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How Wide is a Double Mattress? | Ultimate Guide

When it comes to buying a double bed and mattress, size matters. For many, the “double sized mattress” is a go-to choice. But what exactly is the width of a double mattress? Let’s dive right in.

Double sized mattress dimensions: The basics

A double mattress, commonly known as a full mattress in some parts of the world, measures 135 cm in width. Its length typically spans 190 cm. These dimensions make it a comfortable choice for single sleepers who love extra space, or couples who don’t mind snuggling up a bit.

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Why is it called double mattress?

The term “double mattress” doesn’t exactly imply space for two, yet it’s larger than a single but smaller than a queen or king. Historically, these mattresses provided enough room for two average-sized adults, hence the name. Though, with the evolution of bigger and more varied mattress sizes, many couples now opt for larger options.

Who is a double sized mattress width good for?

A double sized mattress, with a width of 135 cm, is versatile in its usage. It is:

  • Ideal for Single Sleepers: The ample width allows an individual to stretch out comfortably, change sleeping positions without constraints and even have some personal belongings, like books or electronics, by their side.
  • Suitable for Sharing: It can comfortably fit two average-sized adults for sleeping, although if both persons move around a lot during the night, they might find the space a tad restricted.
  • Great for Parents and Children: For parents who co-sleep with a young child or infant, a double provides enough space without feeling overly crowded.
  • A Good Choice for Pet Owners: Those who enjoy cuddling up with their pet at night will find a double mattress spacious enough to accommodate both human and furry companion.
  • Space-Efficient for Smaller Rooms: For bedrooms that can’t fit larger mattress sizes like king or super king, a double serves as a good compromise between size and comfort.

In summary, while a double sized mattress width is quite versatile and can serve a range of sleeping needs, individuals or couples seeking more spacious sleeping quarters might opt for larger sizes available in the UK market.

Mattress size variations and considerations

  • Single Dimensions: The single mattress is ideal for one person and typically measures 90 cm x 190 cm. It’s a popular choice for children’s rooms or small guest spaces.
  • Small Double Dimensions: In the UK, there’s the “small double”, commonly known as a “three-quarter” bed. This size is 120 cm wide and 190 cm long. It’s a brilliant choice for teenagers, solo adults, or guest rooms that are a bit tight on space.
  • Standard Double Dimensions: The standard double mattress in the UK boasts dimensions of 135 cm x 190 cm. It’s a sizeable option for individual sleepers or those sharing their bed with a pet or youngster.
  • King Size Dimensions: King size mattresses offer more width, measuring 150 cm x 200 cm. They provide extra space, making them a preferred option for couples.
  • Super King Size Dimensions: For those seeking even more space, the super king size mattress measures a spacious 180 cm x 200 cm. This ample size is perfect for couples who like a lot of room or families with young children co-sleeping.
  • Queen Size Dimensions: Although not as commonly used in the UK as in other countries, the queen size mattress typically measures 160 cm x 200 cm, sitting between the king and super king sizes.
  • Emperor Size Dimensions: The emperor size mattress offers an impressive size of 200 cm x 200 cm, granting sleepers a generous amount of space.
  • Large Emperor Dimensions: The pinnacle of mattress sizes, the large emperor comes in at a substantial 215 cm x 215 cm. It’s the ultimate in luxury and space for those who want the most expansive sleeping surface possible.

It’s worth noting that while these are standard dimensions, there can sometimes be slight variations depending on the manufacturer or specific designs. Always check product descriptions or consult with a retailer to ensure accuracy when making a purchase.

How to choose the perfect double mattress

Bedroom Size

  • Before considering a double mattress, measure your room, ensuring there’s enough space to comfortably move around. This is especially crucial if you have other significant pieces of furniture in the room, such as wardrobes, desks, or bedside tables.

Personal Comfort and Sleep Style

  • Material: Mattresses come in various materials, from traditional horsehair and wool to modern hybrid designs. Each material offers distinct comfort levels, firmness and support.

Spring Tension

  • The spring tension in a mattress can greatly affect its firmness. For heavier individuals, a firmer tension might be more supportive, while lighter individuals might prefer a softer tension.

Lifespan and Durability

  • A well-maintained double mattress can serve you comfortably for up to 7-10 years. However, its longevity can depend on the material, craftsmanship and daily usage.
  • Regularly rotating and flipping your mattress can not only extend its lifespan but also ensure even wear, maintaining its comfort and support features.

Care and Maintenance

  • Protectors: Use a mattress protector to shield it from spills, stains and wear and tear.
  • Cleaning: Regularly vacuum your mattress to prevent dust mites and allergens. Spot clean any stains immediately to maintain the mattress’s hygiene.
  • Toppers: Mattress toppers can be an excellent addition for extra comfort and support. They come in various materials like horsehair and wool. Toppers not only enhance the comfort level but can also extend the life of the mattress by protecting it from wear and tear.

In conclusion

A double mattress offers a comfortable middle-ground in terms of size. Measuring 135 cm wide, it’s perfect for those who need more space than a single but don’t have the room for a king or super king. When choosing a double mattress, consider not only its width but also the room size, material and your personal comfort needs.

Remember, a good night’s sleep is paramount. Whether you’re going solo or sharing the bed, the double mattress can be the key to your dreamy slumber.

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Published: 2nd September 2023 (Updated: 3rd September 2023) | Isaah

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