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How Long is a Super King Mattress

Unveil the opulent and comforting world of the super king mattress. Beyond its majestic size, it promises unparalleled comfort and indulgence, but how do you know which one is right for you?

How long is a super king mattress?

At the pinnacle of mattress sizes, the super king mattress stands tall, offering unparalleled comfort and space. Specifically, in the UK, a super king size mattress measures 200cm in length.

This extended length ensures that even the tallest of individuals can stretch out without the discomfort of feet extending beyond the mattress edge. Coupled with a generous width of 180cm, it creates a commodious sleep environment, proving especially beneficial for those who often find standard beds constricting.

While the dimensions may paint a picture of grandeur, it’s essential to understand the actual size when situating it in a room or when selecting bedding.

These mattresses often require super king size bed with mattress specific accessories, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum comfort. As such, whether you’re looking to upgrade your current bed or delve into the luxurious world of spacious sleep for the first time, understanding these dimensions is crucial.

Thinking of making the jump to a super king mattress? Dive in to find the right one for you!

Choosing the right super king mattress: Factors to deliberate

The appeal of a super king mattress lies not just in its impressive size but also in the potential for personalised comfort. When contemplating the acquisition of such a mattress, a multitude of factors play a pivotal role in ensuring your choice aligns seamlessly with your needs.

Purpose of the Mattress

  • Firstly, determine who the mattress super king is intended for. Is it for a couple desiring extra space, an individual looking for luxury, or perhaps for a guest room? The intended user(s) significantly influence the specific requirements and preferences for the mattress.

Your Height

  • A super king size mattress uk is notably longer, making it an excellent choice for taller individuals. This ensures that one can stretch out with ease, without the risk of feet hanging over the edge or feeling confined.

Available Space

  • While the prospect of a super king bed and mattress is alluring, it’s vital to measure the room it’s destined for. Ensure there’s adequate space around the bed for movement, furniture placement, and general aesthetics.

Sharing the Mattress

  • If you’re sharing the bed, a super king size bed with mattress can provide each person with almost as much space as a single bed. It reduces disturbances from tossing, turning, or differing sleep schedules.

Preferred Feel

  • The texture or ‘feel’ of the mattress, whether firm, plush, or medium, is fundamental. It’s the difference between a restful night and a restless one. Assess what you find most comfortable, perhaps based on previous mattresses or hotel stays.

Spring Tension Requirement

  • The underlying structure of the mattress, often springs, comes in varying tensions. Your weight, combined with your preferred firmness, will guide the ideal tension for optimal support. For example, lighter individuals might prefer a softer tension, whereas heavier individuals might lean towards a firmer structure.

Medical Considerations

  • If you or the intended user has medical concerns like back pain, arthritis, or allergies, it influences the mattress choice. Options like an orthopedic super king mattress are designed with targeted support and materials to alleviate specific issues.

Remember, a mattress isn’t a mere purchase; it’s an investment in quality sleep and, by extension, your well-being. Taking the time to consider these facets ensures that your super king mattress isn’t just grand in size but also in comfort and function.

Uniformity in super king mattress dimensions: Myth or reality?

The realm of the super king mattress presents itself as a paradigm of luxury and ample sleeping space. However, a pressing query that often emerges is: Are all super king mattresses genuinely identical in size?

In the UK, the standard dimensions for a super king size mattress are 180cm in width and 200cm in length. However, this doesn’t mean every super king mattress you come across will fit these measurements to the millimetre. Manufacturers may have slight variations or tolerances, often within a range of ±2cm. These discrepancies can arise from the specific materials used, the manufacturing process, or even the settling and expansion of materials post-manufacture.

These variances, while seeming minor, are crucial when considering bed frames, fitted sheets, or room placements. If you’ve opted for a super king bed with mattress package, the bed frame will likely align with the mattress’s size. However, if you’re buying them separately, it’s wise to double-check both dimensions to ensure compatibility.

Moreover, while the super king mattress size remains consistent in the UK, international measurements can differ. It’s especially pertinent if you’re purchasing a mattress or bed accessories from abroad or if you have plans to move internationally.

Navigating the landscape of mattress sizes

The mattress market offers a diverse array of sizes, tailored to accommodate various needs, room dimensions, and personal preferences. Before committing to the spacious allure of a super king mattress, it’s enlightening to familiarise oneself with the spectrum of sizes available, ensuring an informed decision.

Single Mattresses

  • Measuring 90cm x 190cm, this is ideal for children’s rooms, guest spaces, or individuals with limited room space.

Small Double Mattresses

  • With dimensions of 120cm x 190cm, it’s a snug fit for couples or a spacious alternative for single sleepers, fitting well in rooms where a double might feel overwhelming.

Double Mattresses

  • At 135cm x 190cm, it provides a comfortable space for couples or individuals seeking more room than a single.

King Size Mattresses

  • Stepping up, we have the king size at 150cm x 200cm. Offering more length and width, it’s a favourite among taller individuals or those who appreciate a bit more sprawl space.

Super King Mattresses

  • The focus of our discourse, this luxurious option boasts dimensions of 180cm x 200cm. Perfect for couples desiring ample space or households where children might join parents for a morning cuddle.

Emperor Mattresses

  • Going beyond the super king, the emperor measures a generous 200cm x 200cm, a choice for those who have the room to accommodate such opulence.

Large Emperor Mattresses

  • A size that truly embodies luxury, the large emperor stretches to 215cm x 215cm. For grand bedrooms, this mattress becomes the room’s centrepiece.

Each mattress size serves specific purposes and suits different room dimensions. For instance, while a super king bed mattress offers unparalleled space, it might overpower a modest room, making it feel cramped. Conversely, a single mattress in a spacious master bedroom might appear lost and underwhelming.

By understanding the nuances of each size, you’ll be better equipped to find the ideal balance of comfort, aesthetics, and practicality for your bedroom sanctuary.

Which super king mattress is best for you?

Sleeping Partner(s)

  • Different mattresses cater to motion isolation, ensuring uninterrupted sleep.
    Your Size, Weight, and Sleeping Position: These factors can influence the desired firmness and support levels of your mattress.


  • Super king mattresses vary in price. Remember, associated costs for bed frames and accessories will also be higher due to the size.

Bedroom Size

  • Ensure there’s at least a 24-inch gap between your bed and surrounding furniture for aesthetics and functionality.

Transporting Your Super King Mattress

  • Navigating a large mattress like the super king up tight staircases can be daunting. Measure stairways, consider flexible bases, and always enlist help to ensure safe transportation.

How much does a super king mattress weigh?

At Winstons, super king mattresses can range from a manageable 40kg to a substantial 100kg, influenced by materials and construction.

The cost of a super king mattress

At Winstons, the range is vast, with super king mattresses starting at a competitive £639.99 and going up to a plush £7499.99, offering something for every budget.

In summary

The super king size mattress is more than just a sleeping accessory; it’s an experience. Whether you’re looking for space, luxury, or specific health needs, there’s a super king out there just for you. Dive into the world of expansive sleep and find your dream bed today.

Published: 16th September 2023 (Updated: 15th December 2023) | Neil

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