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Best Luxury Mattress UK | Ultimate Buying Guide

Are you seeking the ultimate sleeping experience? Dive into our guide on how to buy the best luxury mattress UK, where we unravel the secrets behind the perfect slumber. At Winstons Beds, we pride ourselves on crafting mattresses that encapsulate elegance, comfort and nature’s finest materials.

Why invest in a luxury mattress?

When pondering life’s luxuries, many prioritise indulgent holidays, gourmet meals, or the latest fashion trends. Yet, they falter when it comes to investing in the best luxury mattress. Pause and consider, sleep is paramount to our well-being, playing a crucial role in our mood, immune strength, alertness and overall vitality. Given that we dedicate roughly a third of our lives to rest, shouldn’t we ensure that every moment is a serene, rejuvenating experience?

Deciphering the value of a luxury mattress isn’t just about cost—it’s about quality, comfort and the promise of a rejuvenated tomorrow.

Navigating mid-range vs. Pure luxury

Not all that glitters is gold. This adage holds particularly true in the mattress realm. While a heftier price tag may suggest superior quality, it’s essential to scrutinise the details. At Winstons Beds, we’re not merely sellers—we’re believers. We champion the finest luxury mattresses that stand unrivalled, even when juxtaposed with renowned brands like Vispring, Hastens Beds and Savoir Beds. Our confidence stems from our commitment to excellence, where each mattress is a symphony of pure luxury materials and meticulous craftsmanship.

High end mattresses, such as ours, are not just products—they’re experiences. They promise unparalleled comfort, optimal support, breathability, durability and health benefits. Crafted from natural fibres like horsehair, wool, cotton, cashmere, merino wool, silk, flax and coir, these mattresses are free from toxic substances and are hypoallergenic. While mid-range mattresses might suffice for some, true connoisseurs of comfort will discern the difference and appreciate the unique attributes of a luxury mattress.

Ready to embark on a journey to sublime sleep? Explore the pinnacle of bedding luxury with Winstons Beds and discover a mattress that resonates with your pursuit of perfection. Sleep is not just a necessity—it’s an art. Perfect it with the best luxury mattress UK.

What sets premium luxury mattresses apart from the rest?

Commitment to Quality, Not Costs

  • Luxury mattress brands prioritise quality over anything else. Instead of focusing on cost-cutting, they invest in the best natural fibres like Shropshire wool, horsehair, cotton, cashmere, merino wool, silk, flax and coir. When a mattress is labelled as a luxury mattress UK, it signifies that no corners have been cut in its production. The objective is clear: to craft the best luxury mattress irrespective of the price tag.

Experience of Exclusivity

Owning a luxurious mattress isn’t just about comfort; it’s about exclusivity. Unlike other luxury items that can be flaunted, a mattress offers a personal experience, an intimate sense of luxury every night. However, if a full mattress upgrade isn’t feasible, a luxury mattress topper can be a more affordable alternative, offering a touch of opulence to your existing bed.

Natural Materials for Superior Comfort

A defining feature of the premium mattress range is the use of natural fibres. Materials like horsehair, cotton and wool naturally regulate temperature and provide unparalleled support. Synthetic materials simply can’t compare to the breathability and comfort these natural ingredients offer.

Handcrafted Precision

Every luxury mattress is often handcrafted with utmost precision. This manual touch ensures that every layer, every stitch is perfect, providing longevity and consistent comfort.

Exceptional Durability

Investing in a luxurious mattress is a long-term commitment to quality sleep. These mattresses, thanks to their natural materials and precise craftsmanship, are built to last, ensuring you enjoy premium comfort for years.

Personalised Support

The best luxury mattresses are designed to provide tailored support to the sleeper. Whether it’s a pocket spring system or layers of horsehair and cashmere, these mattresses adapt to the unique contours of your body, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

Premium mattresses: A deep dive into spring tension

Springs are paramount in determining both the comfort and longevity of a mattress. Yet, there’s a world beyond just counting them. Understanding the difference between spring tension and mattress feel is essential for making an informed choice. At Winston’s, our mission is to enlighten you on this nuanced topic.

