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The Ottoman Bed Buying Guide

Want to know if an ottoman bed is right for you? Check out this nifty guide and learn everything you need to know.

What is an ottoman bed?

If you are pursuing a new bed that marries both comfort and utility, the ottoman divan bed is a worthy contender. At its core, an ottoman bed is designed with an ingenious mechanism that employs gas-lift hydraulics to hoist the bed base, unveiling a generous storage area below. This feature significantly outstrips the storage offerings of a conventional drawer bed, enabling you to utilise the entire space beneath the bed.

The accessibility of an ottoman bed is commendable. They open either from the foot end or from one side, providing you with flexibility. This particular trait makes them a pragmatic selection, especially if your bedroom has limited space. Your quest for a bed that doesn’t compromise on space, regardless of the size of your bedroom, ends with an ottoman bed.

The construction of an ottoman divan bed is robust, ensuring it withstands the test of time. The gas-lift hydraulics are crafted to function smoothly, making lifting the bed base a breeze. This ease of operation is a boon for individuals of all ages, ensuring that accessing your stored items is hassle-free.

The aesthetic versatility of ottoman beds is another highlight. They come in a variety of styles, materials and finishes, offering you a broad spectrum to choose from. Whether your decor resonates with contemporary, traditional, or anything in between, there’s an ottoman bed to match your taste.

Price points vary, catering to a wide range of budgets. It’s advisable to balance cost, quality and storage needs to land on an ottoman bed that embodies value.

Investing in an ottoman bed is a step towards decluttering your bedroom space while not compromising on a restful night’s sleep. The beauty of it all is that you no longer have to choose between aesthetics, comfort and functionality. The ottoman bed encapsulates all these attributes, making it a prized addition to your bedroom.

Are ottoman beds good | The benefits

Space-Savvy Storage Solution

  • The primary allure of an ottoman bed lies in its ability to offer ample storage space while maintaining a sleek appearance. Especially useful for those facing space constraints, it acts as a concealed storage trove right under your mattress. It’s ideal for stashing away bedding, towels, seasonal clothing, or seldom-used items. This feature aids in keeping your bedroom clutter-free, providing a serene atmosphere to relax in after a bustling day. The enclosed storage keeps your belongings dust-free and well-organized.

Perfect for Compact Living Areas

  • With modern dwellings leaning towards smaller dimensions, optimizing the use of available space has become paramount. Ottoman beds shine in this aspect as they turn the otherwise idle area beneath your mattress into a practical storage zone. This is particularly beneficial for smaller homes, apartments, or rooms where adding extra furniture isn’t a feasible option. The ottoman divan base merges storage with comfort, eliminating the need for additional cabinets or storage units.

Aesthetic Versatility

  • Ottoman beds offer a broad spectrum of styles, colours and fabrics, allowing for a harmonious blend with your existing decor. Whether you fancy a bold statement piece or a subtle design, the myriad options available ensure you find a bed that resonates with your aesthetic preferences. The variety extends to the opening mechanisms too, providing a tailored accessibility to suit your room layout.

Ease of Access

Robust and Durable Construction

  • Ottoman beds boast a sturdy construction designed to endure daily usage over the years. The robust framework, coupled with the high-quality materials used, ensures the bed remains a long-lasting addition to your bedroom.

Enhanced Room Ambiance

  • By eliminating clutter and offering a sleek, tidy appearance, ottoman beds contribute to a calmer, more inviting bedroom ambiance. The neat look can significantly enhance the overall room atmosphere, making your bedroom a more enjoyable space to unwind.

Now that you are acquainted with the manifold benefits of ottoman beds, the next step is to measure your space and browse through the diverse options available. Remember to consider the bed’s style, size and opening mechanism to ensure it meets your needs and complements your room decor impeccably. Your journey towards a more organised and luxurious bedroom begins with the selection of an ideal ottoman bed.

How do ottoman beds lift up?

