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Simba Mattresses | The Ultimate Guide

Find out how Simba Hybrid mattress compares against other Simba mattresses, as well as the Winstons Pro.

What to Look for When Buying a Memory Foam Mattress

Top Layer

Research shows any less than 5cm of any memory foam, latex, or hybrid foam as a top ”comfort” layer will certainly settle quickly. From the complaints made to The Guardian about Simba mattresses developing a ridge down the centre of the mattress and indentations appearing swiftly, we can be confident this is the reason why.

Base Layer Marketing Gimmick

The reflex foam base layer is a cheaper alternative to memory foam. It is made up of tiny bubbles that squash sideways when weight is applied, causing the reflex foam to partly fit your body whilst attempting to recover to its original shape.

A thicker mattress does not always mean a better mattress. When you are buying your new foam mattress, we suggest you take a look at the depth of the bottom layer. The bottom layer of foam mattresses is generally made from reflex foam. Reflex is a cheap alternative to memory foam. Though reflex provides support, it is mostly there to hold the mattress together.

Remember, the thickness of the top layer of the mattress is what you must look out for; anything below 5cm will begin to show signs of settlement and indents quickly.

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Simba Mattresses Vs Winstons Pro

Winstons ProSimba Hybrid Simba Hybrid ProSimba Luxe
Price£799.99 (Kingsize)£1149 (Kingsize)£1649 (Kingsize)£2299 (Kingsize)
Filling Composition9cm Memory Foam, 7cm Viscogel, 5.5cm Support Foam , 6.5cm Eco Foam Durable Base4cm Memory Foam, 3cm Memory Foam, 16cm Foam Support BaseWool, 2.5cm Memory Foam, 5cm Memory Foam, 16cm Foam Support BaseBamboo & Wool Blend, 2.5cm Memory Foam, 1.5cm Memory Foam, 3.5cm Memory Foam, 13cm Foam Support Base
Thickness28cm Foam25cm28cm31cm
Layers of Foam4334
Top Layers Comfort Thickness16cm7cm7.5cm2.5cm
Support Layers Thickness12cm16cm16cm18cm
Trial60 Days1 Year1 Year1 Year
Guarantee10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years

Are Simba mattresses good and worth buying?

Simba mattress UK claims its mattresses are the best thing since sliced bread – with the most five-star reviewed mattresses globally that come with a simple, no-hassle 10-year guarantee ensuring a replacement if it falters in that time.

So why are so many Simba customers contacting Winstons Beds to complain that their Simba mattress has formed an indentation right down the middle or notable body impressions, leaving them with restless nights?

The most concerning point is that the consumers allege Simba Sleep refuses to honour its guarantee, using “independent inspectors” to visit the customer’s home and report that the defects are not significant enough to claim a replacement.

Simba mattresses do not come cheap – their top-selling kingsize mattress is priced around £600 – and the online reviews are undoubtedly excellent. Nevertheless, if you take a look closer, a different view soon emerges. Consumers are offered the chance to gain back the cost of the mattress if they are prepared to leave a post-purchase review – which means many of the reviews you are reading are written before any problems emerge.

A number of those who contacted Winstons Beds say that they feel as though Simba has mistreated them. The consumers paid £699 for their king size mattresses, and within a year of use, the mattress developed an indentation right down the middle and body impressions on either side, which drove them into the guest room to get a good night’s sleep.

An article from Guardian Money has advised that they receive a complaint about a Simba mattress every four to six weeks and that Simba had stated they will now review these complaints. However, Simba has sold over 350,000 mattresses, so this issue of indents and impressions may only affect a fraction of their customers.

Mattress Layers Explained

What is Viscogel?

Viscogel is memory foam infused with graphene, effectively promoting cool temperatures and higher quality sleep. In addition, Viscogel ensures full-body support and mattress durability.

What is Polyurethane Foam or Simba Open Cell Pure Foam?

