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Premier Inn Mattress Review 2023 Guide

Our Premier Inn mattress review guide highlights the advantages, drawbacks and suggests a viable alternative. Initially, Premier Inn mattresses were supplied by Hypnos, leading to numerous queries about their quality. However, in late 2022, Premier Inn switched to Silentnight as their official bed supplier. To understand the hype, we personally stayed at a Premier Inn to experience and evaluate their mattress first hand.

What is the Silentnight Premier Inn mattress?

The Premier Inn Silentnight Mattress consists of a topper and a mattress. The topper is micro-quilted with plush fabric, giving it a quilted appearance and ensuring even comfort. It includes two polyester layers – one with horizontal fibres and the other with vertical fibres, enhancing comfort and moisture control.

The mattress part features a Geltex layer, blending an elastic gel with foam for breathability and support. Additionally, it contains a memory and eternity layer, comprising polyester fibre pads and 1000 pocket springs. This medium firm mattress aims to balance comfort with support.

Silentnight Premier Inn Mattress Components

  1. Two Polyester Fibre Layers: The mattress features two distinct layers of polyester fibre, enhancing comfort and support.
  2. Geltex Layer: A unique component, Geltex is a gel-infused, heat-retentive Visco foam, similar to memory foam. It provides a distinct feel compared to the Hypnos variant and addresses issues like spring sensation and firmness noted in some reviews.
  3. Polyester Fibre Layer: This layer adds to the mattress’s overall comfort and support structure.
  4. Soft Polyester Fibre Layer: An additional layer of soft polyester fibre contributes to the mattress’s plushness and comfort.
  5. 1000 Spunbond Pocket Springs: These springs are designed to offer balanced support, adapting to body contours and reducing motion transfer.

Exploring the updated Silentnight Premier Inn mattress design

The latest Premier Inn mattress from Silentnight features a unique layer arrangement, identified with specific names like ‘Memory’ and ‘Eternity’. This differs from other brands like Vispring, Savoir or Winstons, which provide detailed specifications like GSM (grams per square meter). A clearer, more detailed description would help consumers compare mattresses more effectively.

  • Memory Layer: This is a polyester fibre layer, designed to contour to the body, offering personalised comfort.
  • Eternity Layer: Composed of horizontal polyester layers, this part of the mattress has enhanced moisture-wicking capabilities, ensuring a dry and comfortable sleep environment.
  • Microbond Layer: A fabric insulator pad, the Microbond layer adds an extra level of comfort. It includes Microbond fibre, typically around 3-5cm in depth, contributing to the mattress’s overall plushness.

The mattress’s pocket spring system is advertised as providing ‘zoned support’. This could mean different spring tensions, perimeter support with a specific gauge spring, or another mechanism. The exact nature of this zoning is not explicitly detailed.

The new Silentnight model also promises edge-to-edge support, addressing issues like sagging and dipping, which were noted during a 30-night trial of the Hypnos model. This feature is crucial for maintaining mattress shape and providing consistent support across the entire surface.

Insights into Premier Inn mattress features and covers

Premier Inn Hypnos Mattress Features

The Premier Inn Hypnos mattress seems to lack robust side support. Our tests showed that the mattress content bulges near the edges, indicating insufficient side stitching or side support. Although the pillow top appears tufted, it’s unclear whether it’s hand or machine tufted.

Our Approach to Mattress Construction

We incorporate butterfly perimeter clips and four-row machine-stitched borders. This design prevents the mattress from bulging – a common issue when pressure is applied near the edges, causing the cover and side panels to separate from the internal components.

Updated Silentnight Mattress Design and the Importance of Tufting

The latest Silentnight Premier Inn mattress introduces a significant change with its microfibre woven quilted cover, which replaces traditional tufting. This design choice can enhance comfort, especially for those who may feel discomfort from the tufts.

However, it’s important to understand the role of tufting in mattress design. Tufting involves securing the mattress layers by pulling and securing them at various points. This process prevents the internal components, such as fibres from shifting or bunching up over time. Without tufting, there’s a risk that these materials could move out of place, leading to uneven wear and potentially creating lumps or depressions in the mattress. This can affect the mattress’s comfort and longevity, as well as its ability to provide consistent support.

In the absence of tufting, it’s crucial that the mattress design incorporates other means to maintain the integrity of its internal structure. While the quilted cover of the Silentnight model offers a smooth, even surface, it’s essential to ensure that the internal components are stabilised to prevent movement and maintain the mattress’s shape and support over time.

How much is the Silentnight Premier Inn mattress?

Mattress Removal Service

Premier Inn offers a mattress removal service for an additional £30. However, it’s unclear if the old mattress will be recycled or disposed of in a landfill.

