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Vispring Traditional Bedstead Mattress Review, Comparison & Alternative

Discover everything about the Vispring Traditional Bedstead mattress review in our detailed guide. We thoroughly examine this mattress, comparing it with others and presenting the best alternative. This guide is perfect for anyone seeking a new mattress or exploring their options. We aim to assist you in choosing a mattress that suits your sleeping style and requirements.

What is the Vispring Traditional Bedstead mattress?

Explore the Vispring Traditional Bedstead mattress review guide, a premier choice in the luxury mattress market. Renowned for its natural materials, this mattress incorporates a unique blend of bonded British fleece wool and cotton in the top layer followed by two distinct layers of blended British fleece wool & cotton, ensuring a rich and comfortable sleep experience.

Craftsmanship stands at the forefront of the Vispring Bedstead mattress design. It boasts high quality ticking and is meticulously hand tufted with felt washers. This attention to detail not only adds to the mattress’s visual appeal but also reinforces its durability and overall comfort.

A standout feature of the Vispring Bedstead mattress is its symmetrical design. The pocket sprung core is uniform on both sides, allowing flexibility in use. This design ensures even wear and significantly extends the mattress’s lifespan.

Durability is a key aspect of this mattress, as evidenced by the impressive 30-year guarantee. This warranty reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in the product and its lasting quality.

Firmness is subjective and our independent tests reveal interesting insights into the Vispring Bedstead mattress. Its top layer, primarily consisting of bonded British fleece wool and cotton, tends to offer a medium feel. However, firmness perception varies among users. Individuals weighing less than 12 stones might find the mattress medium in firmness, while those over 12 stones might experience a medium soft feel. This variation is largely influenced by the unique properties of the wool and cotton blend used in the mattress.

What is the comfort level of the Vispring Bedstead mattress?

Understanding the comfort level of the Vispring Bedstead mattress means looking at how different people experience it. Our tests show that individuals weighing less than 12 stones typically feel it as medium in firmness. This is because lighter bodies don’t press down as much on the mattress, so the soft upholstery layers don’t mould as closely to their shape. This results in a firmer sleeping surface.

For those over 12 stones, the mattress often feels medium soft. Heavier weights press down more, making the soft layers compress and shape around the body more. This gives a softer, more cushioned feel.

If you’re interested in soft feel mattresses, check out our range to find the perfect match for your sleep needs!

Vispring Traditional Bedstead mattress review

Our Vispring Traditional Bedstead mattress review reveals varied customer feedback. Reviews range from extremely positive, with one customer claiming it’s the most comfortable mattress they’ve ever slept on, alleviating joint pain, to others expressing concerns about support loss and a strong odour.

Out of the 6 reviews we analysed for the Vispring Bedstead mattress, the ratings are diverse:

  • 1 received a 1-star rating
  • 1 received a 2-star rating
  • 4 received a 5-star rating

This data indicates that 2 out of 6 reviewers were not satisfied with the mattress.

However, it’s important to consider the context. With only 6 reviews, this is a small sample size compared to the thousands of mattresses Vispring sells each year. The 1 and 2-star ratings may not accurately reflect the overall performance and quality of Vispring’s mattresses. In fact, the small number of negative reviews could suggest the high quality and durability of the Vispring Bedstead mattress.

Winstons, a well-respected retailer in the luxury mattress and bedding market, regards Vispring highly, acknowledging them as industry leaders. Vispring’s history of over a century in handcrafting mattresses, along with their commitment to sustainability and customer comfort, sets them apart in the industry. Winstons manufacturers, with a legacy of over 95 years in British handcrafting, shares these values of exceptional craftsmanship and sustainable practices.

At Winstons, we believe in the outstanding quality and value of our mattresses. We recognise that mattress preferences differ among individuals, so we encourage customers to explore and compare various brands and models to find the ideal match for their specific needs. In summary, Vispring’s reputation for producing high-quality mattresses seems well-deserved and occasional negative feedback should be viewed in light of their overall product performance.

(Note: This Vispring Traditional Bedstead mattress review information was sourced from Trustpilot as of 25/11/23.)

Winstons Pashmina Mattress Vs Vispring Bedstead Mattress

Winstons PashminaVispring Traditional Bedstead
Price£1199.99 (King Size)£2100 (King Size Non Sale Price)
Filling CompositionPashmina Wool, Blended British Fleece Wool & Cotton, British Highland Wool & Needled Wool & CottonBonded British Fleece Wool & Cotton, Blended British Fleece Wool & Cotton & Blended British Fleece Wool & Cotton
Filling Total GSM35003150
Hand Side Stitching Rows22
Spring Count15001254
Natural Fibre100% Natural100% Natural
Handcrafting Heritage25 Years+100 Years+
Trial60 Days Love it or Return itAsk Retailer
Guarantee10 Years30 Years

Why choose the Winstons Pashmina over the Vispring Bedstead mattress?