Simba Open Cell Pure Foam or Polyurethane Foam is a cooling foam that has an open-cell structure which keeps you cool by using graphite particles.

What is the difference between Winstons Micro Pocket Springs and Simba’s Micro Conical Pocket Springs?

Conical springs collapse further than non-conical springs meaning a conical spring will give the mattress a little more bounce. At Winston’s, we prefer to construct the mattress with a 250GSM layer of Wool, Cashmere & Silk as the top layer, 5cm ViscoGel as 2nd layer, and 2.5cm Neuform Memory Foam as the 3rd layer to give the mattress more give and bounce than conical springs can achieve.

Why do Winstons use graphene and what is it?

Graphene is bonded carbon atoms in a honeycomb lattice structure and is one of the most abundant elements on the earth and vital for life. It is one of three naturally occurring forms of carbon found in metamorphic rock and a common mineral consisting of hundreds of thousands of layers.

Why do I want graphene in my mattress?

Graphene has revolutionary attributes that make it a miracle material used in many applications in the electronics, medicine, food, sports and energy industries.

It has now found its way to consumer goods, including innovative uses in foams that offer some exceptional benefits to mattresses and sleep.

Here are the ways graphene in your mattress will improve your sleep:

Thermal conductivity

  • Graphene’s thermal conductivity makes it effective in heat dissipation by carrying heat away from the body to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Electric conductivity

  • Carbon’s natural electric conductivity enables carbon fibres in a mattress to assist the body discharge accumulated static charge, which promotes a night of deeper and more rejuvenating sleep.


  • Graphene has antibacterial properties with strong cytotoxicity to bacteria, which means it will eliminate bacteria.

Will a Simba Mattress Support my Back?

We compared the Simba mattress range against 5 others, including mattresses from Emma Mattress, Eve Mattress, Ergoflex Mattress, Brook and Wilde Mattress and the Winstons Pro mattress.

You’re likely to have seen advertisements for Simba mattresses, ensuring ‘gravity-defying comfort’ and ‘cooler sleep’ due to its five layers, which incorporate a mixture of springs and memory foam.

The Simba Hybrid is relatively cheap among its online rivals except when compared against the Winstons Pro. Nonetheless, we believe the Simba mattress will support your back for many years and is best suited to back sleepers from 10-16 stones and side or front sleepers who weigh from 11-18 stones.

Are Simba Mattresses Right for me?

Mattress feel relates to how firm or soft a mattress will feel. Bed in box companies state their mattress will suit any sleeper up to a certain weight which is generally 28 stones. We believe this to be utterly false as most if not all bed in a box mattresses are medium-firm feel and therefore, they will only be suitable for customers who like a medium-firm feel.

What is Simba Sleeps Best Selling Mattress?

The Hybrid is Simba Sleeps best selling king size mattress. It’s made up of 5 layers: A 16cm (6.3 inches) foam core with a micro pocket-spring layer between two layers of foam, topped with a 2.5cm layer of foam. It’s a bed in a box mattress, so it’s delivered roll-packed in a box to your front door with a 10-year guarantee and 1 year trial. If you decide the mattress is not for you and you choose to return it, Simba offers a hassle-free return.

Simba Mattress Review

Simba currently has three mattresses in its bed in a box collection, and we have purchased and tested all three.

Simba Hybrid Mattress Review

The Hybrid is Simba Sleeps best selling mattress. Generally, memory foam mattresses can feel warmer to sleep on due to the foam moulding to your body, but our mattress experts classed this as a medium warm mattress, which is considered normal. We found the Hybrid has good support but not much comfort and is best for back sleepers who weigh between 9-16 stones and side or front sleepers who weigh between 11-16 stones. We rate this mattress 5/10.

Simba Pro Mattress Review

The Simba Pro contains much more foam and isn’t particularly warm to lie on, which is great if you’re after a cool feel memory foam mattress. We found the Hybrid Pro had good support and relatively good comfort. It is best suited to back sleepers who weigh between 10-16 stones and side or front sleepers who weigh between 11-16 stones. We rate this mattress 7/10.

