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John Lewis Mattress Reviews & Comparisons

John Lewis mattress reviews often lead savvy shoppers to seek superior, naturally filled alternatives. Our handcrafted mattresses blend comfort with durability, offering a luxurious sleep without the premium price tag. Filled with natural fibres like horsehair, cashmere, cotton, silk and British fleece wool, our products exemplify traditional British craftsmanship tailored for modern value and sustainability. For the best alternatives, we encourage customers to read our guide below.

Who are John Lewis?

John Lewis & Partners operates as a premium department store chain within the UK, famed for their wide range of products, including a variety of John Lewis mattresses. Their reputation for quality service and a selection of higher end products is well established, but it’s important to delve into how their mattress offerings measure up, especially when compared with alternatives like Winstons Beds.

Are you looking for a luxury mattress that marries comfort with cost-effectiveness? Discover our Winstons Beds range today.

John Lewis has built a diverse portfolio, spread across multiple collections that can be found both in-store and online. This extensive variety, though impressive, can sometimes complicate the shopping experience for those seeking the perfect night’s sleep.

In terms of value, our mattresses are designed to outperform those from John Lewis, not just in price, but in quality. With John Lewis’s known practice of periodic price hikes, customers might find themselves paying more for John Lewis mattress options that may not match the intrinsic value found in our handcrafted alternatives.

At Winstons Beds, we believe in full disclosure of product details, including the density of natural fillings like horsehair, cashmere and British fleece wool, which John Lewis often omits. This level of detail ensures that our customers are well-informed and confident in their purchases.

In conclusion, while John Lewis & Partners offers a broad spectrum of mattresses, Winstons Beds stands out with a commitment to quality, detailed craftsmanship and transparent value, all of which are designed to make your buying decision both simple and rewarding.

Who makes John Lewis mattresses?

Harrison Spinks, the manufacturer behind John Lewis mattresses, takes a unique approach to crafting their mattresses. Instead of beginning their production in a factory, their mattresses originate on their sprawling 300-acre family-run farm in Yorkshire. This picturesque farm is not only home to hundreds of sheep but also plays host to alpacas and angora goats, all raised for their exceptional wool.

The sheep on this farm enjoy the freedom to roam and graze on fields completely free from pesticides or fertilizers. It is the high-quality, pure-grade wool sourced from these sheep that forms a fundamental component of John Lewis mattresses. This wool is known for its springy and resilient qualities, contributing to the comfort and durability of the mattresses.

In addition to the wool from the sheep, the farm cultivates pesticide-free pastures of hemp and flax crops. These crops yield fibres that serve a vital function in the mattresses. They help to absorb moisture from your mattress while you sleep, ensuring a comfortable and dry sleeping experience by keeping you cool throughout the night.

John Lewis mattress collections

John Lewis & partners provides a vast selection of mattresses, principally manufactured by Harrison Spinks solely for their brand. Given the multitude of options, selecting the most suitable mattress for your needs could prove daunting. Fortunately, john Lewis has categorised their premier mattresses into distinct collections. Now, the task at hand is to determine the john Lewis collection that best suits your requirements.

John Lewis ultimate natural collection

  • The Ultimate Collection features premium mattresses crafted with natural materials. These mattresses incorporate a range of natural fillings, including Egyptian cotton, British wool, hemp, alpaca wool and cashmere. Available in all sizes, they also offer zip-link options for couples with varying comfort preferences or those navigating narrow staircases. Prices for these mattresses range from £6199 to £19649 for a new mattress.

John Lewis luxury natural collection

  • The John Lewis Luxury Natural Collection is skillfully created by the esteemed bedmakers, Harrison Spinks, steeped in heritage. These mattresses are meticulously handcrafted in Yorkshire, showcasing layers of natural fillings and award-winning spring technology, all skillfully crafted in-house by the skilled artisans of Harrison Spinks. The price range for these mattresses varies from £649 to £5699.

John Lewis waitrose wool collection

  • These mattresses are crafted from award-winning Waitrose and assured farm British wool, along with sustainable comfort fibres. Prices for these mattresses range from £399 to £1449.

John Lewis climate collection

  • The John Lewis Climate Collection mattresses provide a cooler sleeping experience through temperature-regulating technology. These mattresses integrate an array of cooling materials to guarantee a refreshing night’s sleep. They include graphite-infused materials with copper beads and phase-transition crystals that effectively disperse heat. You can purchase these mattresses starting from £799, with prices going up to £1649.