Selecting a new mattress can be daunting with the plethora of choices available. If you’re considering the Vispring Bedstead mattress, you should also explore the Winstons Pashmina mattress. Both feature pocket springs and similar fibres, but the Pashmina stands out with its higher GSM (grams per square meter) of 100% natural fibres and more pocket springs. This translates to enhanced support and comfort compared to the Vispring Bedstead mattress.

GSM is crucial as it indicates the fibre density in a mattress. A higher GSM means more fibres, enhancing the mattress’s quality and comfort. Comparing two mattresses with identical fibres, the one with a higher GSM offers better value.

The Pashmina boasts two rows of hand-side stitching, similar to the Vispring Bedstead, but it also incorporates butterfly clips to prevent edge sagging. It’s approximately 30cm deep, offering more depth than the Vispring Bedstead’s 21cm.

Quality-wise, both the Pashmina and Vispring Bedstead mattresses feature high-quality ticking for their outer covers. However, the Pashmina is £900 less expensive than the king size Vispring Bedstead mattress at its regular price, yet it offers more value. With its additional GSM and pocket springs, the Pashmina is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality, supportive and comfortable mattress.

Vispring Traditional Bedstead mattress composition

The Vispring Bedstead mattress is celebrated for its intricate, layered build, each layer playing a vital role in the mattress’s performance and comfort. This double-sided mattress comprises three distinct layers on each side, all designed to improve sleep quality.

Top Layer for Comfort

The top layer, directly in contact with the sleeper, is made of 1350gsm bonded British fleece wool and cotton. This layer is crucial for delivering a comfortable, supportive sleep surface. It’s particularly effective in regulating temperature, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Second and Third Comfort Layers

These layers are at the heart of the mattress’s comfort and support system. Each consists of 900gsm of blended British fleece wool and cotton. These layers are expertly combined to create a surface that’s both supportive and luxurious. They adapt to the contours of your body, reducing pressure points and enhancing sleep quality.

Pocket Spring System

The mattress’s base is formed by a 1254 pocket spring system in a king size model. These springs are individually encased, allowing them to move independently and conform to your body shape. This design evenly distributes weight, offering excellent support and minimising motion transfer. This feature is particularly beneficial if you share the bed, as it reduces disturbances from partner movement.

Points of caution with the Vispring Traditional Bedstead mattress

When considering the Vispring Bedstead mattress, it’s important to be aware of certain factors that may affect your experience over time. One key aspect is the potential for the mattress to slightly decrease in height. This is a common characteristic of mattresses made from natural materials.

Although this height reduction doesn’t impact the firmness or support of the mattress, it could affect the overall comfort level. This is particularly relevant if you prefer a mattress that retains its original height and shape throughout its life.

Additional considerations for the Vispring Bedstead mattress

If you’re exploring new mattress options and the Vispring Bedstead mattress is on your list, remember these additional points:

Stability for Light Sleepers

  • If you’re a light sleeper, you might notice more movement on this mattress compared to others. This means you could feel your partner’s movements on your side of the bed.

Firmness Perception

  • Some users might find this mattress leans towards a medium feel. This is an important consideration based on your personal comfort preferences.

Maintenance Requirements

  • The Vispring Bedstead mattress is heavy and for optimal upkeep, it requires regular flipping. Despite its weight, the mattress comes with handles to make this task easier. Regularly flipping the mattress ensures even wear and extends its lifespan.

Conclusion: Winstons Pashmina vs. Vispring Traditional Bedstead

Are you searching for a premium mattress that offers great value for money? Consider the Winstons Pashmina mattress as a superior alternative to the Vispring Bedstead mattress. The Pashmina not only matches the Bedstead in spring quality and natural fibre content but also offers more for your investment.

The standout feature of the Pashmina mattress is its generous use of fine natural fibres. This leads to a deeper, more luxurious mattress that boosts comfort and improves sleep quality. Despite this indulgence, it matches the Vispring Bedstead in terms of support, thanks to a similar pocket spring system.

Price-wise, the Winstons Pashmina mattress is a winner. It avoids the high markups typical of the Vispring Bedstead mattress, making it a more cost-effective choice without compromising on quality. The added depth and careful selection of superior materials make the Pashmina a more valuable purchase.

In short, the Winstons Pashmina is an excellent blend of luxury, comfort and affordability. It equates to the Vispring Bedstead mattress in spring quality and exceeds it in other features, all at a more accessible price. This makes it an ideal pick for anyone looking for a high-end sleep experience without a hefty price tag.

Want more detailed comparisons? Check out our Vispring Herald Superb Mattress Guide, Vispring Elite Mattress Guide, Vispring Devonshire Mattress Guide or Vispring Pillowtop Mattress Guide for in-depth insights to help you decide on your next mattress.

Ready to enjoy the comfort and quality of the Pashmina mattress? Click here to purchase and elevate your sleep experience!

Published: 25th November 2023 (Updated: 4th December 2023) | Isaah

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