Delivery Timeframe

The delivery process for a Premier Inn mattress typically takes 21 days. This duration may seem lengthy, especially if the mattresses are not custom-made for each order.

What is the Premier Inn Hypnos mattress

This variant also includes a topper and mattress. The topper blends wool and polyester, providing a soft surface. The mattress section is built with 1000 pocket springs and multiple polyester layers, ensuring a mix of support, comfort and air flow.

Trustpilot Premier Inn mattress review

According to customer Premier Inn mattress reviews on Trustpilot, their products have several issues. Customers have complained about sags in the mattress and back pain. Some have also reported that the mattress is too hard and has a big hole in the middle and dissatisfaction with its comfort level. In addition, some customers have stated that customer service is unsatisfactory.

From reading the Premier Inn mattress reviews on Trustpilot, customers are complaining about

  • Back pain
  • Aches and pains
  • Springs can be felt
  • No edge support
  • Too hard
  • Too thin
  • Failed delivery

From the 13 Trustpilot reviews we found on Premier Inn mattress, there were:

  • 39, 1 star reviews
  • 13, 2 star reviews
  • 29 – 3 star reviews
  • 18 – 4 star reviews
  • 274 – 5 star reviews

As of Dec 2, 2023, it has been reported that 9 out of 81 customers were unhappy with their Premier inn mattress. This suggests that a significant number of customers were not satisfied with their purchase.

In conclusion, while customer feedback is important to consider, it is also important to take into account the small sample size of reviews. We encourage customers to do their own research and compare different brands and models in order to find the perfect mattress for their individual needs.

What does the Silentnight and Premier Inn Hypnos compare to?

The Premier Inn Hypnos mattress and Silentnight mattress can be compared to our Elite, which is quite similar in terms of price, contents and potential usage as a guest bed. Although information on the Silentnight and Hypnos mattress is limited, we can infer that the Elite mattress is a better value for money based on its specifications.

The Elite mattress is made with British Wool, Hypoallergenic White Fibre and Cool Blue Foam. British Wool is naturally flame retardant and regulates temperature, while Hypoallergenic White Fibre ensures a durable, clean and safe sleeping environment. The layer of Cool Blue Foam offers pressure relief, which is essential for a comfortable and pain-free sleep. In total, the mattress has a GSM of 2000 and has 2 inches of Cool Blue Foam.

In addition to having 1500 pocket springs for improved support and durability, our premium mattress features high end Tencel Viscose fabric that provides luxurious comfort and is also 5.5cm deeper than the Premier Inn Silentnight model and offers a medium firm feel for a superior sleeping experience. Plus, for just a small price increase of £20, our mattress provides significantly better value than the Premier Inn Hypnos and Silentnight model.

Winstons Elite MattressPremier Inn Mattress
Price£749.99 (Kingsize)£729 (Kingsize)
Filling CompositionBritish Wool, Hypoallergenic White Fibre, Cool Blue Foam & Hypoallergenic White FibrePolyester, Geltex, Polyester, Polyester
Filling Total GSM2000 + 2 Inches Cool Blue FoamNot Disclosed
Hand Side Stitching Rows4 Rows (Machine Side Stitched)0
Spring Count1500 Pocket Springs1000 Pocket Springs
Trial14 Day Returns 14 Day Returns
Guarantee5 Years5 Years

Spring unit design of the Silentnight and Hypnos mattresses

Our Elite mattress has 1500 spun-bond spring unit with a choice of a medium or firm spring tension. Additionally, a higher loft layer of Hypoallergenic White Fibre is placed on top to separate the spring unit from the upholstery layers, which decreases sag and is considered the ideal practice for handmade mattresses.

The Premier Inn Hypnos mattress and Silentnight mattress advertise having standard or zoned pocket springs with edge and tailored support. However, they fail to provide details regarding the material used to cover the pocket springs, as well as the tension or gauge of the springs.

Comfort layers in the Premier Inn bed

When it comes to comfort layers, our Elite mattress includes four layers designed to provide optimal comfort and support. The first layer is hypoallergenic white fibre, followed by cool blue foam for pressure relief and temperature control.

The next layer of hypoallergenic white fibre provides resilience to the mattress without adding too much compression, while the final layer is made of British wool for a soft sinking feeling. Overall, the Elite mattress has a total of 2000gsm and 2 inches of cool blue foam.

In comparison, information on the upholstery layers of the Premier Inn Hypnos mattress and Silentnight mattress is quite limited. While they mention the use of wool, polyester and gel tex in the mattress, the exact amount of layers or the GSM value is not specified. It is only mentioned that the topper features wool or polyester fibres and the mattress includes gel tex and polyester.

