John Lewis Mattress Comparisons

We have assessed John Lewis mattress specifications to help provide some comparisons and alternatives.


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John Lewis Mattresses

John Lewis is known for its excellent customer service and high-end products – but how do their mattresses compare to other mattress retailers. This article will shed light on how comfortable, supportive and value for money John Lewis mattresses are and how they compare with Winstons Beds.

Unlike Winstons Beds, a John Lewis mattress, sadly, does not disclose the exact grams per square meter (GSM) of the upholstery layers, which is one of the necessary details needed for a thorough comparison. However, we have evaluated their product specifications to help give some guidance.

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John Lewis Mattresses UK Range

John Lewis has 156 mattresses in their own branded range. These are manufactured for John Lewis by numerous manufacturers, one of them being Harrison Spinks. The sheer amount of choice for John lewis mattresses is somewhat daunting, so we’ve written this article to compare and give you better alternatives.

John Lewis mattresses categories:
  • Essentials (Entry-level)
  • Naturals (Natural fibre)
  • The Ultimate (Luxury mattress)

We have listed 3 John Lewis mattresses from their brand to compare to our Winston’s mattresses. All comparisons are based on the natural fillings and tension of each mattress. Prices are of July 2021 from the John Lewis website comparing king size mattresses.

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John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection Swaledale Wool 11400

The John Lewis Swaledale Wool 11400 is one of their most popular natural fibre mattresses with a blend of natural fillings and Cortec pocket springs; it has a comfortable medium feel. The core spring system has a high-density pocket spring support system produced in a smaller and more tightly coiled format to give more individual contact points with the body. The specification lists the 8,000 springs as being made from 4k micro springs. Looking at the inside of the mattress cutaway, the Cortec pocket springs look like they are 3,400 in quantity. Still, there’s no specification of the gauge or spring wire diameter or the GSM of natural fibres; with the total depth of the mattress being only 23cm, we would be safe to assume you are getting a very low GSM of upholstery.

The Winston’s Premium Cotton 1500 has a similar pocket spring system, and the upholstery is far superior as it contains 4550gsm. The Winston’s Premium Cotton 1500 also comes with a 200-night trial, 30-year Guarantee and 5-year bed care plan.

The Winstons mattress shows the GSM expected at this price point and is an excellent choice to consider against the John Lewis Swaledale Wool 11400 model.

John Lewis mattresss comparison Swaledale Wool 11400

John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection Wensleydale Wool 13400

This model has a medium feel with two layers of micro springs. We’ve discussed the benefits of a higher spring count, but this is only a suitable construction method if you have the correct amount of upholstery compared to the spring count. The drawback of this john lewis mattress is they only seem to have two layers of upholstery on either side of the mattress, which may cause the mattress to indent and dip quicker.

The closest alternative we have to this mattress is our Winston’s Premier British Wool 1500, which is available in soft, medium, firm and extra firm. Using 2000 GSM of Pure New Woven British Wool gives a softer responsive feel to the mattress, whilst the Natural Hessian insulator provides a firmer feel.

Our Winston’s Premier British Wool provides a softer and more supportive feel in the top upholstery layer. The mattress is 100% Natural, Handmade in the UK, has a 30-year guarantee and 200-night trial, unlike the John Lewis mattress, which has a 7-year guarantee and does not state the GSM of upholstery.


John Lewis & Partners Ultimate Collection Cashmere 32000 Luxury Support

The Ultimate Collection Cashmere model has 32,000 micro springs and a core of revolution springs with no spring count detailed. We’ve discussed on numerous occasions the ratio to spring counts in a mattress, after which the number becomes irrelevant. Any spring count above 13500 brings no extra support to the mattress, and this is why we don’t put no more than 13500 springs in our mattresses as you are then just paying for bells and whistles.

A kingsize mattress can only contain so many layers of springs before the natural fillings GSM and value begins to be diminished. This is because springs are taking up space where deeper natural filling layers could be. In the John Lewis pocket sprung mattress cashmere 32000, for example, 32,000 of the total spring count is made up of micro pocket springs, which does not leave much room for the primary support system.

We’ve never used more than 12000 micro springs as they take up valuable space where natural fillings can give comfort.

We avoid using more than 12000 micro springs as we find them to have little to no value when more are used in this method.

The Winstons No1 uses 13500 encased pocket springs, 6350GSM of 100% natural fibres and is the world’s first 7-row hand-stitched mattress.

john lewis mattress ultimate collection comparison

Who Makes John Lewis own Brand Mattresses?

Several manufacturers make John Lewis’s label mattress range. One being Spinks and Edgar; you may recognise this from the mattress manufacturer brand Harrison Spinks. Harrison Spinks makes the following bed ranges, Somnus, Harrison and Spink & Edgar. Hypnos also produce an ‘exclusive’ mattress for John Lewis.

Harrison Spinks logo

Are John Lewis Mattresses any Good?

John Lewis mattress range is towards the higher end of mattress manufacturer and detailing. Unfortunately, they will not disclose the GSM or blend of natural fibres they use, making it rather difficult to compare accurately. You need to evaluate the springs and fillings to determine whether the mattress is suitable for you and worth the money you are paying.

