rule applies if the mattress is filled with synthetic fibres such as polyester, polly cotton, rebound cotton or foam, these fibres are cheap, and the comfort will not last long no matter how much GSM you use.

At Winstons Beds, we use more GSM at each price point of the finest natural fibres than any other retailer in the UK, precisely layered to give optimum comfort for any sleeper.

Horsehair mattress fibre

What is the Best Luxury Mattress?

Online luxury mattresses brands offer a range of mattress types, whether you’re a side, stomach or back sleeper, from pocket spring to foam. Think fewer bells and whistles and more soft fabrics and high quality pocket springs. But, of course, what everyone perceives as luxury is what the retailer tells them is in their mattress.

The Winstons Premium Cotton

The Winstons Premium Cotton 1500 Pocket Spring Mattress is our most affordable and classic mattress for a reason: There’s much to love about this luxury mattress. Not only is it the best spec mattress in its price range, but it delivers both support and superb cushioning comfort. It’s also the best mattress for customers who weigh below nine stones.

The Winstons Premium Cotton Mattress features a plush top layer for targeted relief to your back and hips, while the spinal zone technology and cotton fillings ensure correct alignment, reducing pressure on your lower back.

Will have your back and hips perfectly balanced and supported with slumber-ready softness.

Sleeping position: All sleeping positions

Type: Pocket Sprung (Natural fibres & spring)

Firmness: Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm

Sizes: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super king

Trial period: 200 nights

If you struggle with getting hot through the night, you need a mattress optimised for temperature regulation. The Winstons Premier Wool 1500 Pocket Spring Mattress is specifically designed to stop you from overheating.

The Winstons Premier Wool

The Winstons Premier Wool features wool fibres that absorb and disperse heat. In addition, the pocket springs give targeted support to your back while the wool fillings ensure correct spinal alignment, further relieving pressure on your lower back and eliminating transfer of motion. The springs and natural fibres also channel the heat to ensure lasting coolness, making it the best luxury mattress for staying cool and back pain-free.

The Winstons Premier Wool also has an edge to edge support to stop you from rolling off the bed and British Wool that curves to your body shape while supporting your spine and relieving pressure.

Best for: Back pain sufferers, Side sleepers

Sleeping position: All sleeping positions

Type: Pocket Spring (Natural fibres & spring)

Firmness: Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm

Sizes: Single, Double, King, Super king

Trial period: 200 nights

Our Pillow Top Mattresses

If you tend to sleep on your back, but your partner always sleeps on their side or stomach, then you require a mattress that satisfies both your needs. The Winstons Ultra Cotton 3500 Pillow TopWinstons Finest Pure Wool 11500 Pillow Top Pocket Sprung Mattresses are designed for all sleeper types, so you don’t need to compromise. These two mattresses also work on any bed frames.

The Ultra Cotton has a lush pillow top featuring over 7000GSM natural fillings and 2000 patented 7 zoned micro coils. The Winstons Finest Pure Wool 11500 features over 9000GSM natural fillings and 10,000 patented 7 zoned micro springs. The abundance of natural fibres and springs adapt to your body to minimise strain and reduce pressure, keeping your spine aligned and regulating temperature swings, keeping you cool and comfy all night long.

Our pillow-top mattresses are not as dense as a foam base, so you can quickly turn over and switch positions.

Best for: Support and comfort that hits that sweet spot.

Sleeping position: All sleeping positions

Type: Pocket Spring (Natural fibres & spring)

Firmness: Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm Mattress

Sizes: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super king

Trial period: 200 nights

The Winstons Ultimate Latex Hybrid Mattress

Bring luxury into your bedroom with our Ultimate Hybrid Latex Pocket Sprung Mattress. The Ultimate Hybrid Mattress features over 6000GSM natural fillings and 3000 revolutionary binary pocket springs. We combine the best of 100% natural latex which offer a moulding soft support, finest natural fibres and pocket springs to provide optimum comfort. So if you are a back, side, front or mixed sleeper, you will find the comfort and support for an immaculate nights sleep. Available in all mattress firmness options, which is more than can be said for a cheap memory foam mattress.

