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How Wide is a Super King Mattress

Finding the perfect mattress is crucial for ensuring restful sleep and for many, the super king mattress offers unparalleled comfort. This guide provides you with everything you need to know about this majestic sleeping choice.

How wide is a super king mattress?

A super king mattress is a statement of luxury, space and comfort. In terms of width, a typical super king size mattress in the UK measures 180cm across. This generous width is perfect for those who crave extra space, whether sleeping solo or sharing with a partner.

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Deciphering your super king mattress needs: A handy checklist

Selecting the best super king mattress necessitates careful contemplation. Before committing, factor in:

Who it’s for

  • Is it for an individual, a couple, or perhaps for a guest room?


  • Taller individuals might favour a super king for its length.

Room Size

  • Ensure the room can comfortably accommodate the mattress super king size.


  • Will you be sharing the bed? If so, a super king bed and mattress offers ample space.


  • Some prefer a plush feel while others opt for firm; choose based on personal preference.

Spring Tension

  • This affects the support of the mattress.

Medical Needs

  • Some super king orthopedic mattress types cater to specific ailments.

Super king mattress dimensions: Consistency in size?

While the standard super king size mattress uk specification is 180cm x 200cm, there can be a slight variance, usually within a 2cm tolerance. This is due to manufacturing processes, materials and mattress toppings.

An array of mattress sizes: How does the super king stack up?

Mattresses come in a plethora of sizes:


  • 90cm x 190cm – Ideal for solo sleepers.

Small Double

  • 120cm x 190cm – For those desiring more space than a single.


  • 135cm x 190cm – Commonly chosen by couples.

King Size

  • 150cm x 200cm – A step up in luxury and space.

Super King

  • 180cm x 200cm – Epitomising space and comfort.


  • 200cm x 200cm – Even grander in size.

Large Emperor

  • 215cm x 215cm – For the truly spacious bedroom.


  • 120cm x 190cm – A small double-sized equivalent in the UK.

Determining the most suitable super king mattress for your needs

Choosing the super king mattress that aligns perfectly with your requirements is paramount to achieving optimum sleep quality. When determining the most appropriate mattress, consider the following criteria:

Sleeping Companions

  • If you’re sharing your super king bed with mattress, it’s essential to understand the preferences of each sleeper. This encompasses aspects such as firmness, spring tension and any special features such as memory foam or orthopaedic support.

Your Physical Profile and Preferred Sleeping Posture

  • The combined weight of all sleepers and the typical sleeping positions (side, back, stomach, or a combination) can affect the mattress’s longevity and comfort. For instance, side sleepers might prefer a medium-firm mattress for pressure relief, while back sleepers may opt for something firmer for optimal spinal alignment.

Budgetary Constraints

  • While everyone desires the best sleep experience, it’s essential to identify a price range you’re comfortable with. Remember, while there are cheap super king mattress options available, factors like materials, craftsmanship, brand and additional features can influence the price.

Space Considerations

  • Beyond the mattress itself, think about the super king bed and mattress ensemble as a whole. You’ll need adequate space not only for the mattress but also for any additional features like bed frames, headboards, or accompanying furniture. The size of your room plays a critical role here. A good rule of thumb is to maintain a clearance of roughly 24 inches around the bed, ensuring easy access and movement.

By addressing these aspects, you’ll be in a robust position to select the superking mattress that perfectly matches your needs, ensuring countless nights of restful slumber.

Navigating tight stairs with a super king mattress

Getting a super king mattress up a narrow staircase can be a challenge. Always measure your stairwell and hallway. If uncertain, consult with the manufacturer or store about mattress flexibility.

Weight considerations

The weight of a super king mattress can be quite substantial, with the mass varying based on the materials used, the manufacturing process and any additional features included. At Winstons, our range of super king mattresses spans a significant weight spectrum.

Materials and Composition

  • The constituents of a mattress play a pivotal role in determining its weight. For instance, memory foam mattresses tend to be denser and can weigh more than their pocket spring counterparts. Similarly, a super king orthopedic mattress may have specialised layers and materials, contributing to its heft.

Layering and Thickness

  • A mattress with multiple layers or a thicker profile will generally weigh more due to the increased volume of materials. This is especially pertinent to super king size mattress uk standards, which might encompass plush tops, pillow tops, or additional cushioning.

    Additional Features
  • Some super king mattresses come with supplementary features like gel-infused memory foam, reinforced edges, or even double spring systems, all of which can add to the overall weight.

For those pondering over the exact figures, Winstons’ super king mattresses range between a more lightweight 40kg to a more substantial 100kg or more. It’s crucial to be aware of the weight when considering delivery, positioning, or even when rotating and flipping your mattress for even wear.

The price point of superior comfort

At Winstons, super king mattresses range from a competitive £639.99 to a premium £7499.99, offering options for every budget.

In summary

A super king mattress promises unparalleled luxury and space. With widths of 180cm, they’re an excellent choice for those desiring additional sleeping space. While considering one, factor in personal preferences, room dimensions and budget. Always ensure to measure your space and be aware of mattress dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit for your bedroom sanctuary.

Ready for the royal sleep experience? Purchase your super king size mattress online or give us a call at 0161 250 9200. Your throne awaits!

Published: 16th September 2023 (Updated: 15th December 2023) | Isaah

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