Pocket Springs at Winston’s

  • Dedicated to premium mattresses, we advocate for pocket springs due to their unmatched quality and endurance. They not only outlive open coil and foam mattresses but also excel in mitigating motion transfer. So, if your partner is restless, your sleep remains undisturbed.

What is Spring Tension?

  • Spring tension delineates the support offered by the springs inside the mattress. Dictated by the thickness or gauge of the wire used in crafting the springs, the right spring tension is essential. It contours the mattress to your body, providing comfort tailored to your weight and sleep position.

Spring Tension, Wire Diameter (Gauge) & Suitable Weight Range

  • Soft – Gauge: 1.2mm (Up to 11 stone)
  • Medium – Gauge: 1.4mm (Up to 16 stone)
  • Firm – Gauge: 1.6mm (16 to 20 stone)
  • Extra Firm / Orthopaedic – Gauge: 1.8mm (Above 20 stone)

In conclusion, delving into the world of springs can immensely shape your mattress selection. By opting for the right spring tension, you secure a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep.

Unravelling mattress feel for the best luxury mattress UK

While navigating the vast landscape of mattresses, comprehending the term’ mattress feel’ becomes pivotal. But what does it encompass?

Defining Mattress Feel

A mattress’s feel is shaped by the fibres within and their orchestration. It’s the mattress’s response to your body as you recline. The feel hinges on the layering, density and quality of fibres. Remember, ‘mattress feel’ and ‘spring tension’ are distinct. The former is about surface sensation, while the latter denotes support level. At Winston’s, we elucidate the feel of each mattress on every category and product page, ensuring clarity.

High end mattress feels and their benefits

Soft Feel

A soft mattress cradles you, offering a cushioned embrace. Beneficial for those with hip issues, the softness contours around the hip, alleviating pressure and distributing weight.

Medium Soft Feel

Slightly firmer than soft yet cushioned. A medium soft feel ideal for conditions like fibromyalgia and joint pain. This balance diminishes pressure on sensitive spots, ensuring comfort.

Medium Feel

The golden mean between firmness and cushioning, this is apt for back pain sufferers. It fosters spinal alignment while reducing pressure points.

Medium Firm Feel

This offers stout support with a hint of softness. Beneficial for back pain and sciatica sufferers, it ensures spine alignment and comfort.

Firm Feel

The most robust, it offers a solid surface. Perfect for those seeking sturdier support and those with back issues. It ensures the spine remains straight, alleviating discomfort.

How does pocket spring count impact premium mattresses?

Navigating the intricate world of high end mattresses can be daunting, given the variety of springs and technical jargon. It’s crucial to recognise the role of pocket spring count in defining both the comfort and longevity of a mattress. Let’s demystify this.

A Deep Dive into Pocket Springs

Spunbond Micro Springs

Encased in a durable polyester sheath, these springs promise extended durability.

The Uniqueness of Micro Springs

  • These are minute, individualised springs crafted to offer targeted support. They adapt to the body’s contours, easing pressure points, primarily serving the comfort purpose.

Understanding Costs

  • Interestingly, micro springs are cost-effective in production. To provide context, we previously acquired a 2000 count micro spring layer for just £23.93. In contrast, natural fibres, such as horsehair, might come with a price tag of up to £278 for a single layer in a mattress.

Natural Fibres vs. Micro Springs

  • Contrary to popular belief, natural fibres like cotton or horsehair can offer comfort that’s at par, if not superior, to micro springs. Recognising this, we’ve gravitated towards mattresses enriched with natural fibres, ensuring genuine luxury without compromising on space.

Behind the Scenes of Spring Count

  • Often, manufacturers introduce micro springs to market their products as premium mattresses. However, this can be a cost-efficient strategy to augment spring count, sidestepping the incorporation of pricier natural fibres.

Pricing Considerations

  • If you stumble upon a mattress with an inflated spring count but reduced GSM, priced higher than a counterpart boasting calico pocket springs and higher GSM, it’s possible you’re paying more for less.