Best for: Everyone and Everybody

Sleeping position: All sleeping positions

Type: Pocket Spring (Latex, natural fibres & springs)

Firmness: Soft, Medium, Firm

Sizes: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super king

Trial period: 200 nights

Pushing the limits of what mattresses are capable of, the Winstons No1 Mattress is single-handedly the best mattress for people who want to enjoy the most luxurious hibernation when it’s time to hit the hay.

The Winstons No1

The No1 features 6750GSM of the finest natural fibres elastic, 13500 patented seven zoned micro springs and took four years to perfect. As a result, it offers exceptional pressure relief, curving to support you and bouncing back into position once you move.

The patented springs will keep your spine correctly aligned and deliver exquisite comfort. Trust us, with the No1 mattress, you’ll be out like a light.

Best for: A pioneering design for your most deep sleep yet.

Best for: Everyone and Everybody

Sleeping position: All sleeping positions

Type: Pocket Spring (Natural fibres & springs)

Firmness: Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm Mattress

Sizes: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super king

Trial period: 200 nights

What is the Best bed in a box Memory Foam Mattress?

“Bed in a box” is a term used for any mattress shipped directly to customers in a box. Before shipping, the mattress is roll packed in plastic and vacuum-sealed. These mattresses begin to expand after you unbox them and will usually be ready for use within 24 hours.

Our team has researched dozens of memory foam mattress roll-packed from online mattress brands to conclude which is the best. Our research showed that performance factors such as pressure relief, temperature regulation, and motion isolation came down to which memory foam mattresses had the best spec. The best spec bed in a box memory foam mattresses are:

The Winstons Ultimate

Simba Hybrid mattress Pro (award winning mattress)

Casper Wave Hybrid mattress

Who are the top 5 luxury mattresses brands?


Hästens have made mattresses and beds by hand at the same factory in Sweden since 1852. Though they are premium mattresses, our investigation led us to believe they utilise approximately less than 5000gsm of cotton, horsetail and flax in their mattresses. So for a mattress price tag of more than £10000, we need to question the value for money.

Winstons beds

Artisans have made any mattress or bed you buy from Winstons Beds with over 95 years of British handcrafting heritage. We use the finest natural fibres and hand nested calico springs with more gsm at each price point than any other retailer in the UK. Our customers and we know we have the best mattresses for quality, comfort or value for money.


Savoir is based in London and handcrafts mattresses and box springs. Their mattresses are made from natural materials such as horsetail, cashmere, wool and cotton.


Vispring is one of the premier mattress manufacturers in the UK. They have a long history of crafting some of the UK’s best mattresses. However, on average, Vispring uses approximately around 3100gsm of fillings in their mattresses which, at Winstons Beds, we believe is way too low for the mattress price tag they apply.


Glencraft has been manufacturing mattresses since 1843. Every Glencraft mattress is built from high-quality materials, but unfortunately, Glencraft does not disclose the gsm of their beds, and therefore, it is tough to know how good they are. If you have a Glencraft mattress, weigh your mattress and remove around 35kg for the springs to find approximate gsm. Now say you have a super-king mattress; multiply the remaining kg by 1000 and divide by 7.4 to get the approximate gsm of the mattress.

Buy Winstons Beds hand-stitched pocket spring mattress, Double, Kingsize, Super king at

Is the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress More Comfortable than your Foam Mattresses?

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress has only three comfort layers making it a budget roll pack mattress and a significantly lower spec than the Winstons Ultimate.