John Lewis classic collection

  • The John Lewis Classic Collection is divided into two categories: Classic Eco and Classic Wool. These pocket sprung mattresses offer a more traditional style. The Classic Eco range focuses on sustainable materials, while the Classic Wool range incorporates a layer of wool, making it a great option for those seeking a medium-firm and supportive mattress. You can purchase these mattresses with prices ranging from £249 to £999.

John Lewis ortho support collection

  • The John Lewis Ortho Support mattress range offers a choice between a standard and a memory foam mattress, available in single, double, or king sizes. Both models incorporate the Ortho Support 2000 pocket spring technology, designed to provide excellent body support and alleviate pressure points for a peaceful night’s sleep. These mattresses can be purchased at prices ranging from £449 to £1049.

John Lewis anyday collection

  • John Lewis Anyday affordable mattresses have been crafted using synthetic and natural materials to deliver adequate support and comfort. Whether you require different sizes or prefer various styles, the anyway range ensures that you can buy an affordable mattress that matches your budget. These can be bought in most sizes for less than £399.

How long does a John Lewis mattress last?

The longevity of a mattress can vary widely based on its materials and construction. On average, a typical john Lewis mattress may last around seven years, which is a standard benchmark for the industry. John Lewis mattresses are often designed with quality in mind, aiming to meet or exceed this average lifespan. However, like any mattress, their longevity will depend on the care they receive, the materials they are made from and the frequency and type of use.

For instance, natural fibre mattresses, such as those Winstons Beds offers, which include horsehair, cashmere, alpaca wool, British fleece wool, cotton, silk, flax and coir, tend to be more durable and have a longer lifespan due to the resilience of these materials. They are less prone to sagging and maintain their support and comfort for many years when properly maintained.

To ensure the maximum lifespan of any mattress, including those from John Lewis, regular maintenance such as rotating the mattress, using a protective cover and following the manufacturer’s care instructions is recommended. It’s also important to consider the warranty provided, as this can be an indication of the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s durability.

Is a John Lewis mattress considered high end?

Not precisely. The hallmark of a high end mattress is a high GSM (grams per square metre) of premium natural fibres. Unfortunately, John Lewis mattresses often substitute these luxurious materials with micro springs or metal components, which detracts from the plushness one would expect.

Micro springs serve a functional purpose but are considerably less costly than premium natural fibres. A mattress abundant in springs may have less room for natural fibres, leading to a product that appears high-end but is, in fact, made from less expensive materials.

In contrast, authentic high end mattresses from renowned brands like Winstons Beds, Hastens Beds, Vispring mattresses and Savoir Beds are characterised by a generous amount of natural fibres and calico pocket springs. These components, which include horsehair, cashmere, alpaca wool and silk, add to the expense but are essential for delivering the utmost in comfort and sustained durability. Only with these elements can a mattress truly claim to be top-tier.

The essential elements of a high end mattress

Searching for a mattress that transcends the ordinary? It’s essential to scrutinise the core elements that set a truly luxurious mattress apart. Remember, it’s not just about the name or price tag—it’s what’s inside that counts.

Grams per square metre (gsm)

Calico pocket springs

  • True luxury lies in the details. Calico pocket springs, meticulously hand-tied with twine, offer individualised support and superior airflow. They’re not churned out by machines—each spring is a testament to bespoke craftsmanship. Why settle for less when you can have a mattress that shapes itself to you?

Mattress ticking

  • Beyond beauty, the ticking of a mattress is its skin, and it needs to breathe and protect. The zenith of mattress ticking is authentic belgian satin damask—soft to the touch, naturally durable, and without chemical fire retardants. It’s not just a cover; it’s the first promise of night-long comfort.

Hand side stitching

  • Delving deeper into craftsmanship, hand side stitching isn’t just a feature—it’s a necessity for enduring structure and edge support. For a king size, you’d expect at least two rows at a starting price of £1200. As the price climbs, so should the rows of stitching—up to seven rows for the most opulent choices over £4000.

Pricing and guarantee

John Lewis mattress reviews

Feedback from customers on Trustpilot indicates a range of issues with John Lewis mattresses. Complaints frequently mention dips and sags that could contribute to back and neck discomfort. Others have noted a lack of the expected comfort.

