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What Size is a Super King Mattress

Are you considering upgrading your sleeping space with a super king mattress? Whether it’s the lavish spaciousness, the comfort, or just the luxury appeal, a super king size mattress could be the perfect choice for you. In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about super king mattress sizes and how to choose the best one for your needs.

What size is a super king mattress?

A standard super king mattress size in the UK measures 180cm x 200cm. However, it’s essential to note that there can be tolerances of up to 2cm, meaning the mattress might be slightly larger or smaller.

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Selecting your ideal super king mattress: An insightful checklist

Choosing the right super king sized mattress can greatly enhance your sleep quality. Here are key factors to take into account:

Who the bed or mattress is for

  • Is it for an individual seeking expansive comfort or a couple desiring extra space? A super king size bed with mattress might be more appropriate for those wanting to sprawl and stretch without restrictions.

Your height

  • If you’re taller, a super king bed and mattress ensures that your feet aren’t hanging off the end. This provides a more restful and comfortable night’s sleep, preventing potential aches.

Available space

  • Before purchasing, it’s crucial to evaluate the dimensions of your room. While a super king bed with mattress promises luxury, it shouldn’t dominate the room to the point of discomfort. A well-proportioned room allows for other essential furniture and ensures ease of movement.

Sharing the bed

  • If you’re sharing with a partner, especially one who tosses and turns, the super king bed provides ample space, reducing disturbances. This way, both can enjoy an undisturbed, deep sleep.

Preferred feel

  • The feeling of a mattress—whether soft, medium, or a super king firm mattress—can affect your sleep quality. If you have back problems, for instance, a firmer mattress might provide the necessary support.

Spring tension

  • Your weight influences the kind of spring tension you need. Lighter individuals might opt for a softer spring, while those heavier might benefit from a firmer one.

Medical conditions

  • If you suffer from ailments, such as back pain, a super king orthopaedic mattress could be more suited to providing the support and relief needed for a pain-free slumber.
    Ensuring these aspects align with your preferences guarantees a tailored and restful sleep experience with your new super king mattress.

Are all super king mattresses the same size?

While the standard dimensions for a super king size mattress in the UK are a generous 180cm x 200cm, manufacturing processes and materials can result in slight deviations. It’s essential to be aware of the following nuances:

Manufacturing Tolerances

  • Due to the complex processes and myriad of materials used in mattress manufacturing, there might be tolerances of up to 2cm. This means that a super king mattress might occasionally be a tad smaller or slightly larger than its advertised size.

Material Settling

  • Over time, materials such as memory foam or natural fibres can settle, leading to minor changes in the mattress’s overall dimensions. Thus, a newly purchased super king mattress may expand or contract slightly once taken out of its packaging and laid flat.

Country Variations

  • While the super king size mattress UK standard remains consistent, if you’re purchasing a mattress from international brands or from abroad, dimensions can vary due to differing country standards.

Custom Orders

  • Some manufacturers offer custom sizes on demand. If you’re seeking something more specific than the standard size, it’s important to provide exact measurements and double-check them before the mattress is made.

Before committing to a purchase, always double-check measurements and read reviews. This ensures that the super king mattress seamlessly fits your bed frame and sleeping space, delivering the comfort and luxury you seek.

Understanding different mattress sizes

Understanding the diverse landscape of mattress sizes is indispensable when seeking the perfect fit for your sleeping needs. Below, we detail the various mattress dimensions and their appropriate applications:

Single mattresses (90cm x 190cm)

  • Ideal for solo sleepers, especially children or those with limited bedroom space. These mattresses can fit into most room sizes, offering a compact yet comfortable sleeping area.

Small double mattresses (120cm x 190cm)

  • This size bridges the gap between a single and a standard double. Often referred to as a ‘three-quarter bed’, it’s perfect for individuals requiring a tad more space or for rooms that can’t quite accommodate a full double.

Double mattresses (135cm x 190cm)

  • A popular choice for many, these mattresses suit couples or individuals who enjoy more sprawling space. They fit comfortably into most master bedrooms without overwhelming the room’s proportions.

King size mattresses (150cm x 200cm)

  • Going a notch up, the king size offers an added width that can make a notable difference for couples, ensuring each person has ample personal space for a relaxed night’s rest.

Super king mattresses (180cm x 200cm)

  • Epitomising luxury in mattress sizes, the super king ensures that sleepers have abundant space. Whether for couples wanting the maximum personal sleeping area or individuals seeking opulent comfort, this size is the pinnacle of spaciousness.

