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How Big is a Single Mattress

When shopping for a mattress, the wealth of information available can be overwhelming. Yet, understanding mattress sizes is pivotal to guarantee a good night’s sleep. This guide will elucidate every facet of the single mattress, aiding your decision-making process.

How big is a single mattress?

A single mattress size in the UK typically measures 90cm x 190cm. However, there can be tolerances of up to 2cm. Knowing the exact measurements ensures that your bed will fit perfectly into your available space.

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Selecting the perfect single mattress: An in-depth checklist

Delving into the details of choosing the right single mattress is essential. It’s not just about size; various factors play a pivotal role in ensuring you get the perfect fit:

Who is the mattress intended for?

  • Understanding the primary user is crucial. For instance, a child might benefit from a starter single bed mattress that caters to their growing needs, whilst adults, especially those with allergies, might be more inclined towards a hypoallergenic single mattress.

Your stature

  • One’s height is a determinant in choosing mattress length. A taller individual might need to lean towards a European single mattress which offers slightly more length, ensuring feet aren’t hanging over the edge.

Available room space

  • Whilst a 3ft single mattress is standard, one must assess the room’s dimensions. Is there ample space around the bed for ease of movement and other furnishings?

Sharing the mattress

  • Although typically designed for one, sometimes a single mattress might be shared, perhaps during a guest’s stay. Ensuring comfort for both individuals is essential.

Desired mattress feel

  • The texture and firmness of the mattress matter. With the use of natural fibres like wool, horsehair and silk, the feel can range from plush softness to firm support. It’s crucial to remember that individual preference plays a significant role here.

Spring tension requirements

  • The spring’s tension can impact the mattress’s support level. A more robust spring might be suitable for those needing more spinal support, whilst a lighter tension caters to those seeking a softer surface.

Medical considerations

  • If one has underlying health issues, like back pain or respiratory allergies, certain mattress specifications might be more appropriate. For example, a mattress with firmer support might be suitable for those with back issues, whilst natural fibres could benefit those with allergies.

Taking the time to consider these details will not only ensure comfort but also guarantee a long-lasting, beneficial relationship with your single mattress.

Are all single mattresses the same size?

No. While a standard single mattress size UK is 90cm x 190cm, there are variances. For instance, the European single mattress slightly differs in size.

A detailed look at mattress sizes and their benefits

Navigating the labyrinth of mattress sizes can be quite perplexing. Each size caters to different needs and spaces. Here, we break down the dimensions and advantages of each size, helping you find the perfect fit:

Single Mattresses (3ft single mattress)

  • Measuring approximately 90cm x 190cm or roughly 3ft x 6ft 3in, this is the quintessential choice for solo sleepers. Especially apt for children transitioning from cots, teenagers, or adults with limited bedroom space.

Small Double Mattresses

  • A step up from the single, these mattresses measure around 120cm x 190cm. They’re ideal for solo sleepers desiring a bit more stretching space, or for couples in compact living spaces.

Double Mattresses

  • With dimensions of about 135cm x 190cm, they’re a common choice for couples or those who love extra room while they lounge or sleep.

King Size Mattresses

  • Boasting a size of 150cm x 200cm, king size mattresses cater to couples who desire ample personal space when sleeping. Their expansive dimensions also mean a luxurious sleep experience.

Emperor and Large Emperor Mattresses

  • The emperor measures around 200cm x 200cm, while the larger variant exceeds this. These are for sleep enthusiasts who crave opulence and vastness in their resting space.

Queen Mattresses

  • Not to be mistaken with the American Queen size, in the UK, Queen mattresses are usually custom-made and may often be 120cm x 190cm.

Each mattress size has its own set of advantages. For instance, single mattresses are versatile and fit well in most spaces, making them a great choice for guest rooms.

On the other hand, larger sizes like the Emperor offer a luxurious sleeping experience but require spacious rooms. It’s vital to measure the room’s dimensions and assess personal and shared space requirements before making a decision.

Furthermore, given that we emphasise natural fibres in our mattresses, even within a specific size, the feel and benefits might differ based on the combination of horsehair, wool, cotton, silk, flax and coir used.

Which single mattress is best for you?

Consider your sleeping habits, size and budget. Remember, single mattresses vary in feel and spring tension, so test them out.

Manoeuvring single mattresses in tight stairs

Always measure hallways and stairwells before delivery. It’s essential to remember we’re not privy to your home’s layout, so being cautious avoids potential hiccups.

What’s the weight?

Winston’s single mattresses range between 30kg to over 90kg, influenced by the materials used, predominantly natural fibres.

Cost implications

At Winstons, single mattresses range from £469.99 up to £4399.99, offering something for every budget.


A single mattress is a pivotal investment in your sleep health. While they predominantly measure 90cm x 190cm, remember the 2cm tolerance. When selecting, consider who it’s for, your height, space, whether you’re sharing, the feel, spring tension and any medical conditions.

Explore various sizes and ensure you measure your space, especially if you have tight stairs. Weight varies based on materials and at Winstons, you’re bound to find one within your budget. Sleep well!

Should you require further information on our 3ft single mattresses, do not hesitate to call us on 0161 250 9200. We’re here to assist you.

Published: 28th September 2023 (Updated: 28th September 2023) | Isaah

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