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Are Soft Mattresses Better for Side Sleepers

Are soft mattresses better for side sleepers? This is a question many side sleepers ponder while searching for the ideal mattress to enhance their sleep quality and overall wellbeing. The right mattress can indeed transform your sleeping experience. This comprehensive guide explores the various benefits soft mattresses offer to side sleepers, assisting you in sifting through the numerous options to find your perfect match.

Are soft mattresses good for side sleepers

Yes, soft mattresses are indeed suitable for side sleepers, particularly for those who are lightweight, up to 11 stones in weight. They provide the necessary cushioning and support, ensuring comfort and reducing pressure points. Additionally, heavier individuals who do not have back problems can also benefit from soft mattresses, as they offer a balanced combination of support and plushness, accommodating various sleeping needs effectively. For a more detailed understanding of why soft mattresses are beneficial for side sleepers, please explore the reasons outlined below.

Pressure Relief and Support

  • For side sleepers, the quest for a night of restorative sleep begins with the right mattress. The importance of pressure relief and support cannot be overstated, especially for those who spend the night on their side. When you sleep on your side, the broader parts of your body, like your shoulders and hips, bear more weight. This can lead to uncomfortable pressure points, disrupting sleep and causing pain.
  • A soft mattress plays a pivotal role in alleviating these issues. It offers gentle cushioning to these pressure-prone areas, distributing your body weight more evenly. This distribution helps in minimising the direct pressure on your hips and shoulders, leading to a more comfortable sleep experience. Unlike firmer options, a plush mattress gently contours to your body’s natural shape, providing the essential support you need without the hardness that can exacerbate pressure points.
  • The material of the mattress is also critical in this aspect. Natural fibres, known for their breathability and supportive properties, are a popular choice for side sleepers. They offer a level of responsiveness and contouring that helps reduce stress on your joints. In contrast, traditional spring mattresses might not offer the same level of conformity, potentially leading to increased pressure on side sleepers’ hips and shoulders.

Spinal Alignment

  • Maintaining proper spinal alignment is another crucial factor for side sleepers. Misalignment during sleep can contribute to a host of problems, including back pain, stiffness and overall discomfort. A super soft mattress can be a game-changer here. Its ability to adapt to the natural curvature of your body helps in maintaining a neutral spine position. This adaptability is particularly important in the lumbar region, where support is needed to prevent the lower back from sagging into the mattress.
  • A mattress that is too firm may not accommodate the natural curvature of a side sleeper’s body, leading to a misaligned spine. On the other hand, a mattress that is too soft might allow the body to sink too deeply, also causing misalignment. The key is to find a balance – a mattress that is soft enough to provide comfort, yet supportive enough to keep the spine aligned.

Enhanced Comfort

  • The comfort factor of extra soft mattresses is undeniable. They provide a luxurious, cloud-like feel that can greatly enhance the quality of your sleep. This is particularly beneficial for side sleepers who may find firmer mattresses uncomfortable due to their increased sensitivity to pressure points.
  • The psychological aspect of comfort cannot be overlooked. A comfortable mattress can create a sense of relaxation and wellbeing, essential for a good night’s sleep. It can also impact the time it takes to fall asleep. A comfortable, soft mattress can help you drift off quicker, as opposed to spending time trying to find a comfortable position on a firmer surface.
  • Moreover, the temperature regulation properties of natural fibres also contribute to comfort. These materials help in maintaining a balanced sleep temperature, providing a cooler sleep surface which is a boon for those who tend to sleep hot.

In conclusion, for side sleepers, the benefits of a soft mattress are manifold. From providing pressure relief and support to ensuring proper spinal alignment and enhancing overall comfort, a soft mattress can significantly improve sleep quality. While personal preference and individual body type play a role in determining the perfect mattress, the general consensus is that side sleepers can greatly benefit from the cushioning and support offered by a softer sleeping surface.

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Choosing the right soft mattress

Choosing the right soft mattress is crucial for achieving the best sleep experience, especially for side sleepers. However, with the vast array of options available, selecting the perfect mattress can be overwhelming. It’s essential to understand the unique benefits of various natural fibres and how they contribute to the overall feel and functionality of a mattress.

Fibres Matter

The choice of fibres is paramount in determining the comfort and support a mattress offers. Unlike traditional foam mattresses, natural fibre mattresses provide unique characteristics that enhance sleep quality. Let’s explore some popular natural fibres used in mattresses:

Alpaca Wool

  • Known for its softness and durability, Alpaca wool provides excellent temperature regulation. It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, making it an ideal choice for a comfortable sleep year-round.
    Horsetail: Horsetail is renowned for its springy nature, providing a supportive yet flexible feel to the mattress. It works well in combination with other fibres to create a mattress that is both resilient and comfortable.


  • Cashmere is a luxurious fibre known for its softness and insulating properties. It adds a plush, cosy feel to the mattress, making it perfect for those seeking a touch of luxury in their sleep.


  • Silk is another luxury material that is both soft and strong. It’s naturally hypoallergenic and provides excellent moisture-wicking properties, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the night.


