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Luxury Mattress | The Complete Guide

A handmade luxury mattress from Winstons Beds offers a vast range of options, from different natural fillings to multiple layers of handmade springs. These simple steps will help you find the right one for you.

What to Look for When Buying a Luxury Mattress?

Many factors make luxury mattresses stand out from the saturated mattress market, learn the key reasons below.

Many people wouldn’t blink an eyelid before spending their hard-earned money on things like high-end fashion, holidays and fine dining, but we hesitate at the cost of a high end mattress. Getting the best-quality sleep is critical to our well-being. A goodnight’s rest revitalises and equips us for the trials of the day ahead. We spend about 33% of our lives in bed. This time must be well spent because our sleep is linked to how we feel, our immune system, alertness, and overall health. So, the next time you are looking through a mattress website, and you see the cost, take a moment to consider whether it might not be worth investing in a high quality luxury mattress after all. You will notice the difference the minute you lie down between a mid-range and luxury product.

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Mid-Range Mattress vs Luxury Mattress

Paying more for an item guarantees higher quality, and it could not be more true for the mattress industry. In high end mattresses, only the highest-quality natural fibres are used, Years of research and development have been thoroughly conducted, and prominent brands only risk higher prices if they know that their products are worth it. Before we continue, a word of advice, be sure to do in-depth due diligence before committing to purchasing for a higher price. You do not want to spend more and get a mattress that is not right for you.

A more expensive mattress is a purchase worth making. We spend a lot of time sleeping, so why do that on a low-quality bed? Mid-range mattresses are ok, but if you can spend more, we would advise doing so – you will get better pain relief, breathability, greater durability, no toxic substances and most importantly, better sleep. There are numerous reasons why consumers look for the best luxury mattresses. They are much more comfortable, more suitable for back pain and posture issues, made of high-quality natural materials and are hypoallergenic.

What Differentiates Luxury Mattresses From Cheaper Alternatives?

No Cost-Cutting

  • Mattress brands are not cutting down on costs when designing a luxury mattress. Instead, they use the highest quality natural materials and handcraft every little aspect of the bed. By stamping it as a luxury pocket spring mattress, they know that customers who will contemplate purchasing it are the people who have the money to spend on it. The aim is to create the best mattress without being concerned about the cost.

A Feeling of Exclusivity

  • Whether you accept it or not, there’s a certain feeling of exclusivity when you own a luxury mattress. But, unlike a designer watch or bag that you can show off, a mattress is something that you will experience on your own; it will make you feel great. But if your budget won’t allow you to splash out, you can also consider buying a luxury mattress topper that is more affordable and will give you a gratifying feeling. But, of course, the most beneficial part is that you can use toppers on any mattress you already own.

Are Luxury Mattresses Better for Spinal Alignment?

The correct spinal alignment is crucial. If you get it wrong, you may suffer from headaches, back pain, neck pain, shoulder or hip pain, and it might turn chronic in the most severe cases. A higher-priced luxury mattress can help you avoid such infirmities. High end mattresses are specifically designed to give the proper pressure relief and support where your body requires it. Your expensive bed must suit your sleeping position so that the spinal column is supported and held straight from the head to the tailbone. Pressure to the muscles and joints must be avoided as any part of your exposed body will suffer the consequences.

More beneficial for your joints and back

  • Luxury mattresses are good for your health. It might cost more money, but sacrificing your health is not the brightest thing to do. One night’s sleep on a high end mattress will make a huge difference – You have slept in a 5-star hotel and commented on the supremacy of a bed because you woke up feeling pain-free and refreshed. That is what a luxury high-end sleeping surface can do for you at home. It would be best if you had a mattress that will conform to the curves of your body no matter which sleeping position you are in. For example, if you are sleeping on your side, the hips need support, and the shoulders need give so that the bones in the shoulder, hip, upper and lower back and knees are not exposed to excessive pressure.