The breakdown of Trustpilot reviews reveals customer sentiments:

  • Poor customer service
  • Mattress sagging
  • Back discomfort
  • Lack of comfort

An analysis of 699 Trustpilot mentions relating to John Lewis mattresses shows:

  • 391 – 1 star ratings
  • 47 – 2 star ratings
  • 23 – 3 star ratings
  • 31 – 4 star ratings
  • 207 – 5 star ratings

With 391 out of 699 reviews expressing dissatisfaction, a significant portion of customers seem unhappy with their purchase. Reports suggest that despite a bed technician’s independent review confirming the issues, these were not deemed manufacturing defects, affecting warranty claims.

It’s critical to contextualise these Trustpilot reviews, which represent a small fraction of the vast number of mattresses John Lewis sells annually. The 391 one-star reviews, while noteworthy, might not fully capture the general satisfaction level of all John Lewis mattress owners. Indeed, this small percentage of negative feedback could underscore the overall quality and resilience of their mattresses.

Winstons regards John Lewis as a commendable retailer, known for their quality mattresses crafted with traditional techniques. The company’s commitment to sustainable practices and ensuring customer satisfaction with a sound sleep experience is notable. The reputation of John Lewis for superior products seems justified, with the occasional critique warranting only minor consideration.

We at Winstons invite shoppers to compare our offerings with John Lewis’s selection to discern the best value. Both our companies boast a heritage of crafting top-tier mattresses, using fine natural materials and sustainable methods. We’re proud of our luxurious mattresses and believe they represent excellent value. Yet, we acknowledge that preferences vary, and we advocate for consumers to research and compare different brands to find the mattress that suits their personal requirements.

(Data collated from Trustpilot as of 3rd November 2023)

Comparing Winstons Beds and John Lewis mattress offerings

John Lewis & Partners Luxury Natural Collection Egyptian Cotton 5750

The Natural Collection Egyptian Cotton 5750 is one of their most popular natural fibre mattresses, blending natural fibres and Cortec pocket springs. It has a comfortable medium feel that uses fillings made from Egyptian cotton, linen, hemp and viscose–so it will appeal to those who want something made of natural materials.

At its centre, it consists of an approximately 16cm pocket-spring core sandwiched between two sheets of mini pocket springs and a synthetic white fibre pad, with the natural fibres distributed on the top and the synthetic eco-white fibre pad beneath.

Using our industry knowledge of spring weights and using the information provided on the JL website, we have worked out the GSM of the mattress to be approximately 1800gsm-2300gsm of comfort fibres, with the remainder of the weight coming from the springs. The mattress also does not seem 100% natural as it contains an eco-white fibre pad, a synthetic white fibre insulator.

  • The Egyptian Cotton 5750 has a medium soft feel, and on a scale of 1 (very soft) to 10 (very firm), we would rate this as 4.
  • Our research also revealed that the Egyptian Cotton 5750 supports your hips if you prefer to sleep on your side, but it isn’t so good for those who like to sleep on their back.
  • In terms of insulation, we rank this as a cool mattress that is great for those who prefer a cooler feel. This is a good mattress if you’re looking for one with natural fillings. But due to the low GSM of natural fibres, it loses height over time as the fibres compress. Nevertheless, the support it delivers is still good. This mattress comes with a 7-year guarantee and a 60-night comfort trial.

Winstons Pashmina Vs John Lewis & Partners Luxury Natural Collection Egyptian Cotton 5750

Winstons PashminaJohn Lewis & Partners Luxury Natural Collection Egyptian Cotton 5750
Price£1199.99 (Kingsize)£1119.20 (Kingsize)
Filling CompositionPashmina Wool, British Fleece Wool & Cotton, British Highland Wool & Needled Wool & CottonWool & Viscose Blend, Egyptian Cotton Linen Hemp & Cotton Blend, Polyester
Filling Total GSM3500Approximately 1800gsm-2300gsm
Hand Side Stitching Rows22
Spring Count1500 Hand Nested Pocket Springs4880 (700 Core Spring & 5000 Micro Springs)
Layers9 (Double Sided Mattress)6 (One Sided Mattress)
Natural Fibre100% NaturalNot 100% Natural as Viscose and Polyester are used
Trial100 Nights60 Nights
Guarantee30 Years7 Years

John Lewis & Partners Luxury Natural Collection Mohair 14000

The John Lewis Luxury Natural Collection Mohair 14000 has a medium feel and is a pocket sprung mattress that’s upholstered using four sheets of micro springs. We’ve discussed the benefits of a higher spring count, but this is only a suitable construction method if you have the correct amount of upholstery compared to the spring count. Nearest to the surface, you sleep on wool, viscose and mohair, giving a medium feel.