Spunbond Pocket Springs

These classic pocket springs are celebrated for their consistent support and robustness, with only a few drawbacks.

Calico Pocket Springs Explained

Renowned for their handcrafted nature, calico pocket springs epitomise quality and functionality.

The Upsides of Calico Pocket Springs

  • Esteemed brands have a penchant for these springs, given their precision-crafted nature and extended lifespan.

The Drawbacks of Calico Pocket Springs

  • Their premium quality comes with an associated cost, making them a select choice in the mattress world.

The Bottom Line on Pocket Spring Count

  • A higher pocket spring count might sound impressive at first glance, but it’s essential to understand what it truly signifies. A mattress with an increased number of springs typically contains more steel and less of the premium natural fibres. This not only makes the mattress cheaper to produce but can also compromise on the genuine comfort and support that fibres like horsehair or cotton provide. Simply put, more springs don’t equate to better quality. It’s crucial to look beyond mere numbers and focus on the materials and craftsmanship to ensure you’re investing in a genuine high end mattress.

When on the hunt for the ideal mattress, always lean towards genuine comfort, sturdiness and quality over mere numerical counts. Feeling overwhelmed? Our team is on standby to assist. Delve into our range and pinpoint the mattress that resonates with you.

Perfect spring count for your luxury mattress uk

Embarking on the journey to find the best luxury mattress in the UK means diving into the nuances of spring count. A pivotal factor in comfort and support, it’s essential to recognise that higher numbers don’t always equate to superior quality. For the expansive super king size, the optimal pocket spring count hovers between 1,500 and 3,000. Let’s explore the rationale behind these figures.

Rationale for a minimum of 1,500 springs in premium mattresses

Uniformed Support: The Essence of Luxurious Mattresses

  • A baseline of 1,500 springs ensures the mattress provides even support throughout. This configuration adeptly moulds to the body’s contours, mitigating pressure points and paving the way for rejuvenating sleep.

Durability in a Luxury Mattress: Built to Last

  • Mattresses that encompass at least 1,500 springs are crafted with durability in mind, promising resilience and yielding value for money.

The Sweet Spot of Comfort

  • This specific count harmoniously merges robust support with the plushness of comfort, accommodating a diverse range of sleepers.

Navigating the Pitfalls of Surpassing 3,000 Springs in Luxurious Mattresses

While exceeding 3,000 springs might initially seem like stepping into the realm of luxurious mattresses, it’s essential to temper expectations. Here’s why going beyond this count might not always be beneficial.

The Diminishing Returns of Density

  • Beyond the 3,000 spring mark, additional springs might not necessarily boost comfort or support. After reaching a saturation point of density, further additions can become redundant.

Jostling for Space in a Premium Mattress Configuration

  • Every element of a mattress demands its rightful space. As spring counts surge, the room for other vital components dwindles. Essential natural fibres, pivotal for the luxury mattress UK standard, might be squeezed out, compromising the perfect blend of support and luxury.

The Practical Hurdles of Weight

  • An overly spring-loaded mattress becomes heftier, posing challenges in movement and maintenance, which can prove cumbersome over time.

Evaluating Cost-Benefit in Luxurious Mattresses

  • Increasing the spring count might inflate the price without a commensurate rise in comfort or longevity, leading to a misalignment in value.

Ensuring Breathability

  • Natural fibres excel in promoting breathability and thermoregulation. A mattress bursting with springs might skimp on these fibres, potentially hampering airflow and fostering a warmer sleep environment.

Identifying the key hallmarks of a genuine luxury mattress

When it comes to investing in a luxury mattress, knowing what to look for ensures you get the best value and comfort for your money. Here are some features that define authentic luxury in mattresses.

The Craftsmanship of Hand-Stitched Rows

  • Hand-side stitching is a meticulous process, where artisans manually attach the outermost springs to the mattress’s edges. This traditional technique enhances the mattress’s durability, prevents sagging edges and expands the usable sleep surface. Notably, this method is reserved for top-tier luxury mattresses. For instance, the Winstons No1 mattress, with its seven rows of hand-side stitching, surpasses the two rows of the Savoir No2 and the five rows of the Vispring Magnificence.