Tossing and turning

  • If you’re tossing and turning, you most likely are lying on the wrong mattress. Continuous moving indicates that you are not comfortable because you cannot find the correct position. A low-cost, low-quality mattress will do that to you. A luxury mattress will adapt to the natural curves of your body and cradle you to sleep. Another quality high end mattresses are famous for is their high breathability. Getting hot at night will lead to a night of disturbed sleep. Luxury mattresses use high-quality cotton, wool, horsehair, alpaca, bamboo, mohair, cashmere, silk and organic latex, which will regulate your temperature whilst you sleep.

Buyers Checklist

Comfort & Feel

  • High end luxury mattresses always feel better to the touch than their cheaper alternatives. This is because the manufacturers only use the finest materials for the mattress cover, like chemical-free organic cotton, cashmere, wool, and more. You will notice the finer quality in an instant. Also, the inside of the mattress will only contain natural and organic fibres that will unquestionably guarantee better sleep than if you opt for cheaper fibres and springs. Your neck, shoulders, and back will appreciate you for it. Higher breathability is another indication of whether or not the product is of good quality or not. Feeling hot whilst sleeping will leave you tossing and turning; avoid this by investing in your comfort. You will feel a lot better, and we are sure you will have forgotten all about the higher price after a few nights. At the least, many years later, you will congratulate yourself because the luxury handmade mattress was well worth it because of its durability.

Edge to Edge Support

  • Edge to edge support has to do with the encasing of the entire mattress. Ordinarily, the pocket spring has the top edge support due to the internal springs being surrounded by a metal structure. You can sit nicely on the edge of a pocket spring mattress with hardly any sagging. Cheaper mattresses will sag. Edge support is a sign of a higher quality mattress.

Durability & Guarantees

  • Luxury brands have the most extended guarantees in the industry. It would be best to look for a minimum of 20 years going up to 30 years. It is as simple as that. You get what you pay for, and luxury mattress manufacturers have to deliver because nobody would buy a high-end mattress that will last for only a few years. To give customers peace of mind and show the product’s quality, they have extended guarantees lasting 20 to 30 years. So, yes, we can say that you need to spend more to get more. It makes sense because natural materials are much more expensive and require a more complex manufacturing process. When shopping around, be sure to check the guarantees. And if you want the highest longevity, latex, horsehair, cotton, and wool come out on top.

What Type of Mattress do Luxury Hotels use?

Have you ever had a fantastic sleep in a luxury hotel and questioned what mattresses do 5-star hotels use? Hotel mattresses are designed to give you the most incredible comfort, and that is why they usually go the extra mile to find the very best beds for you. To create the best comfort, some of the hotels have decided to design their own mattresses. The type you will find in 5-star hotels are traditional pocket sprung mattresses or pillow top mattresses in a medium firmness level. At Winstons Beds, we do the highest quality hotel type mattresses, but our specs are much more luxurious.

What’s the Most Luxurious Mattress in the World?

When customers ask this question, we always say the same thing, do you want the most luxurious mattress or the most expensive mattress, because there is a difference.

Luxury mattress brands can charge well over £100,000 for a mattress, but is it worth it? Our answer is no! Below we have compared some of the most expensive beds against our world exclusive Winstons No1, so you can be the judge on who has the most luxurious mattress in the world.

What are the key features to look out for when you are buying a luxury mattress?

Hand-Stitched Rows

  • Hand-side stitching is an extensive labour process by which expert craftspeople stitch by hand the outer rows of springs to the mattress’s side panels. This age-old craft’s benefit is to stop the edge of the mattress from sagging and increasing the mattress’s sleeping surface and lifespan. However, this technique is only used on high-end luxury mattresses due to the skill and specialist process required to make it. The Winstons No1 mattress is the world’s first 7-row hand-side stitched mattress, making it a truly luxurious mattress, compared to the Savoir No2 mattress’s 2-rows and the Vispring Magnificence 5-rows.


