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What Size is a Double Mattress | Comprehensive Guide

An exhaustive exploration of the enigmatic double size mattress. In a room filled with myriad furnishings, the mattress stands prominent. A pivotal choice that shapes our rest, wellbeing, and relaxation. Among the various sizes, the ‘double’ reigns supreme for many, and understanding its intricacies can influence countless restful nights ahead.

Nailing the numbers: Dimensions of the double mattress

A double mattress, according to British standards, is approximately 135 centimetres in width and 190 centimetres in length. Notably, a + or – 2cm variance is plausible, attributed to manufacturing nuances and material selections. But what do these dimensions signify for potential users?

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Who is the size of a double mattress good for?

  • Solo Sleepers: A double offers an expansive canvas for individuals, allowing for diverse sleeping positions without constraints.
  • Couples: For couples, a double offers intimacy. It’s cosy, fostering closeness, but might be restrictive for those accustomed to sprawling spaces.

The double size mattress descent: A historical overview

The concept of standardised bed and mattress sizes evolved over time. While beds have existed for millennia, it wasn’t until the 20th century that the sizes we’re familiar with today began to become standardised. In the UK, the exact date for when double size mattresses (typically 135 cm × 190 cm) were introduced is not well-documented. However, standardised bed sizes, including the double, began to emerge and become more popular in the early to mid-20th century as mass production techniques advanced and there was a move towards more uniform furniture production.

Comparing and contrasting: Double in the mattress spectrum

Positioning the double amidst its counterparts elucidates its unique offering:

• Single: At approximately 90cm x 190cm, it’s the bed of choice for children or solo adults with minimal space.
• Small Double: Slightly roomier at 120cm x 190cm, it offers a bit more space than a single, ideal for solo sleepers or couples in tighter spaces.
• Double: Measuring 135cm x 190cm, the double beautifully serves adults desiring more space or couples content with close quarters.
• King: Expansive at 150cm x 200cm, the king targets those desiring expansive luxury.
• Super King: The epitome of space at 180cm x 200cm, it caters to those who want the maximum sleeping space available.

The making of the double sized mattress: Materials and construction

The double’s comfort isn’t solely due to its size. The materials and construction techniques play a significant role:

  • Pocket Spring: Traditional pocket spring mattresses offer a motionless feel. Steel coils form the core, determining firmness and support.
  • Memory Foam: Adapting to body contours, memory foam mattresses offer pressure relief and support.
  • Latex: Made from natural or synthetic rubber, they offer a firm but bouncy feel.
  • Hybrids: A fusion of innerspring and foam or latex, hybrids offer a balanced sleeping experience.
  • Airbeds: Air chambers form the core, allowing adjustability of firmness levels.

Understanding the materials can greatly influence one’s choice, ensuring that the mattress isn’t just apt in size but also in comfort and support.

Bed frames and foundations: Housing double mattresses

The mattress is half the equation. The right bed frame or foundation amplifies the double’s offerings:

1. Slatted Frames: Wooden slats support the mattress, ensuring breathability.
2. Platform Beds: Often wooden or metal, they offer a flat, sturdy base.
3. Adjustable Bases: They allow head and foot elevation, offering ergonomic support.
4. Divan Beds: Popular in the UK, these are box bases often with storage solutions.

Making the most of the double bed mattress: Care and maintenance

With the right care, a double can last well over a decade:

  1. Regular Rotations: Ensure even wear by rotating every 3-6 months.
  2. Protection: Use protectors or mattress toppers against dust, allergens, and spills.
  3. Deep Cleaning: Annually deep clean for hygiene and longevity.
  4. Check Foundations: Ensure the bed frame or base remains sturdy, providing apt support.


What else should I consider when buying a double mattress?

When choosing a double sized mattress, also consider:

  • Weight: Heavier mattresses, like horsehair, wool or premium hybrids, require sturdier bases.
  • Edge Support: Important for those who sit or sleep on the edge.
  • Temperature Regulation: Some materials, like memory foam, retain heat, while others, like wool or horsehair, remain cool.
  • Firmness: The feel of the mattress can vary from soft to very firm, so choose based on your comfort preference and sleep position.

The double mattresses future: Innovations on the horizon

While the double bed remains a classic choice, Winstons Beds is at the forefront of ushering it into a new era. We believe in not just sticking to tradition but enhancing it with innovation. Here’s how:

  • Smart Textiles: Our team at Winstons Beds is investing in textiles that interact with the user. These fabrics can adapt to changes in temperature, ensuring optimum warmth or coolness depending on the individual’s needs. Additionally, these textiles can also monitor sleep patterns, providing insights for a more restful night.
  • Eco-friendly Materials: We’re committed to the planet. Recognising the need for sustainable solutions, we’re researching and sourcing materials that have minimal environmental impact. Our upcoming range will feature biodegradable and recycled materials that don’t compromise on comfort.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Techniques: By employing the latest in manufacturing technology, Winstons Beds ensures that each double bed not only meets but exceeds the standard. We focus on precision, durability and craftsmanship, ensuring that our beds stand the test of time and remain relevant as lifestyles evolve.

In essence, while the double bed is a time-honoured staple, at Winstons Beds, we’re driving its evolution, ensuring it remains in step with and even anticipates, the needs of modern living.


In conclusion: Decoding the double’s allure

The double mattress, a timeless choice, offers a blend of space, comfort, and versatility. Its journey from history to present-day relevance is a testament to its adaptability. As you navigate the world of sleep solutions, understanding the double in all its facets ensures that your investment translates to countless nights of rejuvenating rest.

If you have any questions, our friendly team are happy to answer. Get in touch to find out more about our double mattresses.

Reference: National Bed Federation (The principal British authority overseeing mattress manufacturers and their allied suppliers).

Published: 2nd September 2023 (Updated: 2nd September 2023) | Isaah

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