Understanding GSM in Natural Fillings

Decoding Value

  • Knowing the GSM helps gauge the real value of your mattress. Predominantly, the priciest element of a mattress is its natural fillings. Elevated GSM often denotes superior quality, reflecting the use of more opulent, pure luxury materials.

A Peek into Quality

  • A mattress boasting a higher GSM typically prioritises fillings over springs, ensuring longevity and supreme comfort.

The Importance of Transparency

  • Some brands might evade disclosing the GSM, possibly to mask the true value they offer. Transparent retailers, like Winston’s Beds, champion informed decision-making, ensuring customers recognise the genuine worth of their purchase.

The Truth Behind Spring Count

  • While a luxury mattress might boast anywhere between 1500 to 3000 springs for a king size, it’s the balance between springs and fillings that matter. An imbalance, with an overwhelming number of springs, can compromise the comfort natural fillings provide. Winston’s Beds, for instance, caps the spring count at 3000 for super king sizes. Years of research have shown that beyond this count, the mattress’s quality dips, impacting both comfort and longevity.

Unravelling the Mattress Cover

  • The fabric enveloping your mattress profoundly affects your sleep quality. Here’s a brief guide, categorising them from budget to pure luxury.
  • As a budget-friendly option, Stitchbond is durable but might feel a tad rough. Its rudimentary weaving doesn’t promise high breathability or supreme comfort.
  • Knits, a blend of polyester and other synthetics, are soft and primarily shield mattresses with foam or latex toppings. They offer moderate breathability.
Economical Damask
  • A more affordable variant of the genuine damask, this polyester fabric lacks the breathability and longevity of its luxurious counterpart.
Belgian Satin Damask
  • Favoured by Winston’s Beds and prominent brands like Vispring, Belgian satin damask stands unparalleled in softness, breathability and adaptability. It complements the underlying fibres, ensuring peak comfort. Crafted from plant-based viscose, this fabric remains free from synthetic chemicals, epitomising luxury mattresses.

Making the Right Choice

The fabric, the fillings and the craftsmanship all play pivotal roles in the luxury and comfort of a mattress. As you embark on your quest for the best luxury mattress UK has to offer, remember that quality sleep is an investment. Choose with care and enjoy nights of restful slumber.

Essential elements of a top-quality luxury mattresses

Seeking the ultimate sleep experience? You’re in the right place. Here’s an in-depth exploration of luxury mattress essentials, guiding you towards an informed and confident choice.

GSM (Grams per Square Metre)

  • Represents the density of mattress fillings.

Types and Counts of Springs

  • The foundation that gives a mattress its character.

Spring Tension

Mattress Feel

  • Reflects the level of firmness and comfort.

Type of Fillings

Fabric Choices

  • A determinant of breathability and tactile pleasure.

Hand Teasing Technique

  • Lends a bespoke touch for added luxury.

Art of Hand Stitching

  • Enhances edge support, ensuring durability.

Key Considerations for Your Luxury Mattress Purchase

Spring Analysis

  • Hesitate if a mattress is priced above £600 but offers fewer than 1500 springs.

Determine the Desired Feel

Delve into the Fillings

  • Opt for 100% natural fillings for an unmatched luxurious feel.

GSM is Crucial

  • Exercise caution with high GSM mattresses containing polyester and priced above £900. Similarly, mattresses above £1000 offering less than 3500gsm, even if entirely natural, might not offer the best value.

Prioritise Fabric Quality

  • The fabric impacts both your comfort and the mattress’s longevity.

Look for Exquisite Stitching

  • If you’re investing more than £1000, ensure the mattress features meticulous hand-stitching.

With this knowledge, you’re primed to traverse the luxury mattress landscape seamlessly. Remember, investing in the right mattress is akin to committing to restful sleep. Choose wisely.