GSM of Natural Fillings

  • GSM is a measurement used to define how many fillings have been used inside the mattress. The higher the GSM, the denser the fillings, which determines the mattress will be fuller, deeper, much more comfortable, and more supportive. For example, the Winstons No1 has 7350GSM of 100% natural fillings compared to Vispring’s Magnificence 3710GSM. Savoir, unfortunately, do not disclose the total GSM. Still, from acknowledging the depth being only 20cm, we are confident that it will be less than the Vispring Magnificence total GSM.

Spring Count

  • A ‘luxury’ mattress will generally have 1500 springs and above, recognising that a higher spring count equals higher quality and more support. But, a higher spring count must be balanced out with the correct amount of fillings.

For example, if a mattress is 28cm deep and has 32000 springs, you will most likely have a 1000 core spring unit that is 10cm in height layered with 4000 and 2000 micro coils around 1.3cm in height. This will take roughly 23cm of the mattresses total depth by just the springs, and you only have 5cm of space remaining for the fillings. Therefore, this cannot be classed as a luxury mattress because the ratio of springs to natural fillings is enormous.

At Winstons Beds, we do not go any higher than 3000 hand nested calico pocket springs, and this is not because we cannot, as we can go all the way up to 50000 springs. But, after years of research, we have realised that after 3000 springs, the quality of the mattress massively deteriorates as you can’t put enough fillings into the mattress, which drastically reduces the comfort and feel of the product and gives no extra proven support and only a higher price tag.

The Winstons No1 has the same quality cotton mattress covers but a higher spring count, GSM of natural fillings, hand-side stitched rows, depth, trial period and more or the same guarantee period as the Vispring and Savoir models. As a result, our mattress is superior in quality and luxury, yet we are significantly cheaper. So, how can a much more high-end mattress with a massively more luxurious spec be more affordable? It is because we believe in giving customers a fair price and not being hugely overpriced.

Product Comparison

Winstons No1Vispring Magnificence
Price£4399.99 (Kingsize)£15135 (Kingsize)
Filling CompositionEnglish Lambswool, British Fleece Wool & Cotton, Hand Teased Silk, British Wool, Cashmere, Hand Teased Alpaca, Hand Teased Long Loose Curled Horsetail, Hand Teased Shropshire Wool, Hand Teased Long Loose Curled Horsetail, British Highland Wool & Organic FlaxBlended Real Shetland Isle Fleece Wool & Cotton, Hand-Opened And Hand-Teased Long-Stranded Horsetail, Cashmere, Mohair, Hand-Teased Real Shetland Isle Fleece Wool, Blended Real Shetland Isle Fleece Wool & Cotton
Filling Total GSM73503710
Hand Side Stitching Rows75
Spring Count3000 Double Tier Calico Springs2,812 Double Tier Calico Springs
Natural Fibre100% 100%
Handcrafting Heritage90 Years+100 Years+
Trial100 Nights91 Nights
Guarantee30 Years30 Years

How to Choose Your Perfect Mattress

There is a vast range of options – from different natural fillings to multiple layers of springs and different mattress tensions. These simple steps will help you find the right luxury mattress for you.

Compare Compare Compare

  • Nothing beats going online and comparing the mattresses for yourself – trial periods, guarantees, gsm of fillings, depth, rows of stitching, spring count, compare as many as you like. View as many brands as you can, work out what’s best for you and choose what you believe is the most luxurious mattress and not the most expensive.

Take Your Time

  • Finding the perfect mattress does not and will not happen instantly. Compare each mattress thoroughly and see what other customers have said about the specific models you are comparing.

Check the Support

  • Winstons Beds come in 4 different spring tensions – soft, medium, firm and extra firm. We can also combine two tensions for each side of your mattress. Ideal for when you and your partner are different weights.