The drawback of this john lewis mattress is it only seems to have 3 layers of upholstery on either side of the mattress, which may cause the mattress to indent and dip quicker.

John Lewis markets this model as a ‘medium tension’ mattress. Our research agrees with this, and we rated it as 6 on a scale from 1 (very soft) to 10 (very firm).

Our research also revealed that the Luxury Natural Collection Mohair 14000 gives good support to your spine, mainly if you are a stomach sleeper. We also found this model was consistent, whatever your body weight.

However, the mattress loses depth, and support changes considerably for back-sleepers. This is possibly due to the natural fibres compressing, but the firmness was still good as it didn’t soften over time.

Using our industry knowledge of spring weights and the information provided on the John Lewis website, we have worked out the GSM of the mohair 14000 mattress to be approximately 3100gsm-3400gsm of comfort fibres, with the remainder of the weight coming from the springs.

The border has 3 rows of hand side stitching. If you sleep on your stomach and want a mattress with natural fillings, this is a good choice. However, this mattress loses depth over time, and the support for back sleepers is poor.

Winstons Shropshire Vs John Lewis & Partners Luxury Natural Collection Mohair 14000

Winstons ShropshireJohn Lewis & Partners Luxury Natural Collection Mohair 14000
Price£1849.99 (Kingsize)£2199 (Kingsize)
Filling CompositionEnglish Lambswool, British Pure Wool & Cotton, British Fleece Wool & Cotton, Hand Teased Shropshire Wool, Hand Teased Loose Long Curled Horsetail, British Highland Wool & Natural HessianWool & Viscose Blend, British Wool Blend, Mohair Egyptian Cotton Linen Hemp & Cotton Blend
Filling Total GSM5500Approximately 3100 - 3400
Hand Side Stitching Rows33
Spring Count1600 Calico Pocket Springs14000 Spunbond Pocket Springs (1000 Core & 13000 Micro Springs)
Layers15 (Double Sided Mattress)11 (Double Sided Mattress)
Natural Fibre100%100%
Trial100 Nights60 Nights
Guarantee10 Years7 Years

John Lewis & Partners Luxury Natural Collection Cashmere 27000

The Luxury Natural Collection Cashmere 27000 has a firmer feel. It has a pocket spring core with six sheets of micro springs, on top of which are several comfort layers made from materials such as cashmere, mohair and wool.

Our research measures the Luxury Natural Collection Cashmere 27000 as a 9 on a scale where one is the softest and 10 is the firmest.

This model has only four layers of upholstery on either side of the mattress, which will reduce the comfort levels very quickly and cause the mattress to indent and dip.

Using our industry knowledge of spring weights and the information provided on the John Lewis website, we have worked out the GSM of the Cashmere 27000 mattress to be approximately 2800gsm-3200gsm of comfort fibres, with the remainder of the weight coming from the springs.

The border has 4 rows of hand side stitching. You’ll get reasonable support as a side sleeper, which will continue to be the case for years to come. But the same can’t be said if you sleep on your back. It’s poor at supporting back sleepers, with the support getting fractionally worse over time.

Don’t expect this mattress to be in excellent condition after a few years. It sags dramatically, with customers claiming it dips after 6 months of use, so you may find it becomes less comfortable over time.

Winstons Grand Luxe Vs John Lewis & Partners Luxury Natural Collection Cashmere 27000

Winstons Grand LuxeJohn Lewis & Partners Luxury Natural Collection Cashmere 27000
Price£3399.99 (Kingsize)£3699 (Kingsize)
Filling CompositionEnglish Lambswool, British Fleece Wool & Cotton, Hand Teased Silk, Hand Teased Alpaca, Hand Teased Shropshire Wool, Hand Teased Long Loose Curled Horsetail, British Highland Wool & Organic FlaxWool & Viscose Blend, Cashmere Silk and British Wool Blend, British Wool Blend, Mohair Egyptian Cotton Linen Hemp & Cotton Blend
Filling Total GSM6750Approximately 2800 - 3200
Hand Side Stitching Rows54
Spring Count3000 Double Tier Calico Pocket Springs26000 Spunbond Pocket Springs (1000 Core & 26000 Micro Springs)
Layers18 (Double Sided Mattress)15 (Double Sided Mattress)
Natural Fibre100%100%
Trial100 Nights60 Nights
Guarantee30 Years7 Years

John Lewis & Partners Ultimate Natural Collection 37000

The John Lewis & Partners Ultimate Natural Collection 37000 is aimed at those who prefer a medium feel. It’s upholstered with natural fibres such as insulating wool, breathable cotton, and hemp. The mattress is also springy and anti-bacterial.