If you need further assistance in selecting the best luxury mattress tailored to your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0161 250 9200. Our experts are here to guide you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

The BJX Luxury mattress topper by Hastens is a high quality mattress topper and helps change the feel of your bed. The BJX is suited to any bed or mattress and boasts a great selection of natural fillings. Two layers of virgin cotton, two layers of cotton and wool, two layers of hand-teased horsetail hair and one layer of cotton and wool combine elegantly and offer outstanding comfort and support.
The type you will find in 5-star hotels are traditional pocket sprung mattresses or pillow top mattresses in a medium firmness level
Our best luxury firm pillow top mattress is Winston’s Finest Pure Wool 11500 Pillow Top Mattress.
Organic mattresses are made with organic (natural) and non-toxic materials rather than chemically treated materials. As a result, buyers are choosing organic mattresses to avoid undesirable exposure to these chemicals.
Unfortunately, there is no luxury memory foam mattress as any synthetic foam cannot be classed as luxury. But the best spec memory foam mattresses will either be the Simba Luxe mattress or the Winstons Bed in a box mattress.
Our mattress outer covers are made from 100% chemical-free cotton and are seen as one of the very best fabrics available.
The best hotel type mattress will be a traditional handmade natural pocket sprung mattress in a medium-firm comfort grade.
Glencrafts Heritage Mattress is one of the best mattresses available on their website costing £6120 for a double. However, they don't mention anywhere on the product page that it is hand-side stitched, and from the images, it looks like it has been machine stitched with 4 rows and not hand-side stitched. The mattress is 24cm deep with 3000 springs. The springs will take up to 16cm of this depth, leaving around 8cm for the fillings. Unfortunately, Glencraft doesn't advertise the GSM, and so we can't give an accurate estimate of the amount of upholstery in the mattress, but needless to say, 8cm won't allow a high GSM. Therefore, we believe the prices for the Glenctaft mattresses are incredibly overpriced and that our mattresses are much more high end and have better value for money.
At Winstons Beds, we believe you can never rush luxurious comfort and the best support, and although each handcrafted luxury mattress may take longer to design and construct, we know this is the best way to do it. With over 100 years of expertise, our craftsmen and women use their skills and experience to handcraft the perfect sleep.
If you are a side sleeper and weigh up to 16 stones, you will need a soft mattress that allows your shoulders to sink in; however, you must ensure your mattress adequately supports your entire body and so a side sleeper who weighs from 16-18 stones, requires a medium mattress whereas any side sleeper who is 18 stones and above needs a firm mattress.
The correct spinal alignment is crucial. If you get it wrong, you may suffer from headaches, back pain, neck pain, shoulder or hip pain and it might turn chronic in the most severe cases. A higher-priced luxury mattress can help you avoid such infirmities. High end mattresses are specifically designed to give the proper pressure relief and support where your body requires it.

Your expensive bed must suit your sleeping position so that the spinal column is supported and held straight from the head to the tailbone. Pressure to the muscles and joints must be avoided as any part of your exposed body will suffer the consequences.
Premium mattresses are designed with your health and well-being in mind. While they might come with a higher price tag, investing in your health and comfort is invaluable.

Think about those nights spent in a 5-star hotel, where you woke up feeling completely rejuvenated and free from aches. That level of restorative sleep can be achieved at home with the right premium mattress. Such mattresses are engineered to adapt to your body's unique contours, ensuring optimal support regardless of your sleeping position.

For instance, side sleepers need a mattress that provides support for the hips and cushioning for the shoulders to alleviate pressure on the spine, shoulders, hips and knees.

Choosing a high-end sleeping surface can truly elevate your sleep experience, promoting better joint and back health.
Often, when posed with this question, we respond by asking: Are you inquiring about the most high end mattress or the most expensive mattress? There's a distinction. Some renowned luxury mattress brands can have price tags soaring beyond £100,000.

But does the hefty price tag guarantee superior luxury? In our opinion, no. After rigorous comparisons of some of the world's most exorbitantly priced beds with our globally exclusive mattresses, we consistently emerge as offering unmatched luxury and specifications at every price bracket. So, when it comes to determining the world's most luxurious mattress, we'll let you be the arbiter.
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