Mattress toppers are worth buying if you are looking to enhance the comfort of a brand-new mattress that is in its settling stage or has a few years lifespan in it but needs a little more softness.
Latex foam is the best choice for those looking for an eco-friendly foam; it has a faster response time and more bounce. Memory foam is better for those who want more deep compression support, motion isolation and slower response time.
There isn't a thing such as a cheap luxury mattress. Generally, if a mattress is below £1000, it won't have natural fibres and high quality pocket springs.
A hybrid mattress can be classed as a luxury mattress, but it will depend on what is inside. Therefore, we advise looking for any mattress that claims to be a luxurious version of a hybrid mattress with at least 4000gsm natural fillings.
Although memory foam is generally considered safe, it may be a problem for those who have asthma, allergies, or other respiratory conditions.
Yes, we offer a no-hassle 200-night trial period.
The short answer is no. Higher spring counts do not mean the mattress is better. In fact, by having a higher spring count, you leave less space in the mattress for natural fibres. Natural fibres make for a more comfortable mattress and not springs. We recommend always looking for a mattress with 3500gsm of natural fibres or more and hand nested calico springs to have optimum comfort and support. The best mattresses in the world will utilise hand nested calico springs and hand teased natural fibres.
A luxury bed frame from Winstons Beds is any in our range. Our frames are made using solid wood, pocket springs and natural fibres for cushioning.
Winstons Beds
The main difference between memory foam mattresses and a hybrid mattress is the support core. In addition, foam mattresses typically contain high-density polyfoam, whereas a hybrid mattress uses a spring system.
Ortho mattresses are designed to provide enhanced support to your back or joints. This helps provide a comfortable sleep throughout the night for people who suffer from back problems. We recommend this type of mattress for only those who weigh 18 stones and above. Even the best firm mattress in the world will not suit you if it is not suitable for your sleeping position or weight.
The measure of how much movement is shared from one part of the mattress to another. A mattress with a high transfer of motion will move all over when there is movement on any part of the mattress. A mattress with a low transfer of motion will somewhat isolate movements.
Unfortunately, we don't. Please message our sales team to get a quote.
Not as robust as other mattresses and can be known to 'dip' in the middle after prolonged use. Open coiled bedding can also lead to the 'roll-together' feeling for couples, and you will feel the movement of your partner.
We would put the Next mattresses in the budget to mid-range tiers and not luxury mattresses. We believe their mattress price is way too high across all their ranges for what they offer. Our advice is to stick with the retailers who have British handcrafting heritage for the best mattresses.
DreamClouds range consists of one model, the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress. This hybrid mattress comprises foam layers and pocket springs and is in direct competition with other premium hybrid mattress brands. It's undoubtedly a high quality mattress, but it won't be to everyone's liking. The Dreamcloud hybrid mattress has a luxurious feel and good temperature regulation but is not as firm as it states and HAS motion transfer issues.
Your Mattress Is Sagging
Your Mattress Aggravates Your Allergies
You Wake Up In Pain
You Can't Get Comfortable.
Yes, for an additional fee of £45 we will instruct our courier to take away your old mattress.
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Buy Winstons Beds hand-stitched pocket spring mattress, Double, Kingsize, Super king at
Buy Winstons Beds hand-stitched pocket spring mattress, Double, Kingsize, Super king at

Winston’s Ultimate Hybrid Latex Mattress Zip & Link

Available in Firm, Medium, Soft


3000 Springs


100% Natural



from £3,399.99
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Winston’s Finest Pure Wool 11500 Pillow Top Mattress

Available in Extra Firm, Firm, Medium, Soft


11500 Springs


98% Natural



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Winston’s Finest Pure Wool 11500 Pillow Top Mattress Zip & Link

Available in Extra Firm, Firm, Medium, Soft


11500 Springs


98% Natural



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Free Delivery in 4-6 Weeks To Mainland UK

Buy Winstons Beds hand-stitched pocket spring mattress, Double, Kingsize, Super king at
Buy Winstons Beds hand-stitched pocket spring mattress, Double, Kingsize, Super king at