Check Out Our John Lewis Mattress Alternatives

John Lewis Mattresses

Frequently Asked Questions

A standard single bed is 90cm wide and 190cm long. We recommend that you check with John Lewis as different bed frames can vary in size.
The Natural Collection is the best for single mattresses from John Lewis. They are handmade and filled with sumptuous natural mattress fillings with layers of pocket springs.
The Emma Mattress is a foam mattress and we would say its a mid-range mattress at a fair price.
John Lewis mattress sales are very common and so it is best to regularly check to see if the item you want is in sale.
A standard king size bed is 150cm wide and 200cm long. We recommend that you check with John Lewis as different bed frames can vary in size.
The longest guarantee we have seen John Lewis offer on their mattresses is 7-years.
There are a number of UK manufacturers who make John Lewis's bedroom range. One being Spinks and Edgar.
Our Winstons No1 Hybrid is a higher spec and better priced than the John Lewis Simba Mattress.
Our mattresses are more expensive due to them being a higher spec. We use more GSM of natural fillings, more springs and offer longer guarantees.
We recommend the TEMPUR® Sensation Luxe Memory Foam Mattress; it has a luxuriously thick layer of Tempur's responsive foam that gently conforms to the contours of your body to soothe tired limbs and relieve pressure points.
A standard double mattress is 135cm wide and 190cm long.
A standard king size bed frame is 150cm wide and 200cm long. We recommend that you check with John Lewis as different bed frames can vary in size.
There are many John Lewis mattresses which of some are chemical free. You can easily check which mattress has a chemical free cover by going to the specifications tab on any John Lewis product page.
Our Ultimate Hybrid Latex mattress is the worlds most advanced and luxurious latex mattress and we believe yes it is better.
This is hard to say due to John Lewis not providing the GSM amount of fillings. Still, by looking at the high number of springs John Lewis uses in their mattresses compared to the thickness of the overall mattress, we are confident in saying yes, we use more GSM of fillings.
John Lewis has many mattresses with many different ratings, but unless they have 5-star reviews only, we have better reviews.
The best John Lewis Silent Night mattress is the Genius 3000 Pocket Geltex Mattress. It is priced up-to £1,149.00 with an average rating of 4.4/5.
The John Lewis Herdwick mattress is a medium tension mattress, and therefore, it is not suitable for an 8 stone side sleeper as you require a soft tension mattress.
The John Lewis & Partners The Ultimate Collection Cashmere Pocket Spring Mattress in a Medium tension.
The John Lewis & Partners Classic Collection Ortho Support 1000 Pocket Spring Mattress in a Firm Tension.
The John Lewis & Partners The Ultimate Collection Silk Pocket Spring Mattress in a Medium tension.
Yes, for £29.95, John Lewis will deliver your new mattress and collect your old one and dispose of it.
Spinks & Edgar whom are a branch of Harrison Spinks.
The following are John Lewis most luxury mattresses:

John Lewis & Partners The Ultimate Collection Cashmere

John Lewis & Partners The Ultimate Collection Silk Pocket Spring Mattress
John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection Swaledale Wool 11400

John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection Wensleydale Wool 13400

John Lewis Silk 17,000 Ortho

John Lewis Cashmere 21,000

John Lewis Egyptian Cotton 7000 Mattress
John Lewis Essentials Collection Pocket 1000

John Lewis & Partners Essentials
Collection Pocket Memory 1000

John Lewis & Partners Essentials Collection Pocket 1000, Ortho Support

John Lewis Ortho 1600
Before you start investigating the John Lewis mattress range, it is crucial to understand why mattress upholstery (GSM) is essential and the differentiation between spring tensions. Finally, take care when evaluating 'blends' of fibres as it's difficult to determine whether it's an even split or one fibre is building up the bulk of the blend.
This is John Lewis budget range and features completely synthetic elements. Superficial single polyester layers for upholstery and quilted covers (no tufts) indicating a more budget and lower GSM filling because tufts are generally used on higher GSM mattresses. John Lewis also does not state where the Essentials range is manufactured. All of Winston’s mattresses are handmade here in Great Britain and made to order.
The Classic Collection 5cm Deep Comfort Layer Mattress Topper is John Lewis best mattress topper priced from £275 - £299
John Lewis is one of the UK's highest-end department stores. Although they have developed a more extensive mattress range than many other retailers, with seven brands to choose from, there is a hidden truth when it comes to John Lewis mattresses. The monetary value of their high end mattresses is often getting you much less than if you were to buy from an online luxury mattress brand. This is primarily because John Lewis needs to mark up the mattresses from each brand to make any profit. So whenever you buy from a go-between, the item will always be more expensive.
Additionally, the mattress manufacturers materials prices may rise, which means that John Lewis mattresses may be marked up frequently before you buy them.
John Lewis is known for excellent customer service - but how do customers rate them as a mattress brand? A 5,000 UK mattress owners survey shows how comfortable John Lewis mattresses are.

Value for money: The monetary value is often much less than purchasing from a luxury online mattress brand. This is because John Lewis has to mark up each mattress brand's mattresses to make a profit. As a result, John Lewis mattresses are often marked up multiple times before you buy them.

What is John Lewis selling you: You are buying a personal sales experience. This may be a good deal for those who favour traditional retailers, but many mattress buyers are converting to online mattress brands, who pass on more value to the customer as there is no middleman.

John Lewis mattresses are sold in stores and online. They offer pocket sprung mattresses. Their more affordable mattresses are thin and have various firmness options, while their more luxurious mattresses offer more layers of pocket springs and natural fillings. These mattresses get mixed views from customers. The more affordable options suffer from negative reviews on sleeper comfort, whilst the more expensive mattresses have longevity and price value issues.

Pros: A wide range of pocket sprung mattresses, price points and some customer success stories.
Cons: Comfort and durability issues reported.
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Published: 29th July 2021 (Updated: 9th February 2022) | Isaah