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How Long is a Double Mattress?

Searching for the perfect mattress can be daunting. With various sizes and dimensions to consider, knowing the exact measurements becomes crucial. One common query among mattress shoppers is the length of a double mattress. Let’s dive deep into this aspect of the beloved double.

The double 4ft6 mattress: Why the name?

Though the term “double or 4ft6 mattress” primarily speaks to the width, being broader than a single, its length is essential for ensuring adequate space for adults. Historically, these mattresses catered to two adults, hence the “double” tag. However, with the array of sizes now available, the 4ft6 double mattress mainly serves couples who prefer close quarters or singles seeking extra stretching space.

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4ft6 double mattress dimensions matter

3ft Single

  • The 3ft single mattress is the quintessential choice for children’s bedrooms and smaller spaces. Measuring 190 cm in length, it provides adequate room for a growing individual or for anyone in need of a compact sleeping solution.

4ft Small Doubles

  • Interestingly, there’s also what’s termed a “small double.” Despite its name, the length remains the same at 190 cm, but it narrows in width to 4ft. This size often fits well in guest rooms, studio flats or for those who have limited bedroom space.

4ft6 Double

  • The conventional 4ft6 double mattress, as we’ve highlighted, extends to 190 cm in length. This length is often perfect for those ranging from teens to adults, offering enough space to sprawl and dream.

5ft King Size

  • The 5ft king size mattress provides that extra width over the double size mattress for those who desire more room. Stretching to 200 cm in length, it’s ideal for taller individuals or couples who prefer more sleeping space.

6ft Super King

  • The 6ft super king mattress offers a luxurious 200 cm in length. For those who want the pinnacle of spaciousness, this is the choice. It ensures ample room for couples to sleep without disturbing each other.

Zip and Link

  • The unique zip and link mattresses are a blend of versatility and luxury. Typically the same length as standard UK sizes, two single mattresses can be zipped together, providing a solution that’s adaptable to the user’s needs.


  • The emperor mattress is a step above the super king, boasting even more width. Measuring approximately 200cm in length, it’s for those who truly want to sprawl or share their bed with family or pets without any space constraints.

Large Emperor

  • The large emperor is a size up from the traditional emperor mattress, providing an even grander dimension of approximately 215 cm in length for those who never want to compromise on space.


  • Somewhat confusing given its royal title, the queen mattress in the UK is often similar in size to the king size, measuring around 200 cm in length. However, it’s always best to check exact dimensions as it can vary.

In the world of mattresses, from the single to the grand emperor, there’s a size to fit every individual’s needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a double mattress for a teen or an emperor for luxury comfort, the UK mattress market has you covered.

Tips for picking your 4ft 6in mattress

While the length of a double 4ft 6in mattress remains standard, other factors can influence your purchase decision.

Accommodating Room Length

  • It’s vital to ensure your room can comfortably house a mattress of 190 cm in length, especially if you’re planning to add other furniture or fixtures. Taking measurements can prevent unwanted surprises.

Seek Comfort Over Just Dimensions

A 4 6 double mattress should be synonymous with comfort. From natural fillings such as horsehair to wool material brings its unique comfort profile. Always ensure you pore over reviews before settling on one.

Durability Counts

  • On average, a well-maintained double mattress can promise a decade of restful sleep. However, its lifespan can vary based on material and usage. Regular rotations and flipping can enhance its durability.

Comparing the double sized mattress: How it stacks up

For perspective, here’s how the double’s length measures against other popular sizes:


  • Tailored for one, it matches the double in length at 190 cm

Small Double

  • A compact alternative, it aligns with the double and single at 190 cm in length

King Size

  • Catering to those who love a bit more space, it measures 200 cm in length

Super King

  • For those desiring unparalleled space, this one also offers 200 cm in length


  • A majestic choice, it ranges between 200 cm in length

Large Emperor

  • Elevating luxury, it extends approximately to 215 cm


  • Often similar in length to the king size, it measures around 200 cm, though this can vary

This gives a clearer perspective on how the double size mattress stands in comparison to its counterparts in the UK market.

Wrapping it up

The double mattress, with its standard length of 190 cm, strikes a balance between size and comfort for many. Whether you’re a single looking for that extra legroom or a couple who enjoys closeness, the double ensures that your feet won’t hang off the edge. Choosing a double is about more than just dimensions; it’s about ensuring years of sound, comfortable sleep. Always remember, it’s not just the size but also the quality that defines your sleep experience.

Published: 3rd September 2023 (Updated: 3rd September 2023) | Isaah

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