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Picking Beds: What Size Is a Double Mattress?

We all have our own requirements when it comes to beds and mattresses. Do you like to stretch out at night and roll from one pillow to the other? Or do you prefer to snuggle under the covers of a smaller, cosier bed?

Whatever floats your boat, at Winstons Beds we have a wide range of mattress options to help you enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep. To make your choice easier, we have put together a quick guide that shows you how big each type of mattress is.

What size is a double mattress?

Double mattresses are a very practical, versatile option for many people.

The standard size of a double mattress is:

  • Width: 135cm
  • Length: 190cm
  • Height: 31cm – 51cm

Double mattresses are usually long and wide enough to accommodate two average-size sleepers.

Bear in mind, though, that you won’t have much space to toss and turn during the night if you’re sharing the bed with your other half.

So if you want that extra wiggle room, a king-size mattress might be more up your street.

What is a king-size mattress?

A king-size mattress will provide you with good stretch room and plenty of comfort, offering a quality night’s sleep no matter what type of sleeper you are.

Thanks to its generous dimensions, it is a popular option among buyers:

  • Width: 150cm
  • Length: 200cm
  • Height: 31cm – 51cm

The extra space on a king-size mattress will make for a comfier snooze because it reduces the amount of pressure placed on your body.

If you suffer from the odd back pain or have sleep-related problems, a king-size mattress will come to your aid.

What size is a super king mattress?

The clue is in the name – a super king mattress is big because it is, indeed, super!

It is an excellent option for two adults of any size who don’t like to sleep too close to their partner.

The dimensions of a super king mattress are:

  • Width: 180cm
  • Length: 200cm
  • Height: 31cm – 51cm

Essentially, the super king mattress is the same size of two single mattresses placed side by side.

Couples also opt for two separate single mattresses that can be zipped together. This way, both sleepers can benefit from the firmness they need to enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

What size is a single mattress?

Need a mattress for one? A single mattress will do the trick, as it should give you enough space to roll into your favourite sleeping positions throughout the night.

These are the dimensions you can expect from a standard single mattress:

  • Width: 90cm
  • Length: 190cm
  • Height: 31cm – 51cm

At Winstons Beds, we have a wide variety of expertly-crafted mattresses to help you get the peaceful, energising rest you need.

If you have any questions on mattress sizes and dimensions, please feel free to get in touch. Our team is always happy to help!

Published: 4th August 2023 (Updated: 4th August 2023) | Isaah

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