The mechanism behind the lifting of ottoman beds is both simple and ingenious, making the task of accessing the storage area a breeze. Here’s a breakdown of how it works.

Gas-Lift Hydraulics

The heart of an ottoman bed’s lifting feature is its gas-lift hydraulic system. This technology ensures that:

  • A gentle effort is all it takes to lift the bed base.
  • The lift is assisted, making the opening and closing actions feel smooth, akin to having power-assisted steering.
  • The lifting speed is moderated, enhancing the safety of the operation.
  • Once lifted, the base remains in place, waiting patiently until you decide to lower it back down.

Orientation of Opening

  • Ottoman beds are designed to offer flexibility in access. They can lift up from either the foot end or the side, depending on the design. This dual orientation caters to varied room layouts and personal preferences.

Foot End-Opening Ottoman Beds

Within this category, there are two further distinctions:

  • Full Ottoman: This design allows the entire bed base to lift up, providing a large, unobstructed storage area.
  • Half Ottoman: A more balanced approach, the half ottoman provides a lift-up section, often combined with drawers for a mixed storage solution. This design embodies a middle ground, offering a taste of both drawer and ottoman storage.

Incorporating a divan ottoman bed into your bedroom not only elevates the room’s aesthetic appeal but also introduces a realm of storage possibilities. The divan ottoman bed merges the classic divan design with the modern, space-savvy ottoman storage feature, providing a refined look without compromising on functionality.

How to close an ottoman bed?

The operation of an ottoman bed is as simple as it is smart, ensuring a hassle-free experience every time. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to close an ottoman bed once you’ve accessed the storage space.

Initiate Closure

  • If your bed has a handle or strap, grab hold of it. If not, place your hands on the side of the mattress that is raised.
  • Apply a gentle push downwards on the mattress or pull down on the handle/strap. The gas-lift hydraulics will respond to this action and begin the closing process.

Smooth Descent

  • The bed will descend slowly and safely, thanks to the controlled mechanism of the gas-lift hydraulics. There’s no need to rush; the bed does the work for you.

Securing the Close

  • Ensure a mattress is placed on top before attempting to close. The weight of the mattress is crucial as it holds the frame down securely in the closed position.

Incorporating ottoman divan beds in your home brings a fusion of elegance and practicality. The ottoman divan beds exhibit a blend of the traditional divan structure with the modern functionality of an ottoman storage system, providing an efficient solution to your storage woes while maintaining a sleek appearance.

What is the difference between an ottoman bed frame and a divan bed?

When it comes to choosing a luxury handmade bed with built-in storage, both ottoman bed frames and divan beds are popular choices. Here’s a breakdown to help distinguish between the two and find the right fit for your needs.

Storage Options

  • Ottoman bed frames boast a full under-bed storage area, accessed by lifting the bed base, making the most of the space available.
  • On the other hand, divan beds offer a mix of storage solutions. They can feature drawers, ottoman storage, or a combination of both, providing versatile storage options to suit your preferences.

Mattress Options

  • Both divan ottoman beds and divan beds come sans mattresses, allowing you the freedom to choose a mattress that meets your comfort preferences.
  • While most mattresses suit ottoman bed frames, certain heavier mattresses might not be ideal due to the bed’s lifting mechanism. It’s always good to check the compatibility of your mattress with the bed frame’s lifting mechanism.


  • Divan ottoman beds come with a platform top base, providing a firmer, more supportive surface for your mattress.
  • In contrast, divan beds have a sprung base, offering a plush or firmer surface depending on the customised spring tension, thus tailoring the level of support to your liking.

Space Requirement

  • Ottoman beds are a space-saver as the storage is accessed from above, requiring no additional space around the bed.
  • Divan beds are crafted to the same dimensions as a mattress, usually occupying less space than bed frames, making them a compact choice.

Material and Colour Choices

  • Both bed types come in an array of materials and colour options, allowing you to choose a bed that complements your room’s decor.

