Luxury Mattress Toppers

Our luxury mattress toppers provide superior softness and give between you and your mattress. From delicate and luxurious wool, cotton, alpaca and mohair, to premium horsehair, our mattress toppers offer everything you need to complement your mattress perfectly.

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The Most Luxurious Toppers in the World

Luxury Mattress toppers serve many beneficial and essential purposes when choosing the right bed. A high-quality mattress topper will take an uncomfortable mattress and turn it into a fabulous one. If you’re thinking of buying a topper to improve your sleep comfort, then this article will help you decide on the right one.

natural mattress fibres

What is a Luxury Mattress Topper?

A luxury mattress topper is an extra layer filled with high-quality natural materials that goes on top of your mattress to provide extra comfort and protection for your mattress.

The difficulty begins when you decide to buy a mattress topper in a retail shop, with so many on offer and the market being flooded with different ones; some are excellent, while others are a complete waste of money.

Winstons Beds luxury mattress toppers are made of the highest quality natural materials, including horsehair, wool, cotton, alpaca and mohair. This makes them cooler and much more breathable than any other type of topper. In addition, they contour your body shape and bounce back quickly. Though luxury mattress toppers made from natural materials are more expensive, they are more durable and comfortable than any other bedding material.

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What's the Best Luxury Mattress Topper?

There are many different types of toppers from latex, memory foam and natural. A topper increases the comfort layers to soften a mattress, not make it more firm.

The best luxury mattress toppers should be:

wool natural mattress filling

The Importance of a Mattress Topper

First, you must make sure the topper complements your mattress and is at least 7cm deep to have any real benefit. At Winstons Beds, we have designed our toppers to complement any of our mattresses perfectly. They can be bought separately to make your existing mattress more comfortable. The right luxury mattress topper can make a lousy mattress into a great one.

What are the Benefits of a Mattress Topper?

Provides extra comfort
  • If your mattress isn’t as comfortable as it used to be, a luxury mattress topper is the best way to restore it and make it cosy again. Our high-end toppers can help relieve aches and pains so you can get a more comfortable and restful night’s sleep.
The longevity of the mattress
  • Luxury mattress toppers will take pressure off your mattress so that it won’t get worn down as quickly, allowing you to get more use out of your mattress and experience it for longer.
The mattress will stay fresh and clean
  • A luxury mattress topper will prevent dust and dirt from getting into your mattress, and therefore it will stay fresh and clean for longer. Windtons Beds toppers are completely natural so that you can enjoy a chemical-free sleep.
It will change the feel of your mattress
  • If your current mattress feels a little too firm, a luxury mattress topper can help make your mattress plusher, giving you that extra layer to sink into.

memory foam mattress feel

Where can I get a Luxury Mattress Topper?

You can either have a look around online or chat with us at Winstons Beds, where we’ll be able to advise you on the very best mattress topper to buy. Remember, the more you pay for a topper, the better the quality and the higher the level of support and comfort you’ll receive, especially if you pick a natural option.

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Luxury Mattress Topper Facts

  • A luxury mattress topper will protect your mattress from bacteria and indentations, body sweat, dead skin and settlement issues.
  • A high-quality mattress topper will provide you with an even more comfortable and supportive mattress.
  • A mattress topper will help increase the lifespan of a mattress, especially a single-sided mattress as you can flip and turn the topper to diminish compression.
  • Winstons Beds luxury mattress toppers are made of the same natural materials as our mattresses, which keeps the mattresses’ comfort and response levels consistent.

latex mattress

Can a Latex Mattress Topper be Used on a Pocket Sprung Mattress?

Yes! The latex will soften the top layer of a pocket sprung mattress, but any high-quality mattress topper will be suitable for a pocket sprung mattress. The quality of the topper you choose will define the extra give and spring it provides.

What’s the Best Luxury Mattress Topper Material?

Several different materials can be used when constructing a topper, all of which have a different price point and lifespan.




Short lifespan

  • Natural
  • Expensive
  • High end
  • Long lifespan
  • Natural
  • Expensive
  • High end
  • Long lifespan
Natural Latex
  • Natural
  • Expensive
  • High end
  • Long lifespan
Horsehair, Alpaca, Mohair
  • Natural
  • Expensive
  • High end
  • Long lifespan

If you want a topper to help protect the mattress rather than give extra support or comfort, then a polyester topper is your best option. These affordable toppers are around £30-£60 for a kingsize.

If you are looking for a topper to help soften up the top comfort layer of your mattress, then a wool, cotton or latex topper is more fitting as the polyester topper will compress and flatten quickly. In comparison, a natural fibre topper settles far slower and lasts longer. However, these luxury toppers are around £500-£900 price tag.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort and support, then a horsehair, alpaca or mohair topper is your best bet. These luxury mattress toppers will add a deep cushioning comfort layer to your mattress and extend the lifespan, can be fully turned and have a fantastic rebound rate. These toppers will cost from £700-£1250 depending on the blend of fibres, depth and cover type. At Winstons Beds, we tape edge all of our mattress toppers, making them easy to handle and robust.

Why buy a Luxury Mattress Topper From Winstons Beds?

A luxury mattress topper is the best way to enhance your mattress’s comfort layers and support whilst also helping to reduce wear and tear.
A good rule of thumb is to balance the materials of the topper to those within your mattress though this is not compulsory.

Our mattress toppers are made using the most luxurious natural fibres in the world, chemical free cotton cover, tape edge finish with buttoned straps (no cheap velcro). We use more GSM of natural fibres than our competitors and offer lengthier guarantee whilst being priced much more fairly.

If you need more help, please give our expert team a call on 0161 250 9200 or drop us a message on the live chat below for more help.

Published: 15th September 2021 (Updated: 12th August 2022) | Katie