Here’s a Brief Guide to Finding the Right Spring Tension

  • Up to 10 stone: Soft
  • 10-16 stone: Medium
  • 16-18 stone: Firm
  • Above 18 stone: Extra Firm

Decision Time

  • You spend 33 percent of your life in bed. And a great night’s sleep will contribute to your health in the long run. So look at your mattress purchase as a valuable investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The BJX Luxury mattress topper by Hastens is a high quality mattress topper and helps change the feel of your bed. The BJX is suited to any bed or mattress and boasts a great selection of natural fillings. Two layers of virgin cotton, two layers of cotton and wool, two layers of hand-teased horsetail hair and one layer of cotton and wool combine elegantly and offer outstanding comfort and support.
The type you will find in 5-star hotels are traditional pocket sprung mattresses or pillow top mattresses in a medium firmness level
Our best luxury firm pillow top mattress is Winston’s Finest Pure Wool 11500 Pillow Top Mattress.
Organic mattresses are made with organic (natural) and non-toxic materials rather than chemically treated materials. As a result, buyers are choosing organic mattresses to avoid undesirable exposure to these chemicals.
Unfortunately, there is no luxury memory foam mattress as any synthetic foam cannot be classed as luxury. But the best spec memory foam mattresses will either be the Simba Luxe mattress or the Winstons Bed in a box mattress.
Our mattress outer covers are made from 100% chemical-free cotton and are seen as one of the very best fabrics available.
The best hotel type mattress will be a traditional handmade natural pocket sprung mattress in a medium-firm comfort grade.
Glencrafts Heritage Mattress is one of the best mattresses available on their website costing £6120 for a double. However, they don't mention anywhere on the product page that it is hand-side stitched, and from the images, it looks like it has been machine stitched with 4 rows and not hand-side stitched. The mattress is 24cm deep with 3000 springs. The springs will take up to 16cm of this depth, leaving around 8cm for the fillings. Unfortunately, Glencraft doesn't advertise the GSM, and so we can't give an accurate estimate of the amount of upholstery in the mattress, but needless to say, 8cm won't allow a high GSM. Therefore, we believe the prices for the Glenctaft mattresses are incredibly overpriced and that our mattresses are much more high end and have better value for money.
At Winstons Beds, we believe you can never rush luxurious comfort and the best support, and although each handcrafted luxury mattress may take longer to design and construct, we know this is the best way to do it. With over 100 years of expertise, our craftsmen and women use their skills and experience to handcraft the perfect sleep.
If you are a side sleeper and weigh up to 16 stones, you will need a soft mattress that allows your shoulders to sink in; however, you must ensure your mattress adequately supports your entire body and so a side sleeper who weighs from 16-18 stones, requires a medium mattress whereas any side sleeper who is 18 stones and above needs a firm mattress.
There are no FAQs matching your search

Our top Picks

The Shropshire

Available in Extra Firm, Firm, Medium, Soft

Mattress Compositon
English Lambswool, British Pure Wool & Cotton, British Fleece Wool & Cotton, Hand Teased Shropshire Wool, Hand Teased Loose Long Curled Horsetail, British Highland Wool & Natural Hessian
Medium Soft
Total GSM:
Spring Count:
100% Natural
30 Years
from £1,499.99
As low as £500.00 at 0% APR over 3 months

Dispatched for free in 5-7 Weeks to mainland UK

The Ancoats

Available in Extra Firm, Firm, Medium, Soft

Mattress Compositon
English Lambswool, British Fleece Wool & Cotton, British Highland Wool, Organic Flax
Medium Soft
Total GSM:
Spring Count:
100% Natural
30 Years
from £1,299.99
As low as £433.33 at 0% APR over 3 months

Dispatched for free in 5-7 Weeks to mainland UK

The Sherwood

Available in Extra Firm, Firm, Medium, Soft

Mattress Compositon
English Lambswool, Hand Teased Silk, English Wool & Cotton, British Fleece Wool & Cotton, Hand Teased Shropshire Wool, Hand Teased Long Curled Horsetail, British Highland Wool & Natural Hessian
Total GSM:
Spring Count:
100% Natural
30 Years
from £1,899.99
As low as £633.33 at 0% APR over 3 months

Dispatched for free in 5-7 Weeks to mainland UK

Published: 6th August 2021 (Updated: 2nd September 2023) | Isaah

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