Premier Inn mattress problems

There are some notable problems with the Premier Inn mattresses. The most significant issue is the top pillowtop comfort layer that only consists of polyester or a blend of wool and polyester, which can significantly reduce the mattress’s lifespan.

Additionally, the mattress is marketed as incorporating “the latest innovations in comfort and sleep recovery,” but the description is too vague to provide a detailed analysis. Despite this claim, the fact that the mattress only has 1000 pocket springs and mostly polyester fillings is not particularly innovative, especially when compared to other higher-end mattresses on the market.

Sagging issue on the sides of the Silentnight and Premier Inn Hypnos mattress

Regarding mattress detailing and covers, the Premier Inn mattress appears to have issues with mattress perimeter support as it sags on the sides. This indicates a lack of adequate side support or side stitching.

To avoid such issues, we use butterfly perimeter clips combined with machine-stitched stretch sides in our mattresses, ensuring that they do not sag when you sit or lean on the edge of the bed. Butterfly clips are metal clips that attach the spring unit to the mattress side, preventing the cover and side panels from separating from the internal components and spring unit.

It is essential to note that higher quality handmade mattresses typically use hand stitching to and butterfly clips to attach the spring unit to the mattress side, while entry-level mattresses often only use butterfly clips. The Premier Inn Hypnos mattress’s sagging issue on the sides may be due to overuse or damage caused by a previous guest. It is a clear example of what to watch out for when purchasing a new mattress.

Regardless of the mattress’s issues, having a great night’s sleep is crucial to enjoying a comfortable hotel stay. At Premier Inn hotels, their new Premier Inn hotel mattress, which is a pocket spring mattress, is paired with divan beds to provide guests with a comfortable and restful sleep experience.

Premier Inn bed accessories

Did you enjoy your sleep with Premier Inn’s bedding during your stay? You can now take home some of their bedding products for your own bedroom. The following Premier Inn accessories are available for purchase:

Premier Inn Pillows
  • Choose between soft or firm options, filled with hypoallergenic microfibre and machine-washable.
Premier Inn Duvets
  • Enjoy hotel-quality sleep year-round with hypoallergenic microfibre duvets available in 4.5 or 10.5 tog.
Premier Inn Mattress Protectors
  • Protect your mattress with a high-quality, waterproof protector just like in the hotel rooms.
    You can even save 10% by purchasing these products in a bundle deal.

The bottom line

After testing the Premier Inn Hypnos mattresses, we found that they tend to have a medium firm feel and the detachable topper adds a level of versatility. In comparison, our Elite mattress offers a medium firm feel with four layers of premium fibres, including British Wool, Hypoallergenic White Fibre and Cool Blue Foam, for optimal comfort and support.

The detachable pillow topper is easy to remove and clean and the 1500 spun-bond spring unit in a medium gauge spring provides adequate support and resilience. Additionally, the butterfly perimeter clips and machine-stitched stretch sides prevent sagging on the sides, ensuring the mattress’s longevity.

Overall, while a new Premier Inn mattress may seem like a suitable option, our Elite mattress is a superior choice, offering unparalleled comfort and durability. Feel free to contact our expert team for personalised recommendations.

Check out our IKEA mattress review guide for more comparisons.

Premier Inn Mattress Alternatives

The Alderley

Available in Extra Firm, Firm, Medium

Mattress Compositon
Blended British Fleece Wool & Cotton, Bonded British Fleece Wool & Cotton, British Highland Wool & Needled Wool & Cotton
Total GSM:
Spring Count:
100% Natural
10 Years
from £849.99
As low as £283.33 at 0% APR over 3 months

Dispatched for free in 7 working days to mainland UK

The Elite

Available in Extra Firm, Firm, Medium

Mattress Compositon
British Wool, Hypoallergenic White Fibre, 2 Inches Cool Blue Foam & Hypoallergenic White Fibre
Medium Firm
Total GSM:
Spring Count:
Hybrid Mattress
5 Years
from £699.99 from £599.99
As low as £200.00 at 0% APR over 3 months

Dispatched for free in 7 working days to mainland UK

The Essentials Orthopaedic

Available in Extra Firm, Firm, Medium

Mattress Compositon
British Wool, Cashmere & Silk, Hypoallergenic White Fibre & Cool Blue Foam
Medium Firm
Total GSM:
Spring Count:
5 Years
from £569.99 from £469.99
As low as £156.66 at 0% APR over 3 months

Dispatched for free in 7 working days to mainland UK

Published: 19th February 2023 (Updated: 8th March 2024) | Isaah

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