There are 36,000 micro springs and a core of 1000 Cortec pocket springs at its centre. These are individually sealed with heat rather than glue.

It has five layers of upholstery on either side of the mattress, most of which seem to be blended pads. We would expect them to be hand teased fibres at this price point. The wool, hemp and Egyptian cotton fillings surround this core and are topped off with a 50% viscose and 50% wool cover. It comes with a seven-year guarantee and a 60-night comfort trial.

While marketed as a firmer mattress, our research rated the Ultimate Natural Collection 37000 as 7 on a scale from 1 (very soft) to 10 (very firm), so in reality, it has a medium feel.

Our research also indicated that although the Ultimate Natural Collection 37000 supports your spine if you’re lying on your front or back, it’s not as supportive when you lie on your side.

The transfer of motion is reduced, which is good, so you’re unlikely to disturb your partner when you move around in your sleep.

Research showed the Ultimate Natural Collection 37000 is not durable. It lost over 1cm in height as the fibres compacted like many mattresses that use natural filling materials but don’t layer them correctly. This will, unfortunately, lead to significant changes in the level of support it provides, mainly when lying on your back.

Using our industry knowledge of spring weights and the information provided on the John Lewis website, we have worked out the GSM of the Ultimate Natural Collection 37000 mattress to be approximately 4200gsm-4700gsm of comfort fibres with the remainder of the weight coming from the springs. The border has five rows of hand side stitching.

Winstons No1 Vs John Lewis & Partners Ultimate Natural Collection 37000

The Winstons No1John Lewis & Partners Ultimate Natural Collection 37000
Price£4399.99 (Kingsize)£6199 (Kingsize)
Filling CompositionEnglish Lambswool, British Fleece Wool & Cotton, Hand Teased Silk, British Wool, Cashmere, Hand Teased Alpaca, Hand Teased Long Loose Curled Horsetail, Hand Teased Shropshire Wool, Hand Teased Long Loose Curled Horsetail, British Highland Wool & Organic FlaxWool & Viscose Blend, Cashmere Silk & British Wool Blend, Egyptian Cotton & Alpaca Blend, British Wool Blend, Mohair Egyptian Cotton Linen Hemp & Cotton Blend
Filling Total GSM7350Approximately 4200 - 4700
Hand Side Stitching Rows75
Spring Count3000 Double Tier Calico Pocket Springs37000 Spunbond Pocket Springs (1000 Core & 36000 Micro Springs)
Layers22 (Double Sided Mattress)19 (Double Sided Mattress)
Natural Fibre100%100%
Trial100 Nights60 Nights
Guarantee30 Years7 Years

John Lewis mattresses contain many more springs, so are they better?

We’ve discussed the ratio to spring counts in a mattress on numerous occasions.

First from reviews found on mattresses with a large number of micro springs are dips and sags. This is because the springs are so small that they can fail quickly as they are not made for constant movement and large amounts of weight.

Once one spring goes, the rest soon follow and this is why you will find the guarantee periods on such mattresses to be below 10 years.

Micro springs compress quickly compared to standard pocket spring units, where the usefulness of micro-adjustments comes from, but this can cause motion transfer and lead to a restless night of sleep. Also, you need multiple sheets of micro springs to get any significant support. In contrast, a calico pocket spring unit will do the same job, if not better, leaving more room for comfort layers.

A mattress can only contain so many layers of springs before the natural fillings GSM and value begins to be diminished. This is because springs take up space where deeper natural filling layers could be. Generally, the total spring count in John Lewis mattresses comprises micro pocket springs, not leaving much room for the comfort layers.

A calico pocket spring unit is far better than layer upon layer of micro springs. It will provide a more consistent sleeping surface and free up the space for natural comfort layers. In addition, a higher quality mattress will always utilise more GSM of fibre than steel.

Which other mattress brands can be found at john lewis stores?