Emperor mattresses

  • Typically larger than the super king, their dimensions can vary. Often sought for oversized rooms or bespoke bed frames, these mattresses provide an unmatched expansive sleeping experience.

Large emperor mattresses

  • Exceeding the emperor in size, these are often custom-made for specific needs, providing an extraordinarily spacious sleep environment.

Queen mattresses

  • This term is more prevalent outside the UK, especially in the USA. While it holds a specific standard size abroad, in the UK, its dimensions can be inconsistent. Always verify measurements before considering this option.

Each mattress size has been tailored for varied needs and room dimensions. When choosing, it’s not only about personal comfort but also ensuring that the mattress harmonises with the room’s size and layout. Always measure your bed frame and room space and consider future needs—like a partner moving in or a potential room change—before making a final decision.

Determining the best super king mattress for your needs

The quest for the best super king mattress necessitates an assessment of several crucial factors. Here’s a structured approach to guide your decision:

Sleeping Partner(s)

  • Sharing a bed can present its set of challenges. Are they restless sleepers or calm and still? With a super king size mattress, there’s the luxury of space, reducing the disturbance from nocturnal movements. It’s also beneficial to discuss and match preferences—some might enjoy the snugness of memory foam, while others may prefer the bounce of springs.

Your Size, Weight and Sleeping Position

  • Physical dimensions and preferences play a role in determining the right spring tension. For example, heavier individuals may benefit from a firmer spring to provide optimal support. Similarly, side sleepers might seek a mattress that contours more, while back sleepers might opt for a medium to firm feel.

Budgetary Constraints

  • Financial considerations are paramount. While the allure of a super king bed with mattress is tempting, remember that associated costs also rise. The bed frame, luxurious bedding and other bedroom accessories for a super king size will be an added expense. Sometimes, striking a balance between quality and budget can lead to a more fulfilling purchase.

Bedroom Dimensions

  • A super king mattress needs room to shine. Ascertain your bedroom’s size to ensure that there’s not only space for the bed but also sufficient room to move around comfortably. A general guideline is to maintain a 24-inch gap between the bed and surrounding furniture or walls. This ensures ease of movement and a harmonious bedroom layout.

In the journey to find the perfect super king mattress, aligning your individual needs with the product’s specifications is crucial. Taking the time to assess and match these criteria ensures that your investment delivers nights of rejuvenating sleep.

Getting a super king mattress up tight stairs

The excitement of purchasing a super king mattress can be slightly dampened when faced with the challenge of navigating it up a tight staircase. Here’s a comprehensive guide to ease the process:

Pre-purchase Measurements

  • Before committing to your mattress choice, measure the width and height of your stairway, paying particular attention to any turns or obstructions. Remember, while the super king mattress dimensions are a standard 180cm x 200cm, there might be slight variations, so always refer to specific product measurements.

Flexible Foundations

  • If your staircase is particularly tight, consider split or flexible bed foundations or bases. These are designed to manoeuvre through narrow spaces more effortlessly than a traditional one-piece foundation.

Use Sliders

  • These handy tools can be placed under the mattress, reducing friction and making it easier to slide the mattress up the stairs without causing damage to either.

Enlist Help

  • Given the size and weight of a super king mattress, it’s always advisable to have at least two people to carry and position the mattress. This ensures safety and reduces the risk of damaging the mattress or property.

Professional Assistance

  • If in doubt, considering hiring professionals. They possess the expertise and equipment to handle large items in tight spaces. It might come at a cost, but it ensures the safe and efficient transportation of your mattress.

Personal Home Assessments

  • While these guidelines provide general advice, the unique dimensions and constraints of every home can vary. Always assess your specific situation, remembering that while online shops and showrooms can offer guidance, they don’t have direct knowledge of your home’s

Investing in a super king bed and mattress promises unparalleled comfort. By carefully planning its transportation and placement, you can ensure that your new mattress settles into its new home without any hitches.

How much does a super king mattress weigh?

At Winston’s, super king mattresses can range from 40kg to over 100kg.

How much is a super king mattress?

At Winston’s, prices for a cheap super king mattress start from £639.99 and can go up to £7499.99, offering a range for every budget.


Choosing the right super king size mattress is vital for the best sleep experience. Consider your needs, preferences and room size. If luxury and spaciousness are what you’re after, a super king mattress from Winston’s might be your best choice. Always measure and do thorough research before making a purchase. Sweet dreams!

Published: 24th September 2023 (Updated: 15th December 2023) | Isaah

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