Simba Luxe Mattress Review

This is Simba Sleeps best mattress. It doesn’t come cheap but has a more high spec construction than the other two mattresses in the range. It has 10 support layers, and despite the claims made, this mattress didn’t feel incredibly cool, but It didn’t feel that warm, either, so it is likely to suit most sleepers.We found the Simba Luxe is best for back sleepers who weigh between 10-16 stones and side or front sleepers who weigh between 11-17 stones.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have yet to find a customer who has disliked the Winstons Pro Mattress or wanted to return from the tests we have conducted with real customers. Nonetheless, we don't want to say the Winstons Pro is better than the Simba Luxe, but we can say that the Winstons Pro is better value for money.
How much is a simba mattress? This will depend on what model you are after.

Simba mattress prices:

Simba Hybrid Mattress - £1149
Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress - £1649
Simba Luxe Mattress - £2299
Simba aim to deliver to your room of choice with 3 business days.

Winstons will deliver to your room of choice within 3-5 weeks.

Whereas Simba send out stock items at Winstons we make every order from scratch and so take a little while longer.
The dimensions of a simba sleep mattress super king size are:

180cm width x 200cm length
Simba have over 37369 Reviews on Trustpilot with an overall rating of 4.4 stars.
Simba Hybris - 25cm
Simba Hybrid Pro - 28cm
Simba Luxe - 31cm
To return Simba mattress or Winstons mattress you have a 200 night trial period where if you are not 100% satisfied with your mattress you may return it.
The most common complaint about Simba mattresses is that they develop a ridge down the middle or very evident depressions.
Simba Mattresses are designed to hold upto 250 lbs whereas the Winstons No1 Hybrid Bed in a Box Mattress will hold upto 300 lbs.
You will need to take a look at the cover of your Simba mattress and check if there is a zip located as some covers can be washed where other covers cannot.
The medium-firmness of the simba mattress will keep your back aligned. The layers that make up the mattresses keep you supported and relieve pressure on your joints as you sleep.
The public very well receives both Emma and Simba mattresses, with each company offering a 200 night trial and 10-year guarantee.

We recommend choosing an Emma mattress if you are looking for:

- A balanced and cheaper memory foam mattress.

- A mattress with excellent awards and accolades.

- An easily maintained and durable mattress.

We recommend you buy Simba mattress if you are looking for:

A hybrid mattress made from a mixture of advanced layers.

- A well-rounded mattress constructed from high-quality materials.

- A mattress created from data of real customers.
Simba's cool foam is a specially developed foam that has an open-cell structure with the ability to keep you cool by promoting airflow through the mattress.
They are micro pocket spring technology with a conical shape, which offer higher rebound properties giving the mattress more bounce.
Pregnant women may benefit from a 7 zoned mattress that's firmer and softer in strategic areas, providing alternating support and pressure relief where required. In addition, memory foam comfort layers tend to be plusher, while latex foam tends to be firmer. However, this is not a hard-and-fast rule.
A soft mattress is softer to touch and responds quickly to pressure, and are less prone to excessive sinking.

A medium mattress typically have less give and give a more stable, level sleeping surface with little sinking.
All of our mattresses are designed to be extremely comfortable and come in a soft, firmness level. Whichever mattress you choose will depend on your budget, but we assure you that your mattress will be crafted with natural fillings that hug you while you sleep and be more responsive than other luxury mattresses. As a result, you'll get the best-individualized support, comfort and cooling features. Our mattresses have a perfect rating among customers, who consistently gush about our mattresses comfort.
Pocket sprung mattresses are the best type of mattress for side sleepers, as the springs comfortably compress around the arms, shoulders and hips. Pocket sprung mattresses are available in all firmness levels and absorb the energy from the tossing and turning side sleepers experience.
There are no FAQs matching your search

Published: 25th July 2021 (Updated: 2nd September 2023) | Isaah

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