Mattresses available at john lewis & partners shops can be broadly categorised into two main types:

John Lewis mattress size options

Single mattress

  • 90 cm x 190 cm (3 ft x 6 ft 3 in)

Small double mattress

  • 120 cm x 190 cm (4 ft x 6 ft 3 in)

Double mattress

  • 135 cm x 190 cm (4 ft 5 in x 6 ft 3 in)

King sized mattress

  • 150 cm x 200 cm (5 ft x 6 ft 6 in)

Super king size mattress

  • 180 cm x 200 cm (6 ft x 6 ft 6 in)

Emperor mattress

  • 200 cm x 200 cm (6 ft 6 in x 6 ft 6 in)

Large emperor mattress

  • 215 cm x 215 cm (7 ft x 7 ft)

Zip and link mattress

  • Combines two mattresses of 90 cm x 200 cm or two 75 cm x 200 cm depending on the zip and link type.

Why should you choose Winstons?

The John Lewis mattress range specifications are definitely at the higher end of the mattress market. But when compared to mattresses by Winstons, we believe the clear winner is us. Unlike John Lewis, we disclose the GSM and blend of the natural fibres we use. JL makes the mistake of using cheap micro springs over more expensive natural fibres yet charging significantly more. There should never be more steel than natural fibre in a costly luxury mattress.

We use more GSM of natural fibres than any other luxury mattress retailer in Great Britain because we know it’s what’s needed to deliver the most comfort and durability. This is why we give a 30-year guarantee compared to 15,10, or 7 years. By choosing Winstons, you will not find a higher spec or quality mattress anywhere in the UK at each price point. If you’re still uncertain and need more help deciding, contact our mattress experts on 0161 250 9200 for no pressure advice.


The JL mattress range is towards the higher end of mattress manufacturer and detailing. Unfortunately, they will not disclose the GSM or blend of natural fibres, making it difficult to compare accurately. You need to evaluate the springs and fillings to determine whether the mattress is suitable for you and worth the money you are paying. In our expert opinion, a new mattress from JL though high quality is not value for money. You are generally paying more for steel than fibre and always remember comfort and durability will come from fibre, not steel.
Comparing the mattress layers from both retailers, our softer mattresses will offer more plushness and a cloud-like feel as we use hand teased fillings supposed to pads. In addition, hand teased fillings will provide more softness and loft. This will be more appealing to side sleepers and those who weigh less than 12 stones, as they often feel most comfortable on softer mattresses because they cradle and contour to the body's shape. All our mattresses utilise just the right amount of hand teased fillings to contour your body's standard form, giving you the best chance to get a good night's sleep.
Yes, when they deliver your new mattress, they can collect your old one and dispose of it for a small fee of £29.95
Most mattresses take between 4-6 weeks to settle. However, single mattresses may take less time as they have a smaller sleeping surface compared to a king size mattress.
Under the 60-night trial, customers are entitled to exchange, but full refunds are not accepted unless faulty.
If your mattress is too firm or soft, it will cause misalignment or allow your body to sink too far into the mattress, causing bad posture while you sleep.
The John Lewis partners classic eco is made from unbleached recycled cotton; this mattress cover is 100% natural and highly breathable.
No. Mattress Firmness is specific to body weight and sleeping position. The correct firmness for 7 stones and side sleeping is a soft firmness level.
The mattress structure is one of the main reasons for heat retention and will worsen when paired with warm bedding. This is because the body's core temperature drops by a couple of degrees when you sleep, and specific sheets and mattresses trap the heat and moisture.
A too high or too low pillow can push your neck to bend at an unnatural angle, causing strain over time. Instead, sleep experts recommend selecting a pillow loft that keeps your head aligned with your spine.
Harrisons have been making JL mattresses for over 5 years, from the best of our knowledge.
Yes free delivery is offered on most mattresses, whether purchased in store or online. In addition, the same free delivery is provided on a divan bed set.
There are 34 stores plus one outlet. 3 of these are in London.
The correct firmness will be a 1.8mm gauge spring, also known as extra firm spring tension. Choosing the right firmness is one of the most important parts when you purchase a new bed. Please follow our firmness table, which can be found on every product page. By sleeping on the wrong spring, tension will lead to aches and pains.
A high-quality pocket sprung mattress will generally have 1500 springs or more. However, it's important to note that a core spring will offer significantly more support than micro springs and also, the more micro springs you have, the firmer the mattress will become and the higher the price tag.
Who Makes John Lewis Mattresses?

John Lewis is justifiably well known for its mattresses' high quality, so they should be with luxury manufacturers making their range. One is Harrison Spinks, who make the Natural Collection, and the second is Hypnos, who produces an 'exclusive' mattress for J Lewis.
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Published: 29th July 2021 (Updated: 8th March 2024) | Isaah

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