What size ottoman beds are available?

Ottoman beds come in various sizes to fit every need. From compact single beds to spacious large emperor beds, there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget to measure your room before making a choice. Now, let’s delve into the size options available.

  • Single: 3 feet by 6.3 feet (90 cm by 190 cm)
  • Small Double: 4 feet by 6.3 feet (120 cm by 190 cm)
  • Double: 4.6 feet by 6.3 feet (135 cm by 190 cm)
  • King Size: 5 feet by 6.6 feet (150 cm by 200 cm)
  • Super King Size: 6 feet by 6.6 feet (180 cm by 200 cm)
  • Emperor: 6.6 feet by 6.6 feet (200 cm by 200 cm)
  • Large Emperor: 7 feet by 7 feet (215 cm by 215 cm)

Are there any storage weight restrictions within ottoman beds?

These beds are known for their strong build, offering more storage and weight support compared to many other storage bed varieties. Nonetheless, it’s wise to store lighter items like bedding, towels, or clothing to prevent overloading. Uncertain? Feel free to reach out, we’re here to assist.

How much weight can an ottoman bed hold?

Ottoman bed bases are known for their robust construction, providing not only a comfortable sleeping solution but also offering ample storage space beneath. One common query is, how much weight can an ottoman bed base support?

The weight capacity of an ottoman bed base largely depends on its construction and design. Generally, our range of ottoman beds can comfortably hold up to 80kg. This capacity includes the weight of the mattress and any other bedding essentials along with the individuals using the bed.

Discovering the ottoman bed base: A blend of history and modernity

Seeking a bed base that encapsulates both history and contemporary functionality? The ottoman bed base could be your answer. But first, what sets the ottoman bed apart from the rest?

Tracing its roots back to the Ottoman Empire of the 13th century, the term “ottoman” reflects its rich lineage from modern-day Turkey. Initially, ottoman furniture, including wooden chests and footstools, made its mark for its distinctive design and utility. By the 18th century, its popularity soared across Europe, introducing the concept of storage beds, now known as ottoman beds.

Fast forward to today, ottoman bed bases have evolved into aesthetically pleasing pieces while retaining their signature storage functionality. With a vast array of finishes ranging from neutral tones to bold fabrics, there’s something for every taste.

Our range of ottoman bed bases offers a blend of style, storage and sturdiness. Whether you prefer a subtle design to blend with your décor or a statement piece to stand out, you’ll find an array of options to choose from.

The ottoman bed base is more than just a sleeping platform; it’s a statement of style intertwined with practicality. So, why wait? Browse through our selection of ottoman beds and find the perfect blend of history and modern functionality for your bedroom today.

Frequently Asked Questions

At first, ottoman bed frames do require a higher level of strength to lift the base, however, over time this will lessen as the struts become used to the weight of the mattress and become more lubricated. Please bear in mind that all high quality mattresses such as the mattresses we offer at Winston's, do weigh a significant amount due to the high number of natural fillings in the mattress, especially super king and king sizes. Therefore, if the strength needed to open your ottoman is a concern for yourself, then we would suggest that you opt for a 2 or 4 draw divan base.
Another reason, not to buy a cheap bedbase, especially ottoman bedbases is because the covers are not non-stick, meaning your mattress is likely to slide. This can become even more of a challenge when it comes to lifting your ottoman, as the mattress could slide, either damaging the headboard or falling off the bed completely.

At Winston's, we only sell high quality bedbases. Our fabric ottoman beds are designed to the highest standards, with a non-slipcover, which will hold your mattress in place.
In theory, yes, ottomans can be used with zip and link mattresses. The only difference is that you would not join the two lids with a fixing bolt and you would clip the bases together, meaning both sides could be lifted by themselves, rather than together.
There are no FAQs matching your search

Published: 2nd November 2020 (Updated: 1st November 2023) | Rebecca

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