  • Flax is a sturdy and supportive material. It adds firmness to a mattress, making it a good choice for those who need extra support, particularly around the spine.

Merino Wool

  • Merino wool is famous for its softness and ability to regulate body temperature. It’s also naturally antimicrobial, making it a hygienic choice for a mattress material.



Consider Your Weight

  • Your body weight is a significant factor in how a mattress feels. Heavier individuals may require a mattress with a firmer base layer, like coir, to prevent sinking too deeply. Lighter sleepers, on the other hand, might benefit from the softness and plushness provided by layers of cashmere or Alpaca wool. It’s essential to find a balance that supports your weight while also conforming to your body.

Personal Preferences

  • Personal preference is the final and perhaps most crucial factor in choosing a mattress. Some people may prefer the luxurious softness of cashmere or silk, enjoying the way these materials cradle the body. Others might appreciate the resilience and support provided by horsetail or flax.

Temperature Regulation

  • Natural fibres like Alpaca wool and merino wool offer excellent temperature regulation, which can be a deciding factor for those who sleep hot or cold.

Allergies and Sensitivities

  • Natural fibres are often hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for people with allergies or sensitivities.


  • Many natural fibres are renewable and biodegradable, appealing to eco-conscious consumers.


  • The longevity of your mattress depends on the quality of materials. Natural fibres like horsetail and coir are known for their durability, ensuring your mattress stands the test of time.

The health benefits of soft mattresses for side sleepers

Joint and Muscle Relief

  • Soft pillow top mattresses offer significant health benefits, particularly for side sleepers who often grapple with joint and muscle pain. The key advantage of a soft mattress lies in its ability to cushion pressure points, such as the hips and shoulders, which are more prone to discomfort for side sleepers.
  • When you sleep on a firmer mattress, these pressure points bear the brunt of your body weight, leading to potential aches and pains. In contrast, a soft mattress conforms to your body’s natural contours, providing gentle support and alleviating undue stress on any particular area. This conforming property is crucial in reducing the incidence of sore joints and strained muscles.
  • Moreover, the materials in a soft mattress play a significant role in comfort and support. Natural fibres, such as merino wool or cashmere, not only offer plushness but also possess inherent properties that aid in muscle relaxation and joint support. These materials can adapt to the body’s shape and movements, providing a supportive yet yielding surface that reduces the likelihood of waking up with stiffness or pain.

Better Sleep Quality

  • The quality of your sleep is deeply intertwined with the type of mattress you use. A plush, soft mattress can significantly improve sleep quality by creating an inviting and comfortable sleeping environment. When your mattress is in harmony with your sleeping style, it contributes to uninterrupted sleep, allowing you to reach the deeper stages of the sleep cycle.
  • Deep sleep, or slow-wave sleep, is crucial for various bodily functions, including tissue repair, immune system enhancement and memory consolidation. A soft mattress that suits your body type and sleeping habits can facilitate this deep sleep, leading to improved overall health and wellbeing. Furthermore, the use of natural fibres in soft mattresses adds to this benefit, as materials like silk and Alpaca wool create a more breathable and temperature-regulated sleeping environment.

Reduced Tossing and Turning

  • A notable benefit of the right soft mattress is the reduction in the need to toss and turn throughout the night. Tossing and turning are often the body’s response to discomfort, as it seeks a more comfortable position. A soft mattress that properly supports your body and relieves pressure points can significantly reduce this restlessness, leading to more consistent and deeper sleep.

Maintaining your soft mattress

To reap the full benefits of a soft mattress, proper maintenance is essential.

Regular Rotation

  • Rotating your soft mattress every few months prevents uneven wear and tear. This regular rotation ensures that all areas of the mattress are used evenly, maintaining its comfort and supportive properties over time.

Proper Foundation

  • The foundation of your mattress is just as important as the mattress itself. A stable and suitable base is essential for maintaining the integrity and comfort of your soft mattress. It ensures that the mattress supports your body correctly and lasts longer.

Cleaning and Care

  • Regular cleaning and the use of a mattress protector are vital in prolonging the life of your mattress. Keeping your mattress clean and protected not only extends its lifespan but also contributes to a hygienic sleep environment. This is particularly important for those with allergies or respiratory sensitivities.

In conclusion, soft mattresses offer numerous health benefits for side sleepers, from joint and muscle relief to improved sleep quality and reduced restlessness. Proper maintenance further enhances these benefits, ensuring that your soft mattress remains a supportive and comfortable haven for years to come.


Choosing the right mattress is crucial for side sleepers. A soft mattress offers numerous benefits, from enhanced comfort to better spinal alignment and pressure relief. When selecting your mattress, consider factors like material, your weight and personal preferences. Remember, a good night’s sleep starts with the right mattress.

If you’re keen to discover whether soft mattresses are beneficial for your back, click here to read our comprehensive guide. It’s packed with insightful information to help you make an informed decision for your sleep health.

Published: 21st November 2023 (Updated: 21